Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas Bring Mediterranean Glamour

Bring the beauty of the Mediterranean into your bathroom with Spanish style decor. Known for ornate tiles, wrought iron accents, and warm colors, Spanish style strikes the perfect balance between rustic and lavish. These bathroom ideas will help you create a relaxing oasis, no passport required.

Incorporate Spanish Tile

Tile is an integral part of Spanish style. Opt for encaustic cement tiles or terracotta tiles in geometric patterns and vivid colors. Spanish tiles are often set in decorative arrangements, such as musicians or complex shapes like stars. Handmade subway tiles in earthy hues like terracotta or sea glass green are another option. Accent with decorative ceramic tiles, called azulejos, around the sink or behind the tub. For floors, large format tiles in stone looks work well. Arrange tiles in a herringbone pattern or staggered layout for added flair.

Use Wrought Iron Fixtures

Wrought iron fixtures and accessories evoke old world Spanish charm. Opt for wrought iron light fixtures, mirror frames, towel bars, and toilet paper holders. For a more modern look, choose sleek wrought iron fixtures with clean lines. Iron sconces flanking a mirror make a dramatic Spanish style statement. Hang an intricate wrought iron chandelier over a free-standing tub for ambiance. For hardware, pick antique iron knobs and hinges for vanities and cabinets. Wrought iron brings texture and timeworn elegance to your Spanish bath.

Select Warm, Earthy Colors

Spanish style leans on a palette of warm, earthy colors like terracotta, mustard, and sage. Deeper tones like navy blue and forest green also fit within the Spanish aesthetic. Keep walls light in creamy neutrals like almond or ivory. Paint the ceiling a light sky blue for contrast. Use color on floors and walls with vivid tile in shades like sea glass or cobalt blue. Choose fixtures and faucets in antiqued brass, iron, or copper. Add pops of color with towels and accent pieces in vivid hues like sunflower yellow or coral. The colors of Spain evoke warmth and old world charm.

Add Wood Accents

Natural materials like wood infuse Spanish style with organic texture. For floors, opt for wide-plank wood in a dark espresso stain. Use wood plank tile for a more water-resistant option. Add a wooden vanity in a rich mahogany or fruitwood finish. Install a decorative wood mantel over the bathtub for character. Use woven wood blinds or shutters in place of curtains on windows. Hang a wall mirror with a reclaimed wood frame for rustic accent. Shelving and wall hooks made from aged wood contribute to the Spanish vibe.

Display Vintage Accessories

Spanish style has an antiqued, timeworn vibe. Display vintage inspired accessories throughout the bathroom. Hang an ornate round mirror with iron accents. Arrange rolled up washed linen towels in a ceramic container. Place a rustic wooden tray topped with perfume bottles and candles on the vanity. Opt for an antiqued metal and glass lantern or candelabra on a side table. Display collected items like crusty bottles, seashells, and antique glassware. The well-loved look of Spanish décor comes from eclectic accessories.

Add Arched Doorways and Windows

Arches and curved architecture define Spanish style. Install an arched doorway leading into the bathroom. Opt for arched windows and decorative arched niches in the shower or above the tub. Add arched recesses in the wall for towel storage or decorative shelves. Consider an arched mirror or medicine cabinet. For the tub, select a freestanding model with elegant arched feet. The soft shape of the arch adds a romantic vibe against the hard lines of tiles and ironwork.

Include Natural Textures and Fabrics

Spanish style achieves its welcoming look through natural textures. Use textured, woven fabrics like linen, cotton, jute, or sisal. Display folded linen towels in open bathroom shelves. Add a linen shower curtain or woven roman shade at the window. Select a cotton or hemp bath rug in an earthy neutral shade. Use a stool with woven rush seat for additional seating. Include touches of raffia and rattan in wastebaskets and other accessories. The organic textures prevent the tile and iron from feeling too harsh.

