How Much Does Home Depot Charge to Install Tile Backsplash?

Installing a tile backsplash can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom by adding an eye-catching focal point full of color, texture, and pattern. However, tiling requires some skill and practice to get it looking professional. For those who want the look but not the hassle, Home Depot offers tile backsplash installation services.

What Does Home Depot Charge for Tile Backsplash Installation?

Home Depot charges by the square foot for tile backsplash installation. The current rate is $6 – $10 per square foot, which includes:

  • Removal and disposal of your existing backsplash
  • Surface preparation
  • Setting and grouting the tiles
  • Cleaning up afterwards

So for a typical 4×8 foot backsplash area, expect to pay $192 – $320 for installation by Home Depot. Keep in mind that this does not include the cost of the tile itself or any additional materials needed.

The exact rate can vary depending on your location, the complexity of the design, and current demand. Be sure to get an accurate quote for your specific backsplash installation from your local Home Depot.

What’s Included in Home Depot’s Backsplash Installation Service?

Home Depot’s tile installation service is a turnkey solution that handles the entire process start to finish. Here’s exactly what is included:

Removal of Old Backsplash

If your kitchen or bathroom already has an existing backsplash, the installers will take care of removing it properly. This includes taking down tile, drywall, or any other materials. They will dispose of the old backsplash offsite.

Surface Preparation

The installers will make sure the surface is ready for the new tiles. This means cleaning, sanding, and sealing the area so the tiles adhere properly. Any repairs to the wall surface will also be taken care of.

Professional Tile Setting

Tile setting requires expertise to get straight grout lines and proper spacing. Home Depot has experienced installers who know all the tricks for getting tiles placed accurately. This helps ensure your new backsplash looks neat and professional.

Grouting Application

Grout fills the spaces between the tiles and seals the installation. Home Depot’s installers are skilled at evenly applying grout without leaving missing spots or smears. They’ll use the grout color you select for a customized look.


Once the tile has been set and grouted, the installers will thoroughly clean the area. They’ll remove any dust, excess grout or tile adhesive, and leave the space spotless.

What Isn’t Included in Home Depot’s Installation Service?

While Home Depot’s backsplash installation is comprehensive, there are a few things that aren’t covered:

  • Tile selection – You’ll need to purchase your choice of tile separately from a Home Depot designer. Installation charges are only for labor.
  • Specialty tiles – Unusual tile materials like glass or intricate mosaics often require an experienced tile subcontractor and will have an extra charge.
  • Backerboard – If your wall requires backerboard installation to support the tile, this isn’t included and will incur an additional fee.
  • Painting or repairs outside the backsplash area are also not included.

Be sure to ask your Home Depot designer for specifics on your project. Any aspects that go beyond basic tile installation should be spelled out upfront so you can budget accurately.

How Much Does Tile Backsplash Cost Per Square Foot from Home Depot?

In addition to installation charges, you’ll need to factor in the material costs for your new backsplash. Home Depot offers a huge selection of ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tile options at every price point. Here’s an overview:

  • Ceramic tile – Budget-friendly option from $2-$10 per square foot
  • Porcelain tile – More durable with prices from $4-$20 per square foot
  • Glass tile – Adds shiny style for $10-$30 per square foot
  • Natural stone tile – Elegant look from $15-$50 per square foot
  • Mosaic tiles – Intricate patterns for $10-$50 per square foot

Keep in mind, costs vary widely based on material quality, size, finish, and brand. Be sure to account for 10-15% extra tile over the measurements to allow for cuts and waste.

For a standard 20 square foot backsplash in ceramic tile, total materials would be $40-$200. Upgrading to natural stone could be $300-$1000 just for tile.

Backsplash Installation Cost Calculator

To estimate your total project cost, factor in both tile and installation charges using this simple backsplash installation cost calculator:

Total sq ft of backsplash area _


Tile cost per sq ft _


Tile materials cost _


Installation cost per sq ft _


Total backsplash installation cost _

So for a 20 sq ft backsplash using $5 per sq ft tile and $8 per sq ft for installation, the estimated total is 20 x $5 = $100 for tile + 20 x $8 = $160 for installation = $260 total cost.

Adjust the tile type and installation rate according to your specific backsplash design and Home Depot quote to find your all-in investment.

