Industrial Kitchen Backsplash Cool and Stylish Industrial Style

An industrial style kitchen backsplash can add a cool, edgy look to your cooking space. With the right materials and design, an industrial backsplash brings together the hardworking functionality of a commercial kitchen with an urban chic aesthetic. Here’s how to create a stylish industrial kitchen backsplash that is both durable and eye-catching.

Choosing Materials for an Industrial Style Backsplash

The key to achieving an authentic industrial look is using materials that reference vintage commercial spaces. Popular options include:


Metallic backsplashes instantly evoke the look of an industrial kitchen. Stainless steel, tin, aluminum, and galvanized metal bring a sleek, utilitarian vibe. Metals like copper and brass inject warmth. Use metal backsplash tiles or reclaimed sheet metal for bold industrial style.


Concrete delivers an urban, rugged aesthetic. Concrete backsplash tiles come in varied styles, from smooth polished concrete to more porous concrete with aggregate showing. Concrete looks stunning paired with stainless steel for industrial edge.


Both new and reclaimed brick backsplashes provide an edgy, factory feel. Brick patterns add visual texture and charm. Consider red clay bricks or weathered, neutral-hued bricks for industrial flair.


Rough-sawn reclaimed wood planks make a warm, rustic backsplash. Or use wood-look porcelain tiles with varying knots and grains for organic appeal. Wood backsplashes offset metal and concrete finishes beautifully.


Glass tile provides gleaming shine, especially when mixed with metal accents. Opt for small glass mosaic tiles or larger subway-style glass tiles. Recycled and sea glass tiles also suit the industrial look.

Ceramic Tile

A budget-friendly option, ceramic tile allows endless possibilities for color, shape, and pattern. Pick a simple cement-look ceramic tile or graphic geo-print tile to complement the industrial kitchen vibe.

Cool Styles for an Industrial Backsplash

Now that you’ve selected the right industrial materials, consider how shape, color, and layout can enhance the overall aesthetic:

Graphic Patterns

Opt for an eye-catching geometric tile pattern to energize the space. Intricate motifs like chevron and herringbone add visual punch when executed in concrete, metal, brick, or ceramic tile.

Color Accents

While neutral is common, don’t shy away from pops of color to liven an industrial backsplash. Bright red or cobalt blue metro tiles create bold definition behind a stainless steel cooktop.

Varied Textures

Mix up textures and building materials for added depth. Pair sleek metal with rugged wood beams. Or combine smooth glass tile with rough-hewn stacked stone. Contrast is compelling.

Exposed Brick

Let original brick peek through open shelving or accent areas for authentic appeal. Aged, unpainted brick has irresistible old-building charm.

Salvaged Materials

Incorporate reclaimed items like an antique ladder, vintage letterpress trays, or corrugated metal roofing. This adds a sense of history and one-of-a-kind personality.

Clever Lighting

Task lighting and accent lighting help set off the backsplash details. Try pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting or mini track lights.

Display Space

Make use of the backsplash area by mounting open shelving, spice racks, pot racks or utensil bars on the wall. This shows off kitchenware with industrial flair.

Design Tips for Achieving the Look

When planning your industrial-chic backsplash, keep these design strategies in mind:

  • Stick with a neutral color palette of blacks, grays, silvers, white and natural wood tones as the backdrop. Then introduce metallic accents, pops of color or reclaimed materials as focal points.
  • Look for ways to expose pipes, vents or structural elements like concrete block or wooden beams to embrace the industrial warehouse vibe.
  • Incorporate metal finishes and hardware like stainless steel appliances, tin pendant lights, cast iron brackets or silver bin pulls on cabinets and drawers.
  • Opt for an open, airy kitchen layout. Consider removing upper cabinets entirely to highlight the backsplash.
  • Select durable, low-maintenance materials that can stand up to a busy kitchen’s wear-and-tear. That’s an essential industrial quality.
  • Don’t overdecorate. Take an unfussy approach and let the materials speak for themselves without clutter.

With the right blend of materials, colors, textures and details, an industrial backsplash injects bold, contemporary style into the kitchen. It provides an element of gritty sophistication while still being highly functional for cooking and clean-up. So go ahead, bring on the industrial edge!

FAQs About Industrial Style Kitchen Backsplashes

What is an industrial style kitchen backsplash?

An industrial style backsplash references materials and aesthetics from vintage factories, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. This often includes exposed brick, concrete, metal, wood, glass and salvaged items for an edgy, urban look.

What materials work best for an industrial backsplash?

Great industrial backsplash materials include metal tiles or sheets, concrete, brick, wood planks, glass tile or blocks, ceramic tile, and recycled/repurposed items like ladders or toolboxes.

How do I choose a color scheme?

Stick with neutrals like black, white, gray, silver, natural wood tones, and unpainted brick as the backdrop. Add pops of color with red, blue, or green accents, or bright white subway tiles for contrast.

What’s the best tile layout?

Graphic tile patterns like stacked bond brick or zig-zag add eye-catching flair. Or keep it simple with basic brick layout or all metal sheet paneling. Mixing materials and textures creates appealing dimension.

How do I add lighting?

Task lighting under cabinets illuminates workspaces. Accent lighting like mini pendants highlight backsplash details. Go for exposed bulb or filament lighting to enhance the industrial look.

What about open shelving instead of upper cabinets?

Removing top cabinets is a common industrial style choice to showcase the backsplash. Add open shelves or a utensil bar to display kitchenware items in an organized way.

How do I maintain an industrial backsplash?

Choose durable, moisture-resistant backsplash materials that won’t get damaged by typical kitchen messes and wear. Glass, metal, stone, and smooth tile are fairly low-maintenance options.

With a thoughtful, well-executed design, an industrial inspired kitchen backsplash infuses urban edge into your cooking space. Feel free to get creative with materials, colors and lighting while maintaining a sturdy functionality. Your kitchen will be both stylishly rustic and an ideal workspace for meal prep. Let your backsplash be an eye-catching conversation starter for family and friends!






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