Tiled Range Hood Add Personality to the Hood with Stylish Tile Designs

Adding personality and style to your kitchen often starts with the range hood. This focal point can establish the aesthetic for the entire cooking space. Rather than settling for a basic stainless steel or white hood, explore the potential of tile. Tiled range hoods infuse color, texture, and pattern into this practical appliance. Creative tile designs transform the hood into an artistic centerpiece.

Benefits of a Tiled Range Hood

Tiled range hoods offer aesthetic advantages over traditional hood styles:

Visual Interest

Plain range hoods tend to fade into the background. Tiles add eye-catching colors, shapes, and textures. The tile pattern draws attention to the hood as a decorative focal point.


Match or complement the backsplash and countertops by tiling the hood. Tiles unify the whole cooking area for a cohesive look.


Tiles allow you to add personal flair. Select favorite colors or showcase your unique style.


The tactile nature of tile brings depth and dimension. Glossy, matte, crackled, or textured tiles add visual and tactile interest.

Easy Cleaning

The smooth glazed surface of ceramic or porcelain tile resists grease buildup. Tiles are easy to wipe clean.

Design Considerations for Tiled Range Hoods

Keep these tips in mind when planning a tiled range hood installation:

Hood Style

Select an under-cabinet or chimney-style hood to provide plenty of surface area for tiling. Avoid downdraft or insert hoods with limited facings.

Ventilation Needs

Choose a hood with adequate CFM rating and ducting for proper ventilation. Tiles should not compromise performance.

Heat Tolerance

Use tiles rated for high temperatures, like ceramic or porcelain. Natural stone may crack from hood heat.


Tile adds weight, so reinforce mounting and use a strong hood bracket. Some tiles may be too heavy for wall mounts.


Ensure filters, lights, and other serviceable parts are still accessible after tiling. Remove tiles as needed for maintenance.

Moisture Resistance

Frequent exposure to steam and grease requires tiles with low water absorption. Use tiles rated for kitchen use.


Small grout lines, smoother textures, and glossy glazes resist grime. Avoid porous tiles.

Tile Edges

Bullnose tiles help avoid sharp edges. Clean finish with edge-smoothing trims or mouldings.

Fabulous Tiled Hood Design Ideas

Take your range hood from boring to beautiful with these tile designs:

Geometric Impact

Make a statement with bold geometric tile patterns. Try concentric squares, intersecting lines, or cool triangles.

Black and white geometric tile range hood

Geometric tiles make the hood the focal point. Image Source

Moroccan Inspiration

Lovely Moroccan-style decorative tiles lend an exotic vibe. Intricate patterns and colors energize the space.

Moroccan tile patterned range hood

Moroccan-inspired tiles bring drama. Image Source

Natural Stone Elegance

Slate, travertine, or marble tiles add organic texture. Neutral shades keep the look timeless. h

White kitchen with marble tile range hood

Marble tile lends elegance. Image Source

Bold Colors

Make a vibrant style statement with saturated hues. Try deep teals, cobalt blues, or rich purples.

Teal kitchen tile range hood

Vibrant tiles energize. Image Source

Pixelated Pop Art

Recreate the pixelated look of pop art with small mosaic tiles. Opt for a retro palette.

Mosaic tile pixelated range hood

Mosaic tiles have a pixelated effect. Image Source

Modern Graphic Style

Clean lines, high contrast, and minimal color evoke modern chic. Think black and white or navy and white.

White kitchen with black and white tile range hood

Clean black and white tiles look modern. Image Source

Rustic Charm

Rough stone or handmade subway tiles impart cozy cottage style. Pair with exposed wood beams.

Rustic kitchen with subway tile range hood

Subway tiles have rustic appeal. Image Source

Retro Vibes

Channel mid-century style with retro tiles like hexagons or pink and mint. Add groovy open shelving.

Retro hexagon tile range hood

Hexagonal tiles create a retro feel. Image Source

Mediterranean Flair

Handpainted Spanish tiles, warm terracotta, or decorative borders nod to Tuscan style.

Tuscan style kitchen with terracotta tile range hood

Terracotta tiles bring Tuscan charm. Image Source

The options for creative range hood tiling are endless! Choose a look that showcases your personal taste and brings together your whole kitchen design.

Tiling Your Range Hood

Ready to tile your range hood? Follow these steps for success:

Select the Tile

Choose tile material, colors, shape, and pattern. Ensure it is kitchen grade, non-porous, and high-heat rated.

Gather Supplies

You’ll need tiles, thinset mortar, grout, grout sealer, tile spacers, tile cutter, etc. Use white thinset for white grout.

Prep the Hood

Clean thoroughly. Scuff shiny surfaces for better thinset adhesion. Remove any parts that are not being tiled.

Map Out Tile Layout

Dry lay tiles to determine spacing and cuts. Minimize small pieces. Mark the hood surface.

Spread Thinset

Apply thinset mortar evenly to the hood area. Use a notched trowel for even depth.

Set Tiles

Press tiles into thinset, using spacers for consistent grout lines. Cut edge pieces as needed.

Let Dry

Allow thinset to cure 24-48 hours before grouting. Check for secure adhesion.