Backsplash Size Considerations

Typical backsplash dimensions are 4 feet high by a length matching your counter space. Standard backsplash areas range from:

  • Small: 8 – 12 sq ft
  • Medium: 15 – 25 sq ft
  • Large: 30+ sq ft

Measure the exact area you want to cover to determine square footage. Include inside corners and niche areas in your total.

If your design extends beyond the main work area, budget extra for additional installation labor and tile. Factors like multiple focal points, mosaic accents, or special patterns can also increase overall backyard costs.

Saving on Your Backsplash Installation

While DIY installation can save on labor charges, keep in mind tiling requires specialized tools and skills. However, there are some other ways to reduce costs on your backsplash project:

  • Choose smaller or oddly shaped tile, which requires more cutting and boosts waste. Stick with 4×4, 6×6 or standard rectangular sizes.
  • Use a tile border rather than tiling an entire wall to minimize square footage.
  • Select low-cost ceramic or porcelain rather than premium materials like stone or glass.
  • Install backerboard yourself if possible to avoid the addition fee.
  • Provide your own adhesives, grout, spacers and other tiling supplies to reduce markup.
  • Watch for Home Depot sales events and promotions to save on both materials and installation.

When to Avoid DIY Backsplash Installation

While an experienced DIYer can potentially save hundreds of dollars on a self-installed backsplash, it’s not always the best choice. Consider letting Home Depot handle the installation if:

  • It’s your first tiling project and lack the right skills.
  • Your design includes intricate patterns, niche accents or specialty tiles requiring expertise.
  • You don’t have the right tools like a tile saw, notched trowel, grout float, etc.
  • Your schedule is tight and you can’t invest several days into the tile setting process.
  • You don’t have someone to assist with aligning tiles in hard to reach spots.
  • You aren’t confident you can achieve a professional-looking result on your own.
  • Hassles like disposing of old materials make DIY more difficult.

For most homeowners without tiling experience, letting Home Depot remove the old backsplash and handle the new installation is well worth the expense.

How Long Does Home Depot Take to Install a Backsplash?

Home Depot typically installs a tile backsplash over 2-3 days:

Day 1: Old backsplash demo, surface prep
Day 2: New tile setting
Day 3: Grouting and cleanup

The installers usually work in 4-5 hour shifts per day. Exact timeframe depends on the size of your backsplash, tile selection, and any unexpected issues requiring additional prep work.

Be aware that Home Depot contracts out its installation services to independent licensed professionals. Schedule delays can happen if crews get backed up. Discuss timing with your Home Depot representative upfront to ensure the installers can complete the project according to your required schedule.

Also build some cushion into your timeframe in case adjustments are needed for things like additional coats of grout or tile curing times.

Typical Backsplash Installation Steps by Home Depot

While every backsplash installation is unique, the general process involves these key steps:

  1. Evaluate surface and remove existing backsplash if present. Do any repairs to ensure area is smooth and even.
  2. Cut cement board to size and fasten to wall as needed for tile base.
  3. Apply mortar adhesive using proper trowel size to achieve correct coverage thickness.
  4. Set tiles in even lines and proper spacing, using tile spacers and leveling tools. Cut edge and filler tiles as needed.
  5. Let tiles set according to adhesive instructions, usually around 24 hours.
  6. Mix grout and apply smoothly using float and sponge techniques to pack joints. Let dry completely.
  7. Seal grout and apply final cleaning to remove residue and polish tiles.
  8. Inspect finished backsplash and touch-up as needed for missed spots, uneven grout lines, etc.
  9. Excess materials and tools are removed and work area left clean.

Backsplash Installation: Step-by-Step

Here is a more detailed look at each phase of the backsplash tiling process:

Step 1: Surface Prep

Proper prep is crucial for a long-lasting backsplash installation. This involves:

  • Removing any existing backsplash by scraping off the tiles and chiseling out grout.
  • Take down drywall if present and prep the surface down to the wall studs.
  • Inspect area and use putty or caulk to patch any holes or cracks for a smooth finish.
  • Clean off any grease, soap residue, or loose paint so tiles adhere properly.

Step 2: Adding Backerboard

Cement backerboard provides important support for the tile assembly:

  • Measure area and cut cement board to fit using utility knife or backerboard shears.
  • Apply construction adhesive to studs and press backerboard into place.
  • Secure with backerboard screws every 8-12 inches around perimeter and every 12 inches across studs.

