Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Stylish & Never Gets Old Designs

A kitchen backsplash serves both form and function – protecting the walls from splashes and spills while also providing an opportunity to add style. When selected thoughtfully, the backsplash can become a timeless focal point that doesn’t succumb to quickly changing trends. There are several backsplash styles that have proven themselves over time as stylish yet classic choices.

White Subway Tile

White subway tile backsplashes are one of the most popular and timeless backsplash design options. The classic 3×6 rectangular white gloss tiles have been used in kitchens for over a century, offering a clean and neutral backdrop. While subway tiles are available in countless colors, the traditional white remains a top choice.

Benefits of White Subway Tile Backsplashes

  • Provide a clean, crisp look that works with any kitchen style from modern to traditional
  • Timeless and never goes out of style
  • Affordable and readily available
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reflective surface brightens the kitchen
  • Versatile – works with any countertop, cabinetry or decor style

White subway tiles create a lightweight feel that makes small kitchens appear more spacious. Their high reflectivity also bounces light around the room. While they offer less pattern and texture than some other choices, their versatility provides design longevity.

Tips for Styling White Subway Tile Backsplashes

  • Use varying grout colors to add contrast
  • Incorporate subway tiles in interesting shapes like diamonds or herringbones
  • Add architectural details like decorative inlays or trim
  • Pair with glass cabinetry and stainless steel for a more modern feel
  • Choose warm wood cabinetry for traditional charm
  • Contrast with dark grout on white cabinets for pop
  • Mimic patterns with creative grout work

With the right accents, white subway tiles can perfectly blend with any kitchen decor. Their clean and neutral look allows them to coordinate effortlessly while still adding beautiful style.

Marble & Stone

Natural stone like marble, travertine, and granite make stunning and timeless backsplash options. Earthy, organic patterns and luxurious veining create visual depth and interest. While stone tiles require proper sealing to prevent stains, their inherent durability makes them a long-lasting choice.

Benefits of Stone Backsplashes

  • Natural material with one-of-a-kind patterning
  • Provides a sense of elegance and luxury
  • Durable and heat-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Works with modern or traditional designs
  • Large slabs can create an impactful focal point

Stone backsplashes beautifully complement wood cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. For a contemporary twist, pair sleek stone slabs with glossy cabinetry. The natural patterns of stone add depth and texture without competing with other elements like bold cabinets or colorful walls.

Tips for Styling Stone Backsplashes

  • Stick to a single large slab for big visual impact
  • Use contrasting grout colors to accentuate stone patterns
  • Incorporate different stone types, like marble and travertine, for variation
  • Add metal mosaic tiles for an artsy mixed media look
  • Use stone slab as an accent behind the range
  • Pair with under-cabinet lighting to illuminate details
  • Allow stone to be the star and keep other finishes neutral

Stone brings a substantial, upscale look that instantly elevates a kitchen’s design. Let the gorgeous natural patterns take center stage by keeping additional finishes simple and sleek.

Classic Hexagon Tiles

Intricate geometric shapes like hexagons, chevrons, and herringbones make stunning backsplashes with timeless appeal. While thepatterns appear elegant and upscale, hex tiles are widely available in affordable materials like ceramic and porcelain.

Benefits of Hexagon Tile Backsplashes

  • Intricate look with visual interest and depth
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and materials
  • Can be sized up for big impact or small for subtlety
  • Works in modern and traditional kitchens
  • Pattern camouflages uneven grout lines
  • Provides contrast to cabinetry and counters
  • Easy to install in a do-it-yourself project

From glossy white to bold blues, hexagon tiles offer tons of styling versatility. Keep them as the kitchen’s focal point with neutral cabinetry or allow them to pop against boldly colored walls. Hexagon patterns feel current while still maintaining a classic elegance.

