Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas Relaxing Sense of The Nordic Style

The Scandinavian style, also known as Nordic design, brings a refreshing minimalist aesthetic to bathroom spaces. Characterized by simplicity, functionality, and natural materials, Scandinavian bathrooms evoke a relaxing spa-like environment. We explore key elements of achieving this look, from color schemes to storage solutions. Discover how to create a bathroom oasis inspired by the calming sensibilities of Nordic design.

Bringing Simplicity With Clean Lines and Minimalism

Scandinavian style prizes simplicity, with clean lines, plenty of free space, and minimal clutter. To impart this look in your bathroom:

Focus on Functionality – Every item should have purpose. Reduce non-essentials and select multifunctional pieces like a vanity with drawers for storing towels.

Limit Visual Noise – Scandinavian bathrooms feature sparse, carefully curated decor. Avoid visual clutter and go for an airy, open feel.

Strike a Balance – Include just enough elements, like greenery or artwork, to add warmth and personality without distracting from the peaceful ambience.

Employ Streamlined Storage – Conceal necessities in drawers, cabinets and baskets. Install floating or wall-mounted vanities to create an unencumbered look.

Select Sleek Fixtures – Choose faucets, lighting, and hardware with clean, modernist lines. Avoid ornate designs that feel fussy.

Taking a minimalist approach helps craft a soothing, spa-like atmosphere where one can unwind and de-stress.

Serene Color Schemes Connected to Nature

Scandinavian bathrooms commonly leverage neutral, organic color palettes that evoke the calming essence of the Nordic landscape. Some schemes to consider:

White & Wood Tones – Crisp white walls and light wood cabinetry feel airy and timeless. Add warmth with rattan baskets and potted greenery.

Earthy Hues – Mossy greens, slate grays and pebble browns bring a grounding, nature-inspired vibe. Incorporate textiles and art featuring organic shapes.

Monochromatic Look – Different tones of one color, like beige or blue, impart a harmonious sensibility. Layer on metallics and botanical accents.

Black & White Contrast – This dramatic but clean combination feels streamlined. Punctuate with greenery and soften with wood accents.

Barely-There Neutrals – Whisper-soft shades like cream and dove gray encourage deep breathing and relaxation.

Keep colors cool-toned and low-contrast. Steer clear of loud, saturated hues that jar the senses.

Natural Materials Provide Textural Interest

Scandinavian style celebrates raw, tactile materials derived from the earth for a closer connection to nature. Incorporate these elements:

Wood – Rich wood grain on vanities, floors or ceilings adds organic beauty. Opt for light oak, birch or maple.

Stone – Slate, travertine and marble surfaces bring moody sophistication. Pair with plants and wood for balance.

Concrete – Modern and raw, concrete makes a statement on floors or walls. Soften the look with jute rugs and linen towels.

Rattan & Wicker – These airy, natural fibers work well for baskets, mats and pendant lighting.

Jute, Cotton & Linen – Use natural fiber rugs, towels and curtains to link to the outdoors.

Metals – Brass, black steel and nickel polish fixtures lend a sleek, contemporary edge.

Layering natural textures creates depth and interest while reinforcing the calming ambience.

Smart Scandinavian Bathroom Storage Solutions

Scandinavian style prioritizes functionality and organization. Clever storage solutions keep necessities accessible but out of sight. Consider these ideas:

Hidden Cabinets – Conceal clutter behind sleek cabinet fronts that blend with walls. For small bathrooms, install floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

Freestanding Storage – A wooden ladder with woven baskets or open shelving neatly organizes towels and toiletries. Style with plants.

Under-Sink Storage – Install pull-out drawers under the vanity to neatly tuck away items. Use fabric bins to sort supplies.

Recessed Shelving – For a streamlined look, build out recesses for displaying neatly folded towels and salves. Light them with LED strips.

Floating Benches – Bench seating with removable lids or drawers stash extra toilet paper and cleaning items.

Pedestal Sink Storage – Opt for a pedestal sink with a matching cabinet for hiding toiletries, makeup and devices.

Mirror Cabinets – Mirrors that open to reveal storage compartments maximize space above sinks or vanities.

Strategic organization not only looks sleek but promotes a tranquil headspace free of visible clutter.

Scandinavian Style Bathroom Vanities

The vanity plays an integral role in perfecting the light, airy Scandinavian bathroom aesthetic. Seek out these characteristics:

Light Wood Tones – Ash, oak, birch and maple finishes add organic warmth. Often paired with white sinks and walls.

Legs or Floating – Visible legs or wall-mounted vanities create an airier look. Opt for metal legs in black, brass or nickel.

Single Sink – Avoid bulky double-sink vanities. Single sinks keep the look minimalist and streamlined.

Sleek Hardware – Choose modern, straight drawer pulls in matte black, brass or chrome that align with the pared-back style.

Closed Cabinets – Enclose plumbing and necessities behind crisp cabinet fronts in harmonious tones.

Multipurpose – Seek out vanities with drawers, cabinets and pull-out shelves for integrated storage space.

Vessel or Wall-Mounted Sinks – These contemporary sinks help distinguish the vanity piece and amplify the modern vibe.

