How to End Glass Tile Backsplash

Installing a glass tile backsplash can add a beautiful, modern touch to your kitchen or bathroom. However, ending the backsplash properly is key to getting a professional look. Here are some tips on how to end a glass tile backsplash.

Measure and Mark the End Point

First, measure the length of the wall where you want the backsplash to end. Mark the end point with a pencil. You’ll want the edges of the last few tiles to align with this mark.

Cut Tiles to Fit

Most likely, you’ll need to cut some glass mosaic tiles to fit at the end. Use a wet saw to make precision cuts. Measure the space left between the last full tile and the end point and cut tiles to fit it exactly.

Cut several tiles in different widths so you have options when installing. You may need to use tile nippers after cutting to get a perfect fit.

Use Bullnose Tiles on Outside Edges

Using bullnose tiles on the outward edges of the backsplash gives it a finished look. Bullnose tiles have one rounded finished edge.

Cut bullnose tiles to fit on both the top and side edges of the end of the backsplash. These will nicely frame the cut tile edges.

Spread Thinset and Place Tiles

Spread a layer of thinset mortar adhesive on the wall where the end tiles will go. Press the cut tiles and bullnose tiles into place aligned with your end point mark.

Use tile spacers to leave even grout lines between tiles. Remove any excess thinset immediately with a damp sponge.

Grout and Seal

Once the thinset has cured, grout the end tiles and wipe away excess. Use a grout sealer to protect the grout lines and finish the job.

Now you have a beautiful glass mosaic backsplash with a clean, professional look on the ending edges. With careful measurement, cutting, and installation, you can achieve an elegant finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ending Glass Tile Backsplashes

How do I get a clean edge on my backsplash?

Using bullnose tiles on the outward edges gives you a nicely finished frame. Precision cutting the end tiles with a wet saw ensures the edges line up neatly.

Should I use special trim pieces on the edges?

Special trim like Schluter strips can be used, but are not necessary. Bullnose tiles usually suffice for a clean look on the edges.

What’s the best way to cut glass mosaic sheets?

Use a wet saw with a diamond blade designed for glass. Go slowly to get clean cuts without chipping. Use a ruler or tile marker to guide your cuts.

How do I account for outlets in the tile?

Plan outlet placement carefully. Cut tiles to fit around outlets, leaving proper clearance. Use bullnose tiles to frame the edges of the outlet.

Should I end at the counter edge or go to the bottom?

Ending at the counter gives a clean look. Going to the bottom gives more protection from splashes. Choose based on your own preferences and style.

What should I use to adhere the end tiles?

Use the same thinset mortar you used to set the rest of the tiles. Apply a healthy layer to get a strong bond on the cut edges.


Ending a glass tile backsplash takes precision and attention to detail. With careful planning, measuring, cutting, and installation, you can achieve a polished, professional-looking finish. Use bullnose tiles, make careful cuts, and take your time aligning the end tiles. With some tile-cutting finesse, your backsplash can have a beautiful beginning and end.