What Backsplash Goes with Azul Platino Granite

Azul Platino granite is a beautiful natural stone with varying tones of blue, gray, and white. It has a timeless elegance that works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. When selecting a backsplash to pair with Azul Platino granite countertops, you’ll want to choose something that complements the colors and patterns in the stone. Here are some of the best backsplash ideas for Azul Platino granite.

Neutral Backsplashes

Neutral colored backsplashes are a safe bet for pairing with Azul Platino granite. They allow the granite to take center stage while providing a clean, understated background.

White Subway Tile

White subway tile is a classic backsplash option that works with virtually any kitchen style. The crisp, bright white tiles will make the blues and grays in the Azul Platino granite pop. Stick with a basic 3×6 subway tile, or go for something more unique like herringbone or penny tile. White subway tile provides a clean and timeless look.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble backsplashes have grown in popularity in recent years. The white background with subtle gray veining is the perfect complement to Azul Platino granite. Carrara marble backsplashes look especially luxurious in more formal, elegant kitchens. The gray veining ties in nicely with the gray tones in the granite.

Gray Glass Tile

For a more modern vibe, consider a backsplash made of gray glass tile. The smoky tones pair seamlessly with Azul Platino, allowing the blue and white in the granite to stand out. Gray glass tile comes in various shapes and finishes like subway, mosaic, and rectangular. The reflective quality adds dimension and interest.

Blue Backsplashes

Bringing in some blue backsplash tile allows you to really pick up the blue shades in the Azul Platino granite. From light blue to deep ocean tones, blue backsplashes help create a cool, inviting aesthetic.

Sea Glass Tile

Sea glass tile backsplashes are a beautiful beachy choice for pairing with Azul Platino granite. Mixing different shades of aquatic blues and greens results in a natural ocean-inspired look. The mix of colors accentuates the variation in the granite. Sea glass tile comes in an assortment of shapes like rectangles, hexagons and penny rounds.

Subway Tile

Like white subway tile, blue subway tile makes for a classic, timeless backsplash. Choose a soft sky blue or bold cobalt to contrast with the Azul Platino granite. Blue subway tile has a cheerful, coastal personality that works especially well in casual, cottage-style kitchens. Use a traditional 3×6 size or experiment with larger 4×12 tiles.

Moroccan Tile

For dramatic visual impact, consider vivid Moroccan-style backsplash tile in shades of blue. Moroccan tiles have ornate decorative patterns that complement the veining and movement in Azul Platino granite. A pop of sapphire blue Moroccan tile behind a stove or sink area can add striking emphasis.

Multi-Colored Backsplashes

If you want to pull out all the colors in the Azul Platino granite, choose a multi-colored backsplash. Mixtures of blue, gray, and white tile create a visually captivating pairing.

Handmade Tile

One option is a handmade art tile backsplash in an array of blues, grays, and whites. Handmade tiles have color variations and a rustic, imperfect quality that seems to blend seamlessly with the natural stone granite. Every tile is unique for added interest.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile lets you incorporate multiple colors in a single backsplash. Choose mosaic sheets that have a combination of blue, gray, and white tiles. Or create a custom mosaic blend. The small scale of the tile allows the colors and textures to coexist in harmony.

Pebble Tile

Pebble tile backsplashes take multi-colored mosaics even further, utilizing rounded natural stone pieces in a range of blue and gray hues. The aggregate appearance pairs perfectly with the visual style of Azul Platino granite. A pebble tile backsplash has an organic, freeform look.

Boldly Patterned Backsplashes

If you want your backsplash to take center stage, choose a boldly patterned tile. These eye-catching backsplashes work best for contemporary or eclectic kitchen designs.

Geometric Tile

Geometric tiles like hexagons, diamonds, and triangles in blue, gray, and white can provide an exciting backdrop for Azul Platino granite counters. This modern, graphic style contrasts nicely with the granite’s fluidity.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

For serious visual drama, bold Moroccan fish scale tiles in deep blue or blue-green make a daring pairing. The diamond-shaped tiles are arranged in an interlocking pattern that mimics fish scales. This exotic backsplash choice complements the granite’s mineral flecks.