Tips for Styling Hexagon Tile Backsplashes

  • Use large-scale hexagons for high visual impact
  • Opt for contrasting grout on lighter tiles
  • Incorporate hexagons into a mosaic design
  • Use metallics for contemporary sparkle
  • Pair with glass cabinetry and stainless appliances
  • Arrange in a brickwork pattern for clean lines
  • Vary colors and textures within the hexagons
  • Wrap hexagons onto multiple walls for interest

With limitless color combinations, hexagon tiles can complement any design vision. Their distinctive shape provides artistic flair while resisting tiring design trends.

Travertine Brick

Travertine is a timeless natural stone perfect for backsplashes, featuring earthy colors, interesting holes, and subtle veining. While most often seen in tile form, travertine bricks offer an alternative style with undeniable charm. The brick patterns infuse texture and simple elegance.

Benefits of Travertine Brick Backsplashes

  • Natural material with beautiful variation
  • Interesting depth from small holes and veins
  • Brick pattern provides visual texture and interest
  • Warm, earthy color palette
  • Rustic, Tuscan feel works in traditional kitchens
  • Naturally slip-resistant surface
  • Durability and heat resistance

For a laidback, Old World look, travertine brick backsplashes complement kitchens with creamy cabinetry, wrought iron accents, and natural textures. The multi-toned bricks harmonize beautifully with granite or quartz countertops.

Tips for Styling Travertine Brick Backsplashes

  • Incorporate multiple travertine colors for dimension
  • Use dark grout to accentuate brick pattern
  • Pair with tone-on-tone cabinets and open shelving
  • Contrast brick pattern with sleek subway tiles
  • Allow brick to sprawl across entire wall or alcove
  • Add ledgestone veneer accents for rustic charm
  • Use creme grout and allow mortar to peek through
  • Illuminate texture with strategic lighting

With their casually elegant vibe, travertine brick backsplashes feel right at home in cozy kitchens and exude comfortable, rural charm.

Handmade Tile

Unique, handmade tile backsplashes provide an artistic focal point. Clay tiles shaped and glazed by hand feature slight imperfections that convey warmth and personality. While materials and firing techniques greatly vary, the handmade qualities unify them into a distinctive style category.

Benefits of Handmade Tile Backsplashes

  • One-of-a-kind tiles with artistic imperfections
  • Interesting colors, shapes, and textures
  • Conversation-starter that is guest-memorable
  • Options from rustic to refined
  • Materials like ceramic, porcelain, or glass
  • Support small-scale artisans and creators
  • Adds artistic flair and personality

Handmade tiles celebrate the little quirks that come from craftsmanship over mass manufacturing. Their distinctive charm spices up backsplashes in exciting ways.

Tips for Styling Handmade Tile Backsplashes

  • Select a colorful tile scheme for vitality
  • Lean into the artistic imperfections for character
  • Mix varied tile shapes for asymmetrical interest
  • Pair with simple cabinetry and counters
  • Use as an accent mixed with classic white tiles
  • Add handmade details like ceramic knobs and pulls
  • Choose tiles with pops of color drawn from wall decor
  • Size down tiles in a mosaic design for affordability

With limitless shapes, colors, and designs, handmade tiles can match any kitchen’s style. Let their artisanal charm steal the show by keeping surrounding elements neutral.

Wood Planks

Wood backsplashes infuse natural warmth and texture. The rich grains and colors of wood add livable personality. While susceptible to moisture damage, water-resistant woods like teak provide durable options. Real wood pairs beautifully with natural stone countertops in traditional kitchens while dark, dramatic wood planks make modern statements.

Benefits of Wood Backsplashes

  • Natural material with beautiful grains and variation
  • Warm, inviting look and feel
  • Can be stained, painted or whitewashed for custom looks
  • Rustic or modern depending on wood type and finish
  • Complements natural stone countertops
  • Teak offers water-resistance
  • Can coordinate with wood cabinetry and floors

Wood backsplashes harmonize beautifully with elements like stone, brick, and metals to create natural focal points. Match the wood plank finish to cabinetry for a cohesive look. While susceptible to damage from moisture and heat, oiled wood like teak provides a more durable option when properly cared for.

