Very Small Kitchen Ideas Creative Designs for Tiny Spaces

Having a small kitchen can feel limiting, but it doesn’t have to be! With some clever design ideas and space-saving solutions, you can transform your tiny kitchen into an efficient and charming space. From optimizing storage to choosing multifunctional furnishings, there are plenty of ways to make the most of a petite kitchen. Read on for creative small kitchen ideas to maximize your compact cooking space.

Carefully Consider the Layout

The layout of your kitchen is crucial when working with a small footprint. Avoid clutter and wasted space by planning the configuration carefully.

Optimize Traffic Flow

Make sure there is enough room for multiple people to cook and move around comfortably. The ideal small kitchen has a working triangle with the fridge, sink, and stove in close proximity. Position the layout so traffic doesn’t bottleneck, allowing seamless navigation.

Go Vertical with Storage

Floor space comes at a premium in a tiny kitchen, so make use of vertical storage. Wall-mounted cabinets, tall shelving units, and ceiling-height pantries are great space-savers. Prioritize vertical storage over lower cabinets.

Include Transitional Spaces

While a small kitchen may not accommodate a full-sized pantry or island, consider adding a transitional piece like a bakers rack, bar cart or freestanding shelving unit. This creates extra storage and surface area.

Embrace Multipurpose Furniture

Look for furniture that serves double or triple duty. An island on casters can act as a prep space, dining table, or extra counter while keeping the room flexible. Stash small appliances in a rolling cart when not in use.

Choose the Right Materials

Using the proper materials for surfaces and fixtures can prevent a small space from feeling overly cluttered.

Light-Reflecting Surfaces

Light, bright colors like white, off-white, and light gray open up a small kitchen visually. Matte finishes avoid glaring reflections. glass-front cabinets. Subway tiles, penny rounds, and chevron patterns give texture without darkening the space.

Durability Over Delicacy

Small kitchens see a lot of traffic and wear-and-tear. Select durable countertops like quartz that withstand daily use. Swap intricate ironwork and dainty hardware for sturdier stainless fixtures.

Draw the Eye Inward

Instead of busy backsplashes and distracting accent walls, keep small kitchen surfaces streamlined. Use subtle textures like brushed nickel or low-profile tiles as accents.

Creative Solutions for Tiny Kitchen Storage

With some innovative thinking, you can discover storage potential you never realized was there. Get inspired by these clever ideas:

Hidden Storage Niches

Look for unused nooks and crannies where you can tuck away specialty storage. Install rollout shelves in blind corner cabinets. Make use of the awkward space under the stairs with custom built-in cabinets.

Unconventional Shelving

Take storage to new heights – literally. Install floor-to-ceiling shelving on available wall space to house cookware. Stash commonly used ingredients and supplies in suspended racks and rails mounted to the ceiling.

Multi-Function Furnishings

A slim storage cart with a butcher block top serves as a movable island. Look for chairs, stools and benches with built-in storage cubbies. Install a magnetic knife rack or pan lid holder on the side of the fridge.

Economize Counter Space

Leave the toaster, coffee maker and other small appliances in the cupboard – then pull them out only when needed. A tiered caddie corrals cutting boards and frees up counter real estate.

Recruit Nearby Territory

Can’t fit everything in the main kitchen? Move overflow to an adjacent closet or hallway. Install shelving in the nook for cookbooks, linens and extra dishware. Use space under the stairs for a mini pantry.

Clever Touches for Tiny Kitchens

A few smart enhancements can make cooking in a pint-sized kitchen not only doable, but enjoyable.

Let There Be Light

Proper illumination prevents a small space from looking dark and closed in. Install recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting and pendant fixtures to brighten task areas. Position mirrors strategically to reflect and amplify natural light.

Vented Range Hood

Even a small cooktop churns out heat, grease and cooking odors in a compressed kitchen. An over-the-range microwave with vent fan pulls airborne irritants out quickly.

Retractable Faucet

Gain a few precious inches of landing area with a faucet that retracts or folds down when not in use. Look for high-arch designs that accommodate large pots.

Slide-Out Storage

Take advantage of all that usable space behind false cabinet fronts. Install shelves and trays that glide smoothly on hidden tracks. Slide spice racks, garbage cans and stand mixers out of the way when not needed.

Toekick Drawers

Thisinventive hack adds storage down below without taking up legroom. Install shallow pull-out drawers in the empty void under cabinets for stashing cleaning supplies, pans and bakeware.

FAQs About Designing Tiny Kitchens

Still have questions about maximizing a small kitchen layout? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Should I get an island for my small kitchen?

While a permanent island may overwhelm a petite cooking space, a movable cart or suspended table can often be accommodated. Opt for an island with wheels, or put barstools on just one side so it doesn’t obstruct traffic when not in use.

What size appliances fit in a small kitchen?

Look for apartment-sized or narrow models of essential appliances. Allow a minimum of 15 inches counter depth for smaller refrigerators and 30-inch ranges. If your kitchen can’t fit a separate cooktop and wall oven, consider a streamlined unit that combines both.

How much storage do I need in a small kitchen?

In general, allow for at least 10-15 linear feet of base cabinets and wall storage. Prioritize drawers over deep corner cabinets you can’t access. Supplement with open shelving, multi-tiered racks and specialty pull-outs to hold cookware.

Should I choose light or dark colors for a small kitchen?

Stick with light, soft neutral tones like almond, warm white and light gray for walls, cabinetry and countertops. Darker hues can make a petite kitchen feel cramped and enclosed. Use muted shades like navy blue judiciously as an accent.

What backsplash looks best in a tiny kitchen?

A full-height dramatic backsplash steals valuable visual space in a compact kitchen. Opt for a simple subway tile, mini brick pattern or small mosaic covering just 4-6 inches above countertops. Keep grout lines thin and neutral.

How do I zone a combined kitchen and dining area?

Use a transitional piece like an island or peninsula to separate the kitchen from an adjoining dining zone. Floating shelves or a room divider provide definition without blocking flow. Mark spaces with area rugs and varied light fixtures tied together with an overall color scheme.

Final Thoughts on Maximizing Your Small Kitchen

While a tiny kitchen presents certain challenges, creative design solutions make the space fully functional and personalized. Maximize every inch by optimizing the layout, scaling down appliances and furnishings, and taking storage vertical. Include transitional pieces that do double duty. Bright, light surfaces prevent a closed-in feeling. Clever built-ins, slide outs, and retractable fixtures further enhance convenience. With some strategic design choices, your compact kitchen can not only accommodate cooking and cleanup, but become the heart of your home.


A small kitchen doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or function. With innovative storage solutions, space-saving appliances and furniture, and careful layout considerations, tiny kitchens can feel open, organized and effiicient. Focus on maximizing what you have available instead of lamenting over what’s missing. You may be surprised at how comfortable and charming your petite cooking space can become! Approached creatively, even the tiniest kitchen can be personalized to suit your needs.






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