Is Granite Backsplash Dated?

Granite backsplashes have been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms for decades. However, some wonder if granite’s popularity has led it to become dated or out of style. There are a few key factors to consider when evaluating if granite backsplashes are dated.

The Timelessness of Granite

Granite is a natural stone that has been used in home design for centuries. The minerals within granite make it extremely durable and heat resistant. This makes it well suited for use around stoves, ovens, and sinks. Granite’s longevity is one reason it has remained a standard choice for backsplashes and countertops over time.

Granite’s neutral tones also lend to its timeless appeal. The natural variations in the stone create depth and visual interest. While granite comes in many colors, the most popular hues are whites, blacks, grays, and browns. These versatile neutrals pair well with most cabinetry and décor styles. Granite resists bold design trends, making it a safe choice that transcends eras.

The Pros and Cons of Current Popularity

Granite increased in popularity in the 1980s and became a hallmark of luxury kitchens by the 1990s and 2000s. Its prevalent use over recent decades leads some to see granite as a dated trend. However, granite has remained one of the top choices for kitchen and bath backsplashes because of its advantages.

On the one hand, granite’s widespread use means it doesn’t have the same excitement as a new, unique material. On the other hand, its popularity is a testament to its attractive, low-maintenance functionality that satisfies homeowners. Like white subway tile, granite backsplashes are common because they continue to meet buyers’ needs.

Homeowners looking for a material that feels fresh and current may view granite as overused. However, dated and timeless can be a matter of perspective. A granite backsplash’s longevity can be either a pro or a con, depending on your priorities.

Signs Granite Is Losing Popularity

There are a few signs that granite may be slowly declining in demand from its peak in past decades.

  • More unique stone options available – Alternatives like quartzite, soapstone, and marble have grown in popularity. There’s greater selection among natural stone backsplash options than in the past.
  • Quartz rising in popularity – Engineered quartz is gaining popularity due to its low maintenance. It provides the look of natural stone without some drawbacks.
  • Bold styles en vogue – Current trends favor colorful tile or patterns. Granite’s neutral palette feels too safe and sedate for some.
  • Resale value concerns – Some worry granite will appear outdated to future buyers, making them lean towards neutral options like marble or quartz.

However, it’s too soon to say granite is going out of style. It may no longer be the trendiest choice, but it isn’t disappearing from backsplash design any time soon.

Evaluating Your Options

Granite remains one of the most commonly used and beloved backsplash materials. If you’re concerned about choosing a dated option, here are a few guidelines:

  • Focus on longevity – Natural stones like granite suit spaces meant to last. Save trends for replaceable décor.
  • Consider your lifestyle – Granite’s durability and maintenance ease fit busy homes well. Don’t sacrifice function purely for current looks.
  • Pair with classic designs – Avoid ornate backsplashes or loud color patterns. Lean into granite’s neutrality with timeless styles.
  • Evaluate resale appeal – Granite likely won’t detract value like a bold backsplash might. But also weigh your own happiness with the space.
  • Visit showrooms – View granite slabs in person. Many distributors have expanded options, including some bolder colors and patterns.
  • Talk to experts – Stone yards and kitchen designers have insider knowledge on trends. Get their input to make the most informed choice.

While granite may no longer be the trendiest backsplash option, it still delivers style and function. Granite isn’t inherently dated, but it can feel tired if not thoughtfully incorporated into your design. Take stock of current trends, but choose the material that best fits your home and lifestyle. With smart design, granite backsplashes can look beautiful and modern for decades to come.

FAQ About Granite Backsplashes

Is granite outdated?

Granite isn’t inherently outdated, but some view it as less fashionable compared to a decade ago. Still, it remains popular due to its timeless durability and aesthetics. Granite suits those prioritizing function over current trends.

What is the most popular backsplash for 2023?

Handmade tile, marble, and patterned tile are rising in popularity. Terrazzo and colorful designs are also on trend. However, white subway tile and granite remain go-to choices.

What backsplash goes best with granite?

Granite’s natural patterning pairs well with simple backsplash materials. Standard subway tile, marble brick, beveled white tile, and penny round mosaic tiles complement granite counters beautifully. Avoid busy patterns that compete.

Should I go with granite or quartz backsplash?

Quartz mimics granite’s visual appeal but requires less sealing. Granite is heat and scratch resistant. Consider your budget, colors, and how much maintenance you want to take on. Quartz is often cheaper.

What granite colors are dated?

Trends come and go, but truly dated granite is rare. Most natural hues remain timeless. However, very dark (“galactic black” or similar) and ornate patterned granites can appear the most dated if not updated well.


While no longer the trendiest option, granite backsplashes remain a versatile and functional choice. Granite suits those seeking longevity over following short-lived fads. A quality granite installation can look beautiful and current for years if paired with classic designs and patterns. However, it helps to be aware of shifting trends. Consider alternatives like marble or quartz if wanting something more unique. When thoughtfully incorporated, though, granite backsplashes can be far from dated. Their attractiveness and ease of maintenance ensure granite won’t disappear from homes anytime soon.