Marble Hexagon Backsplash Modern Luxury with Hexagonal Tiles

A marble hexagon backsplash brings elegance and luxurious style to any kitchen. The marble’s natural veining and lustrous polish create visual depth and interest, while the geometric hexagonal shape allows for creative patterns. Hexagonal tiles have an interlocking design that enables stunning arrangements. By using marble hexagon tiles, you can achieve a modern backsplash look that feels upscale and opulent.

Benefits of Choosing Marble Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

Marble hexagon tiles offer many advantages for backsplash applications:

Timeless and Classic Design

Marble is a timeless and classic stone that has been used in architecture and design for centuries. A marble backsplash provides a clean, yet elegant look that works in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. The marble’s natural patterning gives visual interest that doesn’t go out of style.

Luxurious and Upscale Appearance

Marble has an inherent luxuriousness with its soft veining and luminous polish. By using marble hexagon tiles, you can create a backsplash with an upscale, high-end appearance. The marble radiates warmth and sophistication.

Geometric Shape Allows Creativity

The hexagonal shape of the tiles allows for creative laying patterns. Herringbone, stacked, or diagonal designs are all possible. The geometric tiles have an interlocking shape that enables stunning backsplash designs not possible with square tiles.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Marble is less porous than other natural stones, so spills and messes are less likely to stain. Marble hex tiles can be easily wiped clean. Their polished surface does not support microbial growth. Marble is heat and scratch resistant too.

Ideal Uses for Marble Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

Hexagonal marble tiles are perfectly suited for backsplash applications, including:

Kitchen Backsplashes

A marble hexagon backsplash is ideal over counters or cooktops. The marble withstands heat and stains while elevating the kitchen’s decor. Creative hexagon patterns, like herringbone, can be designed.

Bathroom Backsplashes

Use marble hexagon tiles as a backsplash in a bathroom behind sinks or vanities. The marble’s lustrous finish and liquid-resistant surface help create an elegant, easy-care backsplash surface in bathrooms.

Fireplace Surrounds

Hexagonal marble tiles can surround a fireplace opening. Their geometric pattern beautifully frames a fireplace. The marble’s durability handles the heat exposure.

Entryways and Foyers

Welcome guests with a stunning marble hexagon tile backsplash in an entryway. Make a great first impression with the upscale and clean appearance of marble hexagon tiles behind a console table.

Accent Walls

Use marble hexagon tiles creatively on an accent wall in a home office, bedroom, living room or dining space. The interlocking patterns create visual interest on any blank wall space needing a stylish focal point.

Popular Options for Marble Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

Many stunning marble varieties are available in hexagon-shaped tiles:

Carrara Marble

Classic Italian Carrara marble has an iconic soft white background with subtle grey veining. It creates a light and airy aesthetic perfect for modern kitchens.

Calacatta Marble

Rare Calacatta marble from Italy has distinctive thick veining patterns against a white or grey background. Its bold veining creates drama.

Emperador Marble

Emperador marble comes from Spain and has rich brown tones that vary from golden beige to darker chocolate browns, swirled with white veining.

Statuario Marble

Statuario is an elegant white marble quarried in Italy. Its highly prized for its very bright white background and bold grey veining.

Crema Marfil Marble

From Spain, Crema Marfil is a popular creamy beige marble with faint grey veining. Its soft neutral color works well in both modern and traditional spaces.

Design Ideas Using Hexagonal Marble Backsplash Tiles

Marble hexagon backsplashes can be designed in many eye-catching ways, including:

Modern Herringbone Patterns

A herringbone design using elongated hexagon tiles in alternating directions creates visual motion and a modern statement. Contrasting marble colors can accentuate the herringbone pattern.

Stacked Hexagon Layouts

Stacking the hexagonal marble tiles in straight vertical columns produces clean lines and symmetry. Varying the direction of the marble veins in the stack adds further interest.

Pixelated Hexagon Designs

Using marble hexagons of multiple colors, arrange them in a pixelated motif to mimic a mosaic or digital pattern. This looks great in contemporary spaces.

Irregular Freeform Patterns

Have fun arranging the marble hexagon tiles in an irregular freeform pattern, mixing up the direction and spacing between them. Create organic shapes and profiles.

Contrasting Hexagon Bands

Stack horizontal bands of contrasting marble varieties, like bold white Statuario stacked with thin grey Carrara bands. This adds textural intrigue.

Hexagon Frame or Border

Frame kitchen cabinets with a border of marble hexagon tiles while using a different backsplash tile in the center area. This creates a polished, tailored look.

How to Install a Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Installing a marble hexagon backsplash takes careful planning and precision but achieves eye-catching results. Here are some tips:

  • Select high-quality, calibrated marble hexagon tiles with a polished finish to prevent lippage between tiles.
  • Have the tiles delivered well before installation date to ensure the ordered quantity, quality and color match expectations.
  • Choose the appropriate backing material. Cement backerboard provides the most durable base. Use waterproofing membranes if needed.
  • Plan the tile layout and design aesthetic ahead of time. Ensure all specialty pieces needed are ordered.
  • Use a quality thinset mortar suitable for natural stone tiles and the backing material type.
  • Take care to achieve very straight, level tile courses, using spacers for consistent grout line spacing.
  • Use a quality marble-friendly grout. Apply carefully to avoid getting grout on tile faces.
  • Seal the marble tiles after grouting to protect from staining and etching. Use a pH-neutral stone cleaner.

With proper planning and care, a marble hexagon backsplash can be a stunning yet durable addition to any home.

FAQs About Marble Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

What finish options are available for marble hexagon tiles?

Marble hexagon backsplash tiles are most commonly available in a polished finish, which has a reflective, glossy appearance. Honed, matte and textured marble finishes can also be found for a more subtle look.

What thickness marble hexagon tile should be used for backsplashes?

A 3/8 inch thickness is standard for marble hexagon backsplash tiles. Thicker options like 1/2 inch are also available but not always necessary for vertical backsplash areas.

Can you use marble hexagon tiles outdoors?

Marble is vulnerable to freeze-thaw damage and staining outdoors. It’s best suited only for indoor backsplash applications. There are some resin-backed marble options made for patios, but natural stone marble hexagons are not recommended in exterior areas.

How durable is marble for kitchen backsplash use?

Marble is quite durable thanks to its density and natural strength. It can easily handle heat exposure behind cooktops. However, marble can be prone to etching from acidic foods. Always seal and avoid exposing marble backsplashes to vinegar, citrus, wine and tomatoes for prolonged contact.

How do you clean and care for a marble hexagon backsplash?

Use pH neutral stone cleansers and warm water to regularly clean marble hexagon backsplashes. Re-seal every 1-2 years with a marble-safe impregnating sealer. Immediately wipe up spills or splatters to prevent possible staining.

Can you mix different marble varieties together in a backsplash design?

Absolutely. Mixing marble types like Carrara and Calacatta or using contrasting colors allows creativity in designs. Ensure all the marble tiles are from the same manufacturer and have the same dimensions for proper fit.


The elegance and beauty of marble hexagon backsplash tiles make them a luxurious yet timeless choice. A marble hexagon backsplash adds style and visual interest to kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and any space needing a stylish focal point. With proper care and creativity, marble hexagon tiles enable designers to achieve stunning backsplash designs with geometric appeal.






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