Selecting a vanity that embodies Nordic design principles helps set the overall aesthetic.

Moroccan Accents Add Exotic Appeal

While Scandinavian design prizes pared-back minimalism, tasteful exotic accents can provide an element of worldly richness. Moroccan-inspired features like patterned tile and textured rugs pair surprisingly well with Nordic style due to their shared emphasis on natural materials. Consider blending in:

Bold Black & White Tile – Geometric tile as a bathroom floor or wall focal point makes a dramatic style statement. Stick to black and white for Scandinavian harmony.

Kilim Rugs – Cozy cotton kilim rugs woven with geometricpatterns bring exotic interest underfoot. Layer them over wood floors.

Patterned Poufs – Leather or woven poufs provide handy extra seating and visual pop. Keep patterns graphic.

Brass Lanterns – For an ambient glow, suspend small brass lanterns over vanities or soaking tubs. Choose mineral oil for fat, flickering flames.

Vintage Moroccan Accessories – Display artful porcelain, embroidered textiles or hammered trays for bohemian flair.

Fruitwood Bath Mat – Natural fruitwood mats with mosaic inlay echo Moroccan tradition in a minimalist form.

Skillfully blending exotic touches prevents Nordic style from feeling too stark while heightening the worldly, well-traveled vibe.

Soothing Spa Touches For Ultimate Relaxation

Scandinavian bathrooms exude a relaxing, spa-like ambience. Enhance this with features that pamper the body and spirit:

Soaking Tub – Nothing beats a long, restorative soak. Choose an oval, stand-alone bathtub in the room’s center.

Rain Showerhead – An extra-large overhead shower offers a water pressure massage. Install water-saving tech for eco-friendliness.

Heated Floors – Warm underfoot stone or tile floors are a luxe touch, especially on cold mornings.

Towel Warmer – Step from the shower or bath into a fluffy, heated towel for pure comfort.

Sauna – For the ultimate Nordic experience, add a dry or steam sauna to decompress.

Candle Lighting – Grup votive candles of varying heights for glowing, spa-worthy ambience. Select natural soy wax.

Pendant Lights – Suspended pendant lights above soaking tubs create a relaxing focal point.

Plants – Strategically placed potted palms, ferns and succulents purify the air and echo nature.

Aromatherapy – Fill the air with soothing essential oil blends like lavender, eucalyptus or cedarwood.

Including even a few of these elements transports one to a serene, Scandinavian-style sanctuary.

7 Tips for Achieving Hygge in the Bathroom

Hygge, a Danish concept that embodies coziness, comfort and wellbeing, aligns seamlessly with Scandinavian bathroom style. Incorporate these tips for maximizing hygge:

Soft Lighting – Use plenty of warm white, Edison or candlelight bulbs. Avoid harsh overheads. Dimmer switches help set the mood.

Textured Textiles – Layer in soft, natural fiber towels, rugs, curtains and upholstered seating. Sheepskin and knit throwssupply next-level coziness.

Soothing Scents – Fresh flowers, potpourri, essential oils and candles cultivate calm. Display fragrant blooms like peonies or roses.

Tasteful Accessories– Curate a personalized vignette with framed photos, artisanal soaps, sculptural vases and favourite objects.

Reading Nook – Carve out space for a comfy upholstered bench or chair with a side table for books and beverages.

Bath Salts & Candles – Draw a relaxing bath scented with epsom salts, essential oils or effervescent bath bombs.

Warm Drinks – End the bath or shower with a comforting cup of tea, cocoa or toddy savored fireside for full hygge.

Infusing the bathroom with touches that engage the senses helps craft a cherished sanctuary.

Incorporate Industrial Touches For Modern Edge

While quintessentially Scandinavian in aesthetic, injecting a few industrial details adds modern edge to the bathroom. Iron, concrete, black steel and leather integrate seamlessly. Consider including:

Concrete Countertops – Concrete vanities feel urban-chic against light wood cabinets and white walls. Seal properly.

Galvanized Metal – Vintage galvanized washtubs, buckets or trays provide character as unconventional sinks.

Black Steel Radiators – Sleek black radiators lend loft style while heating chilly bathroom air. Coordinate with matte black fixtures.

Leather Handles – Leather drawer or cabinet pulls offer textural contrast to wood, concrete or marble. Opt for brown leather.

Marbled Wallpaper – Dark marbled wallpaper evokes glamorous black granite on a budget. Limit to one focal wall.

Exposed Pipes – Let pipes show for an unfinished vibe. Paint them black for chic definition against white walls.

Pendant Lighting – Suspended black metal pendant lamps work above both vanities and freestanding tubs.

Thoughtfully mixing these moody industrial elements helps prevent the Scandinavian aesthetic from feeling too rustic.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Spacious

Scandinavian style excels at making compact bathrooms feel airy and expansive:

  • Stick to light colors – White or soft gray walls, ceilings and cabinets keep things visually uncluttered.
  • Limit patterns – Solid surfaces and textures prevent busy, distracting backdrops.
  • Install a skylight or more lighting – Natural and artificial light give the illusion of size.
  • Open under-sink space – Floating or wall-hung vanities show more floor area.
  • Extend the floor – Continue bathroom flooring into the shower for a seamless effect.
  • Include one clean-lined focal piece – A sculptural tub or unique lighting fixture draws the eye.
  • Zone with glass partitions – Divide the room using glass rather than walls where possible.
  • Keep sightlines clear – Limit furniture and arrange necessities along walls.
  • Mount a mirror – Floor to ceiling mirrors visually expand the room.