Incorporate Vintage Patterns

Patterns are an important design element of Spanish décor. Look for vintage inspired motifs like paisleys and damasks. Use fabric shower curtains or roman shades with these ornate prints. Display decorative tiles in damask patterns behind the sink. Look for geometric patterns on floor tiles or window treatments. Spanish patterns often depict flowers like carnations and vines. Flowery designs read as antiqued compared to large modern florals. Check rug designs for ornate motifs. Vintage patterns lend old world flavor.

Select Carved Wood Furnishings

Carved furnishings feel fitting for traditional Spanish décor. Search for wood vanities or console tables with hand-carved details along the legs and edges. Consider a carved wood mirror frame or medicine cabinet. Use intricately carved candleholders and trays as accent pieces. For seating, pick a bench or stool with carvings along the base and sides. Try carved cabinets with glass doors to display decor. The ornate details of carved woodwork add to the overall Spanish vibe.

Add Wrought Iron Lighting

Lighting makes a dramatic impact in Spanish style bathrooms. Opt for ceiling fixtures, sconces, and lamps in wrought iron. Choose an ornate chandelier or pendant light with curved arms and metal accents. Look for sconces with swirling shapes and antiqued finish. Mount matching sconces by the vanity mirror. Select an iron floor lamp with a fabric shade or distressed wooden base. Place lanterns along the edge of the tub or on side tables. Iron fixtures cast an ambient glow to set the Spanish mood.

Create an Inviting Tub Area

The tub area provides a main focal point to showcase Spanish style. Set the stage with patterned floor tiles and steps up to the tub. Select a freestanding tub with claw feet or curved edges. Drape embroidered fabric behind the tub in place of tile. Position ornate sconces on either side. Add warmth with an area rug and accent table topped with a vase of flowers and candles. Include aStatement accent tile behind the tub or a carve wood mantel overhead. Arrange glass bottles and woven baskets for a collected look. Details like arched windows or a beamed ceiling further set the scene.

What is Spanish Style?

Spanish style, also known as Spanish Colonial or Spanish Eclectic, originated in Spain and influenced architecture and decor in Mexico, the Mediterranean, and beyond. It is known for ornate wrought iron, patterned tile, arched windows and doors, and decorative wood carvings. The overall look combines formal elegance with rustic charm. Earthy colors, vintage motifs, and natural textures keep the opulent tiles and metalwork feeling down-to-earth and welcoming. Spanish style strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and refined.

What are some key elements of Spanish style?

Some hallmarks of Spanish style include:

  • Colorful patterned tiles, especially encaustic cement and terra cotta, arranged in decorative motifs
  • Wrought iron fixtures and accessories like sconces, chandeliers and towel bars
  • Arched windows, doors, mirrors, and other architectural details
  • Carved wooden furnishings and decor accents
  • Vintage patterns like paisleys and damasks on fabrics
  • Natural textures from wood, linen, cotton, jute and more
  • Warm, earthy color palette with terracotta, mustard, sage and deep greens
  • Handcrafted details like tiled murals, wall niches, beamed ceilings
  • Decorative ironwork, spirals, and swirls in metal accents
  • Antiqued, well-loved look from distressed finishes and collected accessories

What colors work well in a Spanish style bathroom?

The colors of Spain shine through in a Spanish style bath. Here are some top color choices:

  • Creamy neutrals like almond, tan and ivory for walls provide a light base.
  • Vivid floor and wall tiles in hues like sea glass, cobalt, terracotta and mustard yellow.
  • Deeper tones like navy blue, forest green, and terra cotta for accents.
  • Metallic finishes like aged brass, copper and iron for fixtures.
  • Pops of sunny colors like sunflower yellow, coral and sky blue in towels and decor.
  • Natural wood stains from espresso to mahogany for vanities and floors.
  • Blue ceilings, inspired by the skies of Spain.

Keep the main palette warm and earthy, with bright tiles and metallic accents for contrast. Spanish color schemes feel open, airy and welcoming.

What types of tiles work well in Spanish bathrooms?