Hand-Painted Tile

Custom hand-painted backsplash tiles can incorporate designs like shells, coral, or ocean scenes that pick up on the aquatic color tones of Azul Platino granite. A coordinating glass or marble mosaic border ties the whole backsplash together beautifully.

Complementary Material Backsplashes

Alternative backsplash materials like granite, quartz, marble, or wood also combine nicely with Azul Platino granite counters.


Using the same Azul Platino granite for the backsplash creates a seamless, monochromatic look. Bookmatch the granite backsplash with the countertop for a symmetrical appearance. Or choose a complementary gray granite backsplash.


Quartz backsplashes offer durability and stylishpatterns. A blue, gray, or white quartz backsplash harmonizes smoothly with Azul Platino granite. Quartz provides a glossy, contemporary vibe.


Carrara, Calacatta, or Statuario marble backsplashes lend a timeless, elegant feel. The veining in marble backsplashes accentuates the movement in the granite counters. Marble adds a touch of luxury.


For a warm, inviting accent, wood backsplashes pair amazingly with Azul Platino granite. The brown tones of the wood balance out the cool tones of the granite. Go for weathered barnwood planks or contemporary bleached oak panels.

Avoiding Clashes

When selecting a backsplash for Azul Platino granite, it’s also important to avoid choices that might clash. Stay away from backsplash colors like red, yellow, or orange that are too vivid and fight with the granite’s more subtle coloring. Distracting heavily patterned backsplashes like patchwork tile or large graphic prints will compete negatively with the granite. Stick with backsplash materials and styles that complement and highlight the natural beauty of Azul Platino granite.

FAQs about Backsplashes for Azul Platino Granite

What colors look best with Azul Platino granite?

The best backsplash colors for pairing with Azul Platino granite are neutral tones like white, gray, and beige as well as shades of blue ranging from sky blue to navy. These backsplash colors allow the granite to stand out while providing a cohesive look.

Does Azul Platino granite go with white backsplash?

Yes, white backsplashes complement Azul Platino granite perfectly. Crisp white subway tile, Carrara marble, or white quartz backsplashes pop against the blue and gray granite. White backsplashes give the kitchen a bright, clean aesthetic.

What is the most popular backsplash for Azul Platino granite?

White subway tile is likely the most popular backsplash paired with Azul Platino granite. The classic white tiles have a timeless look that works with any kitchen style. White subway tiles are an easy match for the granite’s coloring.

Can you use a bold backsplash with Azul Platino granite?

Yes, bold patterned or brightly colored backsplashes can work beautifully with Azul Platino granite counters. Vivid blue Moroccan tiles, hand-painted tiles, or geometric patterns create striking contrast with the granite. Bold backsplashes look best in contemporary, eclectic kitchens.

Does Azul Platino granite go with glass backsplash?

Glass tile backsplashes, especially in shades of blue, gray, and white make an excellent match for Azul Platino granite. The glass tile provides depth and reflection to balance out the matte look of the granite. Gray glass subway tile is a popular contemporary choice.

What finish should be used for backsplash with Azul Platino?

Matte or honed backsplash tile finishes pair best with the more subdued honed finish of Azul Platino granite. Polished backsplashes can work too but may create too much shine when combined with the granite. Matte finishes like glass or marble mosaic tiles complement the look of Azul Platino granite nicely.


Azul Platino granite is a versatile natural stone that pairs well with an array of backsplash materials and colors. Choosing a backsplash in neutral hues like white, gray, or beige is a foolproof option that allows the granite to take center stage. Vibrant blue backsplashes in varieties like sea glass, subway, or Moroccan tile play up the blue tones in the Azul Platino. For added visual interest, select a multi-colored mosaic backsplash with a mix of blues, grays, and whites. Or make a statement with a boldly patterned or hand-painted tile backsplash. Always avoid backsplash choices like red tile or busy patterns that will detract from the Azul Platino’s natural coloring. With the right backsplash, Azul Platino granite can be the stunning focal point of your kitchen design.