Grout Tile Joints

Push grout into joints, wiping excess. Seal grout once dry per manufacturer instructions.

Finish Edges

If needed, install edge trim pieces for a clean finish. Remove spacers and wipe clean.

Replace Parts

Reinstall any vents, lights, or filters previously removed after the grout has fully cured.

Now you can enjoy your stylishly tiled range hood as the focal point of your kitchen! Clean tiles periodically with a gentle kitchen cleaner.

FAQ About Tiled Range Hoods

Some commonly asked questions about installing tile on range hoods:

Can any range hood be tiled?

Most standard under-cabinet or chimney range hoods can support tile. Ensure adequate ventilation is maintained.

What tiles work best?

Use ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles rated for high heat and wet areas. Check manufacturer specs.

How heavy of tile can a hood support?

10 pounds per square foot is generally the maximum weight for wall hang. Chimney hoods can often support more weight.

Do tiles affect hood ventilation?

Yes, tiles can slightly impede air flow. Pick the least porous tiles and minimal grout lines.

Should tiles go on the bottom of the hood too?

The bottom is harder to keep clean from grease splatter. Use easy-clean materials there instead.

How are lights or controls acccessed after tiling?

Carefully remove select tiles as needed to service components after installation.

Is professional installation recommended?

DIY is possible, but tiling overhead has challenges. Pros ensure it’s done right.

Tiled range hoods creatively elevate the style of any kitchen. With so many beautiful tile options, you can customize your hood to perfectly match your personal taste. Express yourself by tiling this focal feature in any color, material, and pattern you desire while still enjoying the functional benefits. Let your tiled range hood showcase your flair for design!

Tiled Range Hoods Add Unique Style to Kitchens

A range hood is a utilitarian kitchen necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to look boring! Tiling a range hood infuses personality and transforms this appliance into a work of art. The endless options for tile materials, colors, shapes, and patterns mean the design potential is limitless. Read on to discover inspiring ways to upgrade a basic range hood with beautiful tiles that showcase your unique style.

Benefits of Tiling Your Range Hood

Beyond just looks, tiled range hoods offer practical advantages:

  • Visual Interest: Tiles add eye-catching colors, textures, and shapes to a typically bland area. The hood becomes a decorative focal point.
  • Coordination: Match or complement backsplashes, countertops, and other tiles by covering the hood in a similar material. Visually ties the whole kitchen together.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The smooth glazed surface of ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile resists grease buildup and wipes clean easily.
  • Durability: Tiles hold up well to high heat and humidity in the cooking zone.
  • Customization: With endless tile options, the design possibilities are infinite! Show off your personal taste.

Design Considerations

Keep these factors in mind when planning a tiled range hood project:

  • Hood Style: Choose an under-cabinet or chimney hood with adequate surface area. Avoid downdraft or short insert styles.
  • Ventilation: Don’t cover vents or impede airflow. Only tile the non-functional facings and surfaces.
  • Weight: Heavy stone or mosaics will require reinforced mounting. Check manufacturer specs.
  • Heat Tolerance: Use ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles rated for high temperatures.
  • Moisture Resistance: Frequent steam exposure means choosing low-porosity grout and tiles.
  • Accessibility: Ensure lights, filters, and controls are still functional after tiling.

Trending Tile Ideas

Here are some stylish tile designs to inspire your own tiled range hood:

Moroccan Chic

Intricate zellige-style tiles in bold hues recreate the exotic Moroccan look.

Moroccan tile kitchen hood

Moroccan-inspired decorative tiles.

Black & White Geometry

Crisp patterns in high-contrast black and white tiles create visual drama.

Black and white geometric tile kitchen hood

Geometric black and white tile.

Sleek Marble

Elegant marble tiles add a luxurious feel with carved detailing options.

Marble tile kitchen hood

Marble tile brings elegance.

Rustic Farmhouse

Aged terracotta or handmade subway tiles impart a cozy cottage vibe.

Terracotta tile kitchen hood

Warm terracotta tiles look rustic.

Bold and Colorful

Make a vibrant statement with saturated tones like emerald green or sapphire blue.

Colorful tile kitchen hood

Vibrant blue tiles add pops of color.

Graphic Retro

The clean lines and geometric shapes of hexagons or diamonds have a retro 50s feel.

Retro tile kitchen hood

Hexagonal tiles create retro-chic flair.

Installation Tips

Follow best practices when tiling a range hood:

  • Clean the hood surface well and roughen glossy areas for tile adhesion. Remove any parts not being tiled.
  • Use high-heat thinset mortar and grout rated for kitchen use.
  • Dry lay tiles first to determine positioning and cuts needed.
  • Allow thinset to fully cure before grouting, per manufacturer instructions.
  • Use spacers between tiles for clean, consistent grout line spacing.
  • Seal grout once fully cured to resist staining and moisture.
  • Finish edges with trim or bullnose tiles to avoid sharp corners.

With the right preparation and materials, you can install tiles for a seamlessly beautiful result that adds style, personality, and visual interest over your range.


What types of range hoods can be tiled?

Most standard under-cabinet or






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