Tips for Styling Wood Backsplashes

  • Use large planks for a dramatic appearance
  • Opt for rectangular subway-style planks
  • Pair with marble or granite countertops
  • Choose lighter woods to brighten small kitchens
  • Use rustic salvaged barnwood for aged appeal
  • Stain or whitewash to complement cabinetry
  • Add trim moulding for finished edges
  • Use sparingly behind cooktop area only

Wood brings a rejuvenating natural element indoors. For longevity, limit wood use to low-moisture areas or utilize durable oiled woods. The stunning grains and variation of natural wood make an eternally stylish statement.

Tin Tiles

Retro tin tiles have experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to their serious style power. Whether embossed or flat, the industrial material makes a seriously chic statement in warm metallic hues. Affordable, durable, and easy to install, tin tiles have definite design longevity.

Benefits of Tin Tile Backsplashes

  • Industrial material with vintage appeal
  • Available in affordable metal sheets
  • Unexpected material provides a modern edge
  • Warm metallics complement diverse decors
  • Embossed textures add dimensional interest
  • Durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Easy for DIY installation

Tin tiles lend kitchens a sophisticated vintage edge. Their versatility allows them to blend into diverse decor styles from contemporary to cottage. Affordable sheets make this industrial material an accessible option.

Tips for Styling Tin Tile Backsplashes

  • Incorporate tin tile sheets as an accent mixed with ceramic tile
  • Use embossed tin for added texture and pattern
  • Opt for distressed tin tiles or deliberately dent them
  • Pair with pops of retro colors like mint green
  • Offset uniform tiles with artfully placed decorative tiles
  • Add interest with custom-cut geometric shapes
  • Allow patina to develop over time
  • Size up for larger impact

Channeling retro diner vibes, tin tiles awake a cool, nostalgic feeling. Their industrial durability ensures long-lasting beauty that feels anything but outdated.


Mirror tiles make a seriously glam backsplash choice. The light bouncing qualities provide the functional benefit of brightening dim kitchens. Mirrored surfaces pair with any color scheme and amplify the rest of the kitchen’s style details. While susceptible to breakage from impact, mirror backsplashes make a super stylish risk.

Benefits of Mirror Backsplashes

  • Reflective qualities brighten up dark kitchens
  • Glamorous, elegant look
  • Highly versatile for diverse style kitchens
  • Visually enlarges smaller kitchen spaces
  • Unisex appeal
  • Pairs with any cabinetry, counter and wall colors
  • Amplifies and doubles other decorative details

Besides providing a seriously chic vibe, mirror backsplashes serve the practical purpose of maximizing natural light. Their shine brings sparkle while complementing both masculine and feminine kitchens alike.

Tips for Styling Mirror Backsplashes

  • Use large-scale mirrors for maximum reflectivity
  • Incorporate as an accent strip behind sinks or ranges
  • Frame mirrors for added dimension
  • Bevel mirrors or use antiqued mirrors for texture
  • Arrange small mirrored tiles in fun designs
  • Pair with plenty of lighting for amplified brightness
  • Add LED strips behind mirrors to mimic lit vanities

With their light-enhancing benefits and seriously glamorous vibe, mirror backsplashes reflect timeless style indefinitely.

Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel delivers an ultra-modern look with appliances and backsplashes alike. Much more fingerprint and scratch-resistant than plain stainless, the deep sleek black color makes a striking style statement. Industrial, yet elegant, black stainless makes a bold focal point.

Benefits of Black Stainless Steel Backsplashes

  • Striking, bold black color
  • Ultra-modern and sophisticated
  • More resilient than regular stainless steel
  • Harmonizes beautifully with black cabinetry and trim
  • Makes small kitchens feel sleek instead of cramped
  • Easy-to-clean, durable surface
  • Professional-grade for residential use

Besides its edgy aesthetic appeal, black stainless steel boasts practical strengths ideal for active kitchens. The deep black color hides fingerprints and is easy to keep clean.

