How to Match Backsplash with Granite Countertop

Choosing the right backsplash to pair with your granite countertop can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. With so many backsplash options to consider, from tile to glass to metal and more, it can be tricky to settle on a design that complements your existing granite. Follow this guide for tips on how to seamlessly match backsplash with granite countertop.

Assess Your Granite Color and Pattern

The first step is taking a close look at your granite countertop’s unique color tones and patterns. Granite surfaces contain a blend of different mineral deposits, often in black, white, gray, pink, or brown. Pay attention to which shades are most dominant in your slab. Also note any distinctive veining or movement in the granite pattern. Understanding the nuances of your existing granite will make it easier to find a backsplash that complements it beautifully.

Consider Backsplash Materials

With an awareness of your granite’s specific look, you can then explore different backsplash materials and decide which will pair best. Here are some top options to consider:


Tile allows for tremendous design flexibility, available in endless colors, sizes, textures, and patterns. Subway tile, mosaic tile, handmade tile, and porcelain tile all pair nicely with granite. Match the tile size and grout color to your granite’s veining. Warm earth tones and cool grays are always safe bets.


Sleek and modern, glass tile backsplashes refract light beautifully. Often found in mosaics, glass tile comes in clear, frosted, or colored varieties. Metallic glass mosaics can mirror the shimmer of granite. For more contrast, try smoky blacks or bold jewel tones.


From stainless steel to copper to tin, metal backsplashes lend an industrial vibe. The cool, smooth finish provides a clean complement to granite’s natural texture. Try a classic stainless subway tile or get creative with a mosaic or custom metal design.


Natural stone backsplashes like marble, travertine, or slate complement granite’s inherent elegance. Select a stone in a contrasting finish, like honed marble against polished granite. Using a similar tonal palette also creates continuity.

Match Colors and Patterns

Once you’ve explored materials, focus on finding colors, patterns, and textures that specifically accentuate your granite. Here are some go-to approaches:

  • Coordinate neutrals – Pair subdued backsplash tones like white, gray, or beige with dramatic granite patterns. The neutral backdrop highlights the granite’s detailing.
  • Complementary colors – Colors opposite on the color wheel, like blue and orange, create striking contrast. If your granite has warm undertones, try a cool blue backsplash.
  • Analogous colors – Analogous colors are adjacent on the color wheel, like blue, green, and blue-green. Choose a backsplash in the same color family as your granite for a cohesive look.
  • Matching metals – Backsplashes with metallic materials like stainless steel, copper, or bronze draw out the shimmery flecks and minerals in granite.
  • Mimic patterns – Look for backsplash shapes and lines that echo the veining and visual movement in your granite. Subway tiles in a corresponding size can continue the grid-like detailing.

Consider Backsplash Height

In addition to material and design, the height of your backsplash also impacts its relationship with the granite countertop. Standard backsplash height is 4 inches tall. For a seamless, integrated look, consider extending your backsplash to chin or even ceiling height. This approach highlights the granite-backsplash duo rather than separating them with an abrupt edge.

Incorporate Accent Materials

Don’t be afraid to get creative and incorporate secondary materials into your backsplash design. Mini accents of marble, glass, or metal tiles can pull out unique colors from your granite. Natural wood also adds warmth against cool granite and pairs well with stone backsplashes. Use combinations of materials and patterns to create a truly customized look.

See Samples Before Deciding

Never select a backsplash solely from a photograph. Colors, shading, and textures can translate differently in person. Order or purchase physical samples of any backsplashes you’re considering. Look at them against your granite in both natural and artificial light at various times of day. Seeing options in place will give you a much better sense of how well they coordinate.

Consult With Professionals

Speaking to kitchen designers can provide invaluable guidance as you match backsplash with granite countertop. Describe your granite and desired aesthetic. Designers can point you toward ideal styles and patterns and advise on installation for the most cohesive final look. Many showrooms also let you test out backsplash samples against granite.

Key Tips for Matching Backsplash with Granite Countertop

  • Analyze the specific color tones, patterns, and textures in your existing granite countertop.
  • Consider materials like tile, glass, metal, and stone for the backsplash.
  • Choose backsplash colors, shapes, and visual styles that complement granite details.
  • Extend the backsplash height for a unified granite-backsplash aesthetic.
  • Incorporate accent materials like marble, wood, or glass for added flair.
  • View physical backsplash samples against granite before finalizing.
  • Consult designers for expert guidance on optimal pairings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What backsplash goes best with black granite?

White, gray, or cream backsplashes beautifully offset and accentuate black granite’s bold color. Stainless steel and glass mosaics also complement the sophisticated look of black granite.

What color backsplash looks good with Uba Tuba granite?

Uba Tuba granite’s deep green tones pair well with creamy beiges and light grays. Brown, taupe, silver, and white backsplash tile also elegantly complements Uba Tuba granite’s earthy color variations.

What is the most popular backsplash for white granite?

White granite countertops are complemented beautifully by backsplashes in gray, beige, brown, black, and blue color families. Glass or metallic tile mosaics also look modern and stylish against bright white granite.

What backsplash goes with New Caledonia granite?

New Caledonia granite’s soft gray background and copper brown veining pairs nicely with backsplashes in whites, creams, pearlescents, and warm metallics like bronze and copper.

Can you put marble backsplash with granite?

Yes, combining marble backsplash with granite countertop can look amazing. The similar natural stone textures create harmony, while contrasting veining keeps the look interesting. For cohesion, use marble and granite slabs with a similar finish.


Matching backsplash with granite countertop requires careful consideration of your granite’s specific color patterns, then finding a backsplash design that complements it aesthetically. Whether you opt for sleek glass mosaic or textured stone, keep the backsplash height extended to the ceiling and don’t be afraid to incorporate bold accents for showstopping style. With an array of materials and colors to work with, you can find the perfect backsplash to blend seamlessly with your existing granite. The final result will be a stunning, cohesive kitchen backdrop you’ll love.