With thoughtful editing and light-enhancing tactics, small spaces can feel spa-worthy.

Eco-Friendly Touches For Sustainable Luxury

Scandinavian design has long championed environmental responsibility and sustainability. Bring green touches into the bathroom with:

Solar Power – Solar panels can supply electricity to power lighting, heating and tech.

Low-Flow Plumbing – Install toilets, faucets and showerheads that conserve water.

LED Lighting – Swap out lighting for energy-efficient LED bulbs. Put on dimmers.

Low-VOC Materials – Opt for paint, stain, adhesive and sealant with little to no VOCs to maintain air quality.

Vintage Finds – Source charming furniture and accessories from antique stores and salvage yards instead of buying new.

Plants – Use greenery to purify the air while connecting to nature.

Natural Cleaners – Clean with non-toxic, eco-friendly products free of harsh chemicals.

Towel Racks – Swap electric towel warmers for simple bars or hooks to eliminate excess energy use.

Bamboo Products – Choose sustainable bamboo for fixtures, textiles, flooring, vanities and more.

Honoring Scandinavia’s legacy of eco-consciousness through smart design choices allows for guilt-free, luxurious enjoyment.

Scandinavian Bathroom Inspiration

To fully envision how Scandinavian style comes to life in the bathroom, let’s explore some standout examples brimming with Nordic design elements:

Rustic Lake House Bathroom

This rustic bathroom channels the serenity of the Nordic countryside with whites and natural unfinished wood. An oversized soaking tub takes advantage of lake views while linen curtains allow for privacy. Touches like woven baskets, ceramic vessels, and a leafy plant connect to nature. The wood stool provides handy seating.

Sophisticated Urban Bathroom

Cool-toned whites and grays mingle with black accents in this posh city bathroom. Sleek concrete adds modern texture while warm wood cabinets and brass finishes counterbalance with a natural vibe. An uncluttered floating vanity maximizes floor space.

Minimalist Apartment Bathroom

This compact apartment bath feels light and spacious thanks to smart space-saving measures. The white color scheme keeps things airy while the wall-hung vanity and pedestal sink free up floor area. A track shelf provides open storage and plants lend life.

Boho Chalet Bathroom

Bringing Scandinavian and bohemian style together, this eclectic bathroom celebrates texture and global flair. Wool rugs layer underfoot while a Moroccan stool provides seating. Concrete, black steel, linen and greenery mingle seamlessly against crisp white walls.

Spa Bathroom Sanctuary

With its soaking tub, rain shower and floating vanity, this bathroom offers a relaxing escape. Soft grays and bleached wood establish a soothing ambience. Pops of black and brass provide definition while the suspended plant incorporates nature.

Achieve Scandinavian Style On a Budget

Creating a Scandinavian bathroom doesn’t have to drain your resources. Follow these budget-savvy tips:

Shop Secondhand – Visit thrift stores, garage sales and online resellers for unique vintage light fixtures, hardware, furnishings and storage pieces at a fraction of the cost. This allows for high-end designer style on a budget.

Use Multipurpose Furniture – Opt for wooden ladders rather than traditional shelving units. Sleek laundry carts or rolling carts offer inexpensive storage options. Repurpose other furniture pieces throughout the home.

Paint Tile – Give outdated tile new life with white, black or gray paint suited for slick surfaces. This simple makeover yields dramatic results.

Embrace bare bones – Celebrate raw materials like concrete in their unfinished state, which saves on cost. Similarly, exposed wood beams, piping and floors keep things low-maintenance.

Select stock sinks and faucets – Well-made stock options offer an affordable alternative to pricey custom pieces. Seek them out at home improvement stores.

Curate minimalist decor – Limit accessories to just a few cherished vintage items, meaningful art pieces, and lush potted plants that enrich the space.

With cleverness and resourcefulness, Scandinavian bathrooms can fit most any budget.

FAQs About Realizing Scandinavian Bathroom Style

What paint color goes well in a Scandinavian bathroom?

Stick to light, neutral and organic paint colors to complement the airy Scandinavian aesthetic. Whites, light grays, beige and soft greens work beautifully. Limit colors to one or two tones for simplicity.

What flooring is best for a Scandinavian bathroom?

Light-hued wood, bleached oak, white tile, concrete, stone and black metal finishes all make fitting flooring options. Seek out durable, textured materials that also impart calm.

Should you have patterned tile in a Scandinavian bathroom?

Patterned tile isn’t off limits, but stick to graphic black and white or muted natural stone patterns that align with the pared-back style. Limit patterns to selective use on walls or floors rather than throughout.

What colors complement a white Scandinavian bathroom?

While white dominates, weave in light wood tones, black metal accents, touches of gray, cream and mo






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