Tile takes center stage in Spanish style baths. Some top options include:

  • Encaustic cement tile: These tiles have pigment embedded into the concrete base for vivid geometric patterns and graphic appeal. Often found in black, white and terracotta colorways.
  • Terracotta tiles: Rustic, earthy tiles in natural clay-red hues laid in decorative patterns. Available in a mix of shapes and sizes.
  • Decorative ceramic tiles: Brightly colored tiles called azulejos picturing detailed scenes and motifs. Used as accents.
  • Subway tiles: Classic rectangular tiles in earth tones like sea green, deep blue, or terracotta. Great for walls and backsplashes.
  • Stone look porcelain: Has natural stone appeal in large formats perfect for floors. Opt for travertine or limestone looks.
  • Herringbone: Both encaustic cement tiles and terracotta look stunning in herringbone layouts.
  • Geometric: Moroccan-inspired geometric tiles lend color and dimension.

What flooring works in a Spanish bathroom?

Flooring sets the foundation in a Spanish bath. Consider these flooring ideas:

  • Wood planks: Wide-plank wood flooring stained in a rich espresso evokes Spanish flair. Teak and mahogany work well.
  • Tile: Large format porcelain or ceramic tiles mimic stone looks like travertine and limestone. Set them in a brick pattern.
  • Cement tiles: For authenticity, opt for vintage-look encaustic cement tiles in vivid colors and patterns.
  • Stone tile: Natural stone tiles like slate and travertine add earthy texture.
  • Mosaic tile: Tiny mosaic tiles arranged in floral and geometric motifs make a Spanish style statement.
  • Pebble floor: River rock pebbles set in concrete offer an organic, tranquil look.

Avoid polished finishes to keep the aesthetic natural and rustic. Hardwearing, textured floors suit the relaxed Spanish vibe.

How do you add Spanish style on a budget?

You can achieve Spanish flair without breaking the bank with these budget-friendly ideas:

  • Paint walls a creamy neutral and ceilings a pale sky blue. Use bold color just on accent walls.
  • Stencil tile or arched shape designs onto walls and floors instead of full tile installations.
  • Hang wood-framed mirrors and artwork instead of intricate wood carvings.
  • Use vinyl tile flooring with Spanish patterning instead of authentic cement tiles.
  • Incorporate wrought-iron touches just with lighting fixtures, towel bars and hardware.
  • Make focal points with vivid decorative tiles instead of tiling entire walls and floors.
  • Display collected vintage items from thrift stores like glass bottles, trays and picture frames.
  • Add texture with inexpensive natural fiber rugs jute, sisal or cotton instead of pricier wool rugs.

Focus budget on a statement mirror, focal wall, tile backsplash or pendant lighting. Thoughtful details give the feeling of Spanish style without huge expense.

How do you decorate a Spanish bathroom vanity?

The vanity area provides opportunities to infuse Spanish flair. Consider these vanity decor ideas:

  • Hardware: Seek out vintage-look iron handles and hinges. Wrought iron offers an aged patina.
  • Mirror: Choose a round antiqued mirror or carved wood frame. Iron accents add Spanish edge.
  • Sconces: Flank the mirror with curled wrought iron sconces fitted with either taper candles or Edison bulbs.
  • Chair: Add a linen or leather slipper chair with turned wood legs and nailhead trim.
  • Flowers: Keep it simple with a glass bottle holding fresh carnations or roses.
  • Trays: Arrange rolled towels in a woven rattan or carved wood tray.
  • Baskets: Woven baskets in natural fibers hold bath accessories.
  • Pencil holder: Repurpose an antiqued Spanish jar or crock for makeup brushes.

Minimize surface clutter to let the Spanish elements shine. Focus on key accent pieces that tie into the overall aesthetic.

How do you create a Spanish style tub area?

The bathtub area provides a stunning backdrop to showcase Spanish style. Some tips for designing a tub zone include:

  • Adorn walls with colorful tile patterns or decorative niches.
  • Select a freestanding tub with clawfoot legs or antique copper finish.
  • Hang wrought iron sconces nearby for moody ambiance.
  • Add drama with a carved wood beam or mantel overhead.
  • Include an area rug and accent table topped with candles and flowers.
  • Use an embroidered fabric as a shower curtain for softness and texture.
  • Install multi-level tile floors in an encaustic tile or mosaics.
  • Opt for vintage elements like beadboard wainscoting and arched windows.
  • Display collected apothecary bottles, seashells and ceramic vases.

