Is Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile Waterproof?

Peel and stick backsplash tiles have become an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes in recent years. Often made from vinyl or plastic materials, peel and stick tiles offer a budget-friendly and easy-to-install backsplash solution compared to traditional tile. But an important consideration for many homeowners is whether peel and stick backsplash tiles are waterproof. After all, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes see a lot of moisture from cooking, cleaning, and shower steam.

Are Peel and Stick Tiles Waterproof?

The short answer is yes, peel and stick backsplash tiles are waterproof. The vinyl or plastic materials they are made from are inherently water-resistant. When installed properly on a clean, smooth wall surface, peel and stick tiles form a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids and moisture from seeping behind the tiles to the drywall or other wall material underneath.

Here are some key reasons peel and stick backsplash tiles are waterproof:

  • Vinyl material – Most peel and stick tiles are made of vinyl, which is naturally waterproof. Vinyl repels water and does not absorb moisture.
  • Plastic material – Some peel and stick tiles may be made from polyethylene or other plastic polymers. Like vinyl, plastics are waterproof and resistant to water damage.
  • Thick, impermeable backing – Peel and stick tiles have a thick, flexible vinyl or plastic backing layer that water cannot permeate. This creates a water barrier protecting the wall underneath.
  • Tight seals – The edges of peel and stick tiles are designed to fit tightly together, leaving minimal gaps where water could seep through. The adhesive backing provides a tight seal as well.
  • Adhesive layer – The adhesive used on peel and stick tile backings is waterproof as well, preventing moisture from getting behind the tiles.

As long as they are applied properly on a smooth, clean, and dry surface, peel and stick backsplash tiles form an impermeable water barrier due to their waterproof vinyl or plastic construction and tight seals.

Advantages of Waterproof Peel and Stick Tiles

The waterproof nature of peel and stick backsplash tiles makes them a smart choice for kitchens and bathrooms prone to high moisture levels. Here are some of the advantages of using waterproof peel and stick tiles:

  • Prevent water damage – Waterproof peel and stick tiles prevent water from penetrating behind them and causing damage to drywall, wood, or other sensitive wall materials. This protects the integrity of the wall.
  • Withstand splashes and spills – Kitchen and bathroom walls see a lot of splashes, drips, and spills. Waterproof peel and stick tiles hold up to this heavy exposure without being damaged or allowing moisture to seep through.
  • High humidity resistance – Bathrooms in particular contend with high humidity levels from hot showers. Peel and stick tiles withstand bathroom humidity without warping or allowing moisture buildup behind them.
  • Mildew and mold resistance – The waterproof vinyl and plastic materials resist mildew and mold growth, which could occur if moisture was able to get behind the tiles.
  • Easy to clean – Spills, splatters, and soap scum are easily wiped off the non-porous surface of peel and stick tiles, keeping them looking their best.
  • Long-lasting – Thanks to their waterproof construction, peel and stick tiles maintain their integrity for years despite routine exposure to moisture.

For wet areas prone to splashes, spills, drips, and high humidity, waterproof peel and stick backsplash tiles are a durable, moisture-resistant option.

Installation Tips for Waterproof Peel and Stick Tiles

To get the full waterproof benefits from peel and stick backsplash tiles, they must be installed properly. Here are some tips for installation:

  • Clean the wall surface thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before applying tiles. This allows the adhesive to bond tightly.
  • Make sure the wall surface is as smooth as possible. Any bumps or uneven spots under the tiles can allow water to seep behind them.
  • Apply the tiles vertically, being careful not to stretch or over-handle them. This prevents gaps between tiles where moisture could penetrate.
  • Press each tile firmly for 30-60 seconds once in position. Solid contact ensures a tight seal with the adhesive backing.
  • Run your finger or a smoothing tool along all tile edges to help seal the seams. Do not leave any gaps between tiles, corners, or near the ceiling.
  • Apply a silicone caulk along the top and bottom edges of the installed backsplash if they meet countertops, cabinets, or walls. This waterproofs the seams.
  • Avoid getting the backing overly wet during cleaning. Use a damp sponge or microfiber cloth instead of saturating with spray or buckets of water.

Proper installation gives peel and stick backsplash tiles their waterproofing power and helps them last.

Are Peel and Stick Tiles Waterproof for Showers?

Peel and stick tiles can be used as waterproof backsplash tiles in shower areas with proper preparation and installation. Here are some tips for a waterproof shower backsplash with peel and stick tiles:

  • Choose textured tiles rather than smooth glossy ones, as the texture helps avoid standing water that could seep behind seams.
  • Never install peel and stick tiles directly over existing tile. Remove old tile completely to expose the bare wall for solid adhesion.
  • Clean and scuff sand the wall surface before installing for maximum adhesive grip, especially in humid areas.
  • Apply a waterproofing primer or membrane to the entire shower wall before adding tiles. This adds extra waterproofing insurance.
  • Avoid putting seams at the corners of shower niches or shelves where water pools. Cut whole pieces to wrap corners.
  • Seal all seams completely, especially along the ceiling, shelves, window sills, and tub/shower junctions. These are vulnerable spots for moisture seepage.
  • Apply a clear silicone caulk bead along the top of the backsplash and down the sides. This waterproofs any gaps at the tile edges.
  • Check sealant annually and re-apply more caulk anywhere openings appear. Well-sealed seams are key for waterproofing.

With ample prep and careful installation, peel and stick tiles can provide a waterproof, moisture-safe backsplash option in showers.

Best Waterproof Peel and Stick Tile Options

If you’re looking for guaranteed waterproof peel and stick backsplash tiles, here are some top-rated options to consider:

  • Art3d Textures Tiles – Deeply textured for high adhesion and moisture resistance, these thick vinyl tiles come in a range of stone and abstract patterns ideal for backsplashes.
  • asinpull Peel and Stick – Offered in subway brick, marble, and other looks, these vinyl tiles have a gloss coating for easy cleaning and waterproofing. They stand up to heat and moisture.
  • ticketoy Marble Backsplash Tiles – With realistic marble veining, these waterproof vinyl tiles have a self-adhesive backing for simple installation and an impermeable surface.
  • Paste the Wall Backsplash – Their tongue-and-groove connecting system seals out moisture. Made from recycled materials, their tiles are mold/mildew proof and environmentally friendly.
  • Haofy Stick On Tiles – Available in a huge selection of stone, metal, and brick designs, these premium HD vinyl tiles are thick, durable, and fully waterproof.

Always check the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm waterproof capabilities before purchasing peel and stick backsplash tiles.


Peel and stick backsplash tiles offer a handy backsplash solution that also provides vital waterproofing in wet kitchen and bath environments when installed properly. Made of water-resistant materials like vinyl and plastic, peel and stick tiles form an impermeable moisture barrier on the wall when their adhesive-backed seams are fully sealed during application. Thanks to their waterproof qualities, peel and stick backsplash tiles withstand splashes, spills, drips, and high humidity while protecting walls from water damage and mildew growth. With the right tile choice and careful installation, it’s clear peel and stick backsplash tiles are a waterproof option for backsplashes in any space.