How Much Value Does Kitchen Backsplash Add?

Kitchen backsplashes can significantly increase the value and appeal of your home. When selling a house, a high-quality backsplash can enable sellers to recoup 80-120% of the project cost. For buyers, backsplashes boost enjoyment of the space and make the kitchen feel fresh and updated. Read on to learn just how much value kitchen backsplashes can add.

Factors That Impact Backsplash Value

Several key factors influence the value boost a new backsplash brings. Consider the following when deciding on your project:


  • Tile: Ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tile offer an upscale look for $5-50 per square foot installed. Popular choices like subway tile and marble backsplash can recoup 100% or more of their cost.
  • Metal: Stainless steel, copper, brass, and other metals create a contemporary, industrial vibe. At $50-150 per square foot installed, high-end metal backsplashes can significantly boost value.
  • Stone: Granite, marble, and other natural stones make a luxurious statement, ranging $50-200 per square foot installed. Their elegance and durability bring excellent return on investment.
  • Glass: Custom glass mosaic or sheet backsplashes make a glittering focal point. Priced at $50-250 per square foot, they offer standout style.
  • Photo murals and laminates: At just $10-30 per square foot, these budget-friendly options add liveliness without a large investment. Their personalized look can increase appeal.


High-quality installation and design elevate a backsplash. Crisp grout lines, thoughtful placement of accent tiles, and seamless coordination with the countertops demonstrate meticulous attention to detail. This artistry brings added wow-factor that buyers will appreciate.


Full backsplashes spanning the entire wall behind counters maximize visual impact. Partial backsplashes often date a kitchen. Creative designs like herringbone patterns, geometric shapes, and artful accents raise the unique style quotient.


Tying the backsplash to countertops via material, finish, or color creates a pulled-together, designer look. Contrasting hues can accent each surface elegantly. Eclectic spaces may feature an artfully mismatched look.

Kitchen Backsplash Return on Investment

Just how much value does a new backsplash bring? Here is the return on investment you can expect based on project costs:

  • Lower budget backsplash ($500-$2,000): A simple makeover with ceramic subway tiles, glass mosaics, or laminates usually recoups 80-100% of costs.
  • Mid-range backsplash ($2,000-$5,000): Unique stone, metal, or mixed media backsplashes in this range can recoup 90-120% at resale, adding significant style for the cost.
  • High-end backsplash ($5,000+): For luxurious materials, expansive layouts, and intricate designs, a premium backsplash can boost value 150% or more of the project investment.

While costs vary based on materials, size, and factors like special cutting and installation, the general rule is: the more you spend, the higher the return on investment. Higher price points allow for top-tier materials, artistry, and customization that buyers appreciate.

How Backsplashes Boost Buyer Appeal

Beyond direct financial return, backsplashes add value by elevating the whole kitchen’s aesthetic. Quality backsplashes make the space feel high-end, well-designed, and inviting.

1. Freshens the Look

An outdated backsplash can make the entire kitchen feel dated and dingy. Even if the other elements are in good shape, an old splashed style brings down the room’s appeal. A new backsplash provides an easy visual refresh.

2. Modernizes the Space

Many home buyers prefer an updated, contemporary vibe. Backsplashes with on-trend materials like marble-look quartz, geometric metallics, or glass mosaics give a kitchen a fashionable facelift.

3. Adds Personality

From vibrant colors to handmade tiles and mosaics, backsplashes offer unique personality. Buyers love spaces with character and thoughtful details that feel special.

4. Reflects Quality Craftsmanship

A well-executed backsplash highlights meticulous construction and design everywhere else. Perfect grout lines and seamless coordination with other finishes impress buyers with quality.

5. Provides a Focal Point

The backsplash draws the eye as a central element. It becomes an artistic focal feature that gives the kitchen flair.

6. Completes the Look

A finished backsplash pulls the whole aesthetic together in a complete, designer way. Missing backsplashes look obviously incomplete.

7. Hides Flaws

From hiding uneven walls to disguising dated countertops, backsplashes conceal flaws. Savvy buyers notice this trick. A backsplash gives the impression of high-end renovations.

8. Offers Texture

Tiles, 3D glass, stone surfaces, and metallics add appealing visual and tactile texture. This elevates the kitchen from boring to dramatic.

9. Reflects Personality

Vibrant mosaics, artistic accents, and warm metals infuse personality. Buyers love unique finishes that feel special and reflective of the sellers’ style.

Backsplashes check many boxes for buyers seeking move-in ready homes with designer spaces. The visual impact a quality backsplash brings makes this an excellent investment.

Key Questions on Backsplash Value

Many homeowners have additional questions about maximizing their return on investment with a backsplash upgrade. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much does a high-end backsplash cost?

For a larger kitchen with premium materials like natural stone, intricate mosaics, or custom metal work, expect costs between $5,000-$15,000 or more. The sky’s the limit for luxury backsplash projects.

What is the best backsplash for resale value?

White subway tile and marble-look porcelain are safe, classic choices that appeal to buyers. Metal and glass mosaics also add style without polarizing personal preferences.

Should I tile to the ceiling?

Full backsplashes that tile to the ceiling maximize your investment. Partial backsplashes often look choppy and dated. Covering the full wall looks polished.

How can I make a backsplash unique?

Use shaped, handmade, or patterned tiles. Add an artistic focal accent. Vary materials, colors, and textures across the space. Work with a pro designer to customize the look.

Can I install the backsplash myself?

While possible for the handiest of DIYers, intricate backsplash installation is best left to tile professionals to get clean results. The cost is well worth it.

How do I choose the right backsplash?

Consider the cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and decor style. Contrasting or coordinating with existing finishes creates a put-together look. Focus on your preferred colors, textures, and patterns.

Enhancing Value With the Perfect Backsplash

The perfect backsplash solution can take your kitchen from drab and dated to dazzling. For homeowners looking to boost their home’s value and appeal before selling, investing in a quality backsplash is sure to provide excellent return on investment. Use the latest designer materials to refresh the look, add artistry, conceal flaws, and customize to your personal taste.

With strategic materials selection, creative designs, and expert installation, it’s possible to recoup over 100% of your backsplash investment through increased home value. Give your kitchen the focal point it deserves and enjoy the financial and aesthetic benefits for years to come.