How to Hide Outlets on Kitchen Backsplash

Installing a beautiful backsplash in your kitchen can take it from drab to fab. However, the need for functional outlets can detract from your design aesthetic. Don’t let outlets ruin your dream backsplash! With some strategic planning and clever solutions, you can have outlets easily accessible but subtly concealed. Follow these tips and tricks for hiding outlets on your kitchen backsplash.

Choose Backsplash Materials Carefully

The material you select for your backsplash will impact how noticeable any outlets are. Opt for materials that can help outlets blend in better:

  • Tile: Outlets can be tucked neatly between tiles. Grout lines can help conceal edges of outlet covers. Choose tile in neutral colors or matching grout for seamless look.
  • Stone: Natural patterns and textures of stone hide outlets well. Can also be cut to fit outlets precisely. Granite, marble or travertine are great options.
  • Glass: Outlets stand out less against reflective surface of glass tile. Frosted or patterned glass further obscures. Great for modern, sleek look.
  • Metal: Metallic finishes like stainless steel, copper or nickel provide shiny surface that draws the eye. Outlets recede into the glimmering background.
  • Wood: Real or faux wood planks with visible grooves between each create perfect hiding spots for outlets. Rich wood tones make outlets fade away.

Strategic Outlet Placement

Carefully planning where you place each outlet will prevent them from cluttering or marring your backsplash’s appearance.

  • Put outlets in inconspicuous areas, not prominent backsplash focal points.
  • Align outlets to grout lines in tile or seams between wood/stone planks.
  • Install vertically rather than horizontally if possible for cleaner look.
  • Place outlets near countertops or where appliances hide them.
  • Group multiple outlets together in one spot rather than scattering.
  • Add new outlet behind microwave, refrigerator, etc. to remove from backsplash completely.

Use Outlet Covers Artfully

Outlet covers come in diverse designs and finishes to seamlessly blend with your backsplash:

  • Low profile covers sit nearly flush with wall, making outlets ultra discreet.
  • Metal covers in coordinating finishes like nickel, copper or chrome slip stealthily into metallic backsplashes.
  • Textured covers mimic stone, wood, etc. Supplement surrounding material.
  • Tile covers with thin edges installed directly over tile make outlet vanish. Some even come in coordinating colors.
  • Rock covers disguise outlets as just another stone or pebble on natural stone backsplash.
  • Glass covers reflect surroundings like crystal clear mirrors. Frosted or colored glass options too.
  • Custom covers can be designed to match any unique backsplash material or style.

Hide Outlets Behind Other Elements

Get creative with positioning appliances, hardware and accessories to conceal outlets:

  • Hang floating shelves or wall-mounted pot racks over outlets.
  • Flank outlets with framed art, wall mirrors or chalkboard panels.
  • Install backsplash only where outlets are not needed, like above counters.
  • Incorporate outlets into inside of cabinetry and drawers at backsplash level.
  • Place spice racks, knife blocks or utensil crocks to obstruct outlets.
  • Let curtains, blinds or other window treatments overlay outlets.

Recess Outlets Into the Wall

For a completely seamless look, outlets can be recessed into surrounding wall:

  • Chisel out an inch behind backsplash to create a pocket for outlet.
  • Use electrical box extenders to push outlet back flush with wall.
  • Install specialized extra-deep outlets made specifically for recessing.
  • Hire an electrician to recess all wires and boxes within wall framing.

Recessing outlets is more complex but allows them to disappear completely behind your beautiful new backsplash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiding Kitchen Outlets

Still have questions about concealing outlets in your backsplash? Here are answers to some common FAQs:

What are the best backsplash materials to hide outlets?

Tile, stone, glass, metal, and wood provide great camouflage for outlets. Neutral solids help outlets blend in, while patterned or textured surfaces disguise them.

Will hiding outlets affect their functionality?

As long as outlets are installed correctly by a professional, concealing them will not impact performance. Use spacers and box extenders to keep wires accessible.

How do I remove outlets from my existing backsplash?

You will need to hire an electrician to remove any outlets in your current backsplash safely. They can reroute and reinstall wires in more optimal, hidden locations.

Should I put my microwave or refrigerator outlet in the backsplash?

No, keep major appliance outlets separate. Install them in the wall behind the unit, or under cabinets for the cleanest look.

Is it OK to use outlet covers that don’t match my backsplash?

Yes, but matching your outlet covers to the backsplash as closely as possible will keep them most discreet.

What’s the easiest way to hide outlets for a simple DIY backsplash project?

Use low profile covers that match your backsplash and align outlets strategically along grout lines or seams in materials.


With intentional outlet placement, clever concealment solutions, and the right materials, you can enjoy a dreamy, outlet-free backsplash in your kitchen. Just be sure to engage a professional electrician if making changes to wiring. A decorative backsplash and properly hidden functional outlets can peacefully co-exist with the right approach. Get ready to install your eye-catching backsplash without ugly outlets stealing the show!