How to Install Mosaic Tile Backsplash Around Outlets

Installing a mosaic tile backsplash can add a beautiful, custom touch to your kitchen. However, working around electrical outlets requires some special planning and technique. With care and patience, you can achieve a seamless look that incorporates outlets into your mosaic design.

Planning Your Outlet Layout

Before starting your project, take time to map out your backsplash area and locate all outlets and switches. Consider the following:

Choose Suitable Outlet Covers

  • Opt for rectangular, beveled outlet covers that will sit flush within the tiled surface. Avoid bulky or ornate covers that will disrupt the pattern.
  • Match outlet cover plates to the color and finish of your mosaic tiles as closely as possible for a cohesive look.
  • Check that outlet covers are rated for use in a wet area like a kitchen backsplash. Look for covers labeled “extra-duty” or “weather resistant.”

Decide On Placement

  • Determine if you want to highlight the outlets as part of the pattern or minimize their appearance.
  • Work outlets into the mosaic design symmetrically for a clean, integrated look.
  • Alternatively, place outlets along the edges or in inconspicuous areas to downplay their presence.

Accommodate Surface Irregularities

  • Account for extra depth from the outlet boxes protruding from the wall. Box extenders or spacers may be needed to bring outlets flush to the tile surface.
  • If covering existing outlets, remove old plates and check for uneven plaster around boxes that may require patching.

Preparing the Surface

Proper prep work is crucial for a long-lasting installation.

  • Clean the backsplash area thoroughly and repair any holes or flaws in the wall surface.
  • Apply primer and skim-coat plaster if needed to create an even surface.
  • Mark the exact outlet locations on the bare wall with painter’s tape.

Installing the Mosaic Tile

Use care when working around outlets to avoid damaging wires or connectors.

Waterproofing and Underlayment

  • After priming, coat the entire backsplash area with thinset mortar. This provides a waterproof barrier.
  • Next, apply a cleavage membrane over the thinset. This creates a separation layer so tiles are not firmly bonded to the wall.
  • Spread a layer of fresh thinset on top of the membrane to adhere the mosaic sheets.

Cutting and Placing Tile

  • Lay whole mosaic sheets up to each outlet box, leaving a gap for the cover size.
  • Use a wet saw fitted with a diamond blade to carefully cut L-shaped notches in the tile to fit around outlet screws and side connectors.
  • Place cut mosaic pieces gently around outlets and adjust until the sheet aligns cleanly.

Grouting and Finishing

  • Once tiles are firmly attached, use a grout float to spread grout between the mosaic tiles right up to the edge of the outlets.
  • Wipe away excess grout with a damp sponge. Be careful not to dislodge any tiles.
  • Allow grout to fully cure. Then seal and polish the finished mosaic tile surface.
  • Finally, install new outlet cover plates, securing them gently but firmly.

FAQ About Installing Mosaic Backsplash Around Outlets

How do I cut mosaic tiles around an outlet?

Use a wet saw fitted with a diamond blade to carefully notch out L-shaped gaps in the mosaic sheet to fit tightly around the outlet box and mounting screws. Take it slowly to avoid cracking tiles or damaging the thinset below.

What if my outlet boxes don’t sit flush with the wall?

You can use box extenders or furring strips to bring outlets flush to the tiled surface. Take care not to extend boxes too far, as longer screws may be required to accommodate the extra depth.

Should I remove old outlets or tile over them?

It’s best practice to replace old, damaged outlets with new, code-compliant ones before tiling. Trying to tile over built-up old paint or tile layers rarely ends well.

How do I grout around outlet covers?

Use a grout float or rubber grout squeegee to press grout fully into gaps around outlets. Wipe diagonally across the outlets to prevent pulling off tiles. Once cured, you can polish the grout edge around covers.

Can I use regular drywall behind a mosaic backsplash?

No, moisture-resistant materials like cement board or a waterproofing membrane are required behind any tile backsplash. Unprotected drywall will deteriorate quickly.

How do I remove excess thinset or grout around outlets?

Let materials fully cure first. Then use a utility knife to gently scrape off any dried excess around the outlet edges. Be careful not to nick electrical wires.


Installing mosaic tile backsplash around outlets takes planning and precision. With the proper prep work, waterproofing, clever cutwork, and careful grouting, you can achieve a seamlessly integrated result. Take your time and don’t be afraid to adjust pieces or redo any step. The finished outlet accents will provide a custom focal point enhancing your unique backsplash design.