Tips for Styling Black Stainless Steel Backsplashes

  • Use black stainless appliances and range hood for a unified look
  • Incorporate black metal accents throughout
  • Pair with white cabinets for bold contrast
  • Etch with linear patterns or geometric designs
  • Edge with LED lighting for added modern drama
  • Use black window frames and hardware for continuity
  • Add pops of bright colors for an edgy accent

For contemporary kitchens with a bit of edge, black stainless steel backsplashes and accents create a seriously bold, modern statement.

Glass Tiles

Gleaming glass backsplash tiles infuse kitchens with eye-catching elegance. Sophisticated, glamorous, and luminous, glass tiles come in an incredible spectrum of colors, finishes, and textures. Their high-end appearance offers long-lasting beauty. Reflective glass tiles also provide practical lighting amplification.

Benefits of Glass Tile Backsplashes

  • Light-reflecting, luminous surface
  • Sleek, polished look
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Available in endless colors, finishes, and prints
  • Mimic stone, metal, and other materials
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Provides an artistic, modern element
  • Durable and water-resistant

Glass backsplashes make an illuminated statement. Their sleek sophistication pairs elegantly with a diverse range of cabinetry styles from modern to traditional. Creatively shaped glass tiles can form abstract designs or mimic natural materials like stone and mother of pearl.

Tips for Styling Glass Tile Backsplashes

  • Use large glass tiles or long thin strips for drama
  • Incorporate texture with crackled glass and pebble finishes
  • Pair with undertone cabinetry and counters
  • Illuminate with ample down-lighting
  • Edge with LED strips for additional glow
  • Mix with metal and stone for eclectic style
  • Choose glass that complements wall color
  • Arrange glass mosaics in swirling designs

Gleaming glass backsplashes reflect timeless glamour and elegance indefinitely in kitchens of any style. Their luminous versatility ensures lasting visual appeal.

Honed Natural Stone

Honed natural stone backsplashes provide an organic yet refined element. While most stones come polished, the honed finishing results in a matte, lightly textured surface. Without the high gloss, the beauty of the stone’s natural markings and veining take center stage.

Benefits of Honed Stone Backsplashes

  • Natural material without artificial gloss
  • Emphasizes the depth and dimension of natural veining
  • Provides subtle, honed texture
  • More light absorptive for less glare
  • Mutes the variation in stone color
  • Elegant, sophisticated look
  • Works for modern and transitional spaces

Honed stones like marble, travertine and soapstone have an organic sensibility perfect for contemporary kitchens. The muted finish allows the striking stone patterns to stand out beautifully.

Tips for Styling Honed Stone Backsplashes

  • Use large slabs for a sleek look
  • Pair with polished stone countertops for contrast
  • Select neutral stones like greys for calm
  • Use white grout to allow stone tones to pop
  • Edge with a polished stone trim for definition
  • Illuminate with strategic lighting on upper cabinets
  • Combine steel, wood and stone finishes
  • Let the stone stand alone as the eye-catching detail

With their subdued refinement, honed natural stone backsplashes add gorgeous yet subtle impact. Their quiet elegance only enhances their enduring appeal.

Moroccan Tile

Moroccan tiles, also known as zellige, are handcrafted enclosing beautiful geometric patterns dating back centuries. These ornate tiles typically consist of small elaborately arranged shapes in colorful glazed terracotta. Their artistic legacy has design relevance that transcends time periods.

Benefits of Moroccan Tile Backsplashes

  • Centuries-old artistic legacy, locally handcrafted
  • Geometric shapes create ornate patterns
  • Vibrantly colored, brilliantly glazed terracotta
  • Provides global, exotic flair
  • Conversation-starter with artistic appeal
  • Visually striking focal point
  • Available in intricate mosaics or individually

Moroccan tiles celebrate the convergence of math, science and art in their precise geometric designs. Paired with minimal cabinets and neutral counters, these vibrant backsplashes become the eye-catching focal point.

Tips for Styling Moroccan Tile Backsplashes

  • Allow the tile patterns to be the star
  • Stick to one impactful accent wall or alcove
  • Pair with simple shaker cabinetry in white or wood
  • Use plain counters like soapstone or concrete
  • Incorporate handcrafted details like ceramic knobs
  • Add pops of coordinating colors on cook






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