Focusing on the tub zone creates an elegant yet relaxed oasis with Spanish soul.

What are some good paint colors for a Spanish bathroom?

Nail your paint colors with these go-to hues for Spanish bathrooms:


  • Pale sky blue
  • Cloud white


  • Almond
  • Tan
  • Ivory
  • Light gray


  • Navy blue
  • Forest green
  • Mustard yellow
  • Terracotta


  • Espresso
  • Dark walnut
  • Mahogany

Paint ceilings a soft blue, walls warm neutrals, and use deep colors sparingly on tile, accents and wood stains. Avoid harsh whites and blacks that feel too stark for Spanish style.

What type of lighting works best in a Spanish bathroom?

Lighting casts a romantic glow in a Spanish bath. Consider:

Pendants: Wrought iron pendants with curved arms and multiple bulbs or candles

Sconces: Wall-mounted iron sconces fitted with taper candles or Edison bulbs

Chandelier: Ornate wrought iron chandelier over a stand-alone tub

Vanity lighting: Sconces or mini-pendant lights flanking the mirror

Windows: Iron lanterns or sconces alongside arched windows

Ambient: Iron floor lamp in the corner; string lights lining the ceiling

Choose fixtures with swirling shapes, metallic finishes, and natural materials like wood and fabric. Position lighting to create a moody, inviting look.

What type of cabinetry works in a Spanish bathroom?

Cabinetry should complement the ornate Spanish aesthetic. Consider:

  • Dark wood tones like espresso, walnut and mahogany with visible wood grains
  • Arched doors with iron hardware for a touch of Spanish flair
  • Open shelving to display rolled towels and accent pieces
  • Carved details along legs, edges and door fronts
  • Distressed paint techniques to make painted cabinets look appropriately antiqued
  • Glass cabinet doors to showcase collections while hiding necessities
  • Iron hardware like handles and hinges with an aged, timeworn patina

Simple Shaker-style cabinets keep the look light and airy. Add hand-carved legs or feet to dress up boxier cabinets.

How can you add Spanish style on a small bathroom budget?

Spanish inspired style is achievable even in small, budget-friendly bathrooms. Some thrifty ideas include:

  • Using peel-and-stick tile as an affordable backsplash alternative
  • Choosing one colorful accent wall instead of tiling the entire space
  • Painting cabinets and vanity dark wood tones versus replacing
  • Opting for an inexpensive wrought iron pendant light over the vanity
  • Displaying faux flowers and collected vintage finds from thrift shops
  • Adding a stained wood shelf for towels instead of a full wrought iron rack
  • Including iron hardware like doorknobs, drawer pulls and towel hooks
  • Installing vinyl flooring with terracotta, slate or travertine looks
  • Hanging woven rag rugs on the walls as decorative tapestries

Focus the budget on one or two statement Spanish pieces, and embellish with inexpensive accents. With strategic details, small spaces can channel big Spanish flair.

What type of vanity works well in a Spanish bathroom?

A Spanish style vanity makes an elegant focal point. Seek out vanities with:

  • Ornately carved cabinet doors, legs and edges
  • Distressed paint techniques on white vanities
  • Stained wood with visible grain in walnut, mahogany or espresso
  • Arched paneling or cutout motifs along the front
  • Antiqued brass or copper hardware like handles and hinges
  • Marble, quartz or granite countertop in white, beige or gray
  • Wrought iron light fixtures or sconces flanking the mirror
  • Rounded vessel sink or rectangular undermount sink

Freestanding options with carved legs also suit the Spanish aesthetic. Add vintage charm with cross-legged tables as unconventional vanities.

What type of faucets and sinks work in a Spanish bathroom?

Select Spanish style faucets and sinks to






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