Step 3: Adhering Tiles

Setting tiles evenly and firmly is one of the most crucial installation steps:

  • Select the proper trowel size and angle to ensure thorough thinset mortar coverage on the backerboard.
  • Press tiles into the mortar using some twisting motion to collapse the grooves and achieve maximum adhesive contact.
  • Use tile spacers to maintain even grout line width around each tile.
  • Cut edge and filler tiles to fit using tile nippers and an angle grinder or tile saw.

Step 4: Grouting Application

Grout fills in between tiles to create a sealed surface:

  • Allow tile adhesive to fully cure according to manufacturer directions before grouting, usually around 24 hours.
  • Mix grout powder with water to a thick peanut butter consistency without lumps.
  • Apply grout by working it deeply into the joints using a rubber grout float.
  • Wipe diagonally across tiles with a damp sponge to remove excess grout and shape joints.
  • Once grout dries, buff surface with a soft cloth to polish.

Step 5: Final Cleanup

The last steps involve removing construction residue and sealing the tiles:

  • Use a grout haze remover solution to get rid of any remaining grout film or residue.
  • Apply grout sealer according to product directions to protect from moisture and stains.
  • Remove any dust, tools, leftover materials and other construction debris.
  • Examine finished backsplash carefully and touch up any imperfections like crooked tiles or uneven grout lines.

Following these steps correctly results in a backsplash installation that looks professionally installed!

Backsplash Tiling Tips from Home Depot Experts

Here are some pro backsplash installation tips from Home Depot’s experienced tile professionals:

  • Arrange your tile layout ahead of time on the floor using painters tape grids to visualize spacing and test patterns.
  • Always mix tiles from several different boxes while setting to distribute color variation evenly.
  • Cut tiles and lay out edges before adhering any tile to ensure the best fit.
  • Use tile leveling spacers during install to keep rows straight and joints consistent width.
  • Be extremely meticulous cleaning grout residue before it dries to minimize stubborn haze.
  • Check wall flatness and use shims if necessary to account for any unevenness behind tiles.
  • Let tile adhesive and grout dry fully for the recommended time before continuing to the next step.

Following these best practices helps ensure your backsplash installation goes smoothly from start to finish.

Design Ideas for Home Depot Tile Backsplashes

Home Depot offers everything you need to create a stylish, customized backsplash design. Consider these attractive and affordable options for your space:

Bold Solid Color Tile

Make a dramatic statement with vibrant solid colored ceramic, porcelain or glass tile. Subway tile, a rectangular classic, creates a clean modern look.

Stone Mosaic Accent

Frame your stove range or sink area with an intricate stone, ceramic or glass mosaic backsplash insert for artistic style.

Mix and Match Geometric

Combine hexagons, chevrons, penny tiles, and rectangular formats in complementary colors for eclectic geometric flair.

Peel and Stick Faux Tile

Self-adhesive vinyl “tiles” go up quickly and can mimic the look of ceramic, stone or marble for temporary or rental spaces.

Marble or Travertine Subway

Elegant beige and grey subway tiles give a touch of natural stone spa ambiance with less cost and maintenance.

Classic White Subway Tile

For timeless appeal, white 3×6 or 4×12 subway tiles keep the backsplash bright and efficient to clean.

Check out the tile design center at your local Home Depot or browse online for tons of stylish and affordable backsplash ideas!

Backsplash Ideas to Match Home Depot Cabinetry

Coordinate your new backsplash with a Home Depot kitchen cabinet upgrade for a cohesive look.

Shaker Cabinets

The recessed Shaker cabinet door style pairs well with beveled subway tile or mosaic backsplash for crisp contrast.

Rustic Cabinets

Rustic wide plank cabinets complemented by a stacked ledgestone tile backsplash creates an inviting country kitchen vibe.

White Cabinets

For bright white cabinetry, avoid too much color contrast with a simple white subway tile backsplash for seamless flow.

Gray Cabinets

Modern gray cabinetry allows you to get creative with vibrant backsplash tile colors and patterns as the focal point.

Espresso Cabinets

Rich espresso cabinets provide the perfect backdrop for an eye-catching backsplash like turquoise and brown ceramic mosaic.

Be sure to bring cabinet door and finish samples to visualize how potential backsplash tile colors and textures pair together.

Backsplash Design Services at Home Depot

If you need help bringing your backsplash vision to life, Home Depot offers design services to guide your project:

Online Design Help

Use the online design studio to try out backsplash tile layouts and colors on a photo of your actual kitchen. Get ideas and preview options.

In-Store Designer Consultation

Set up an appointment for one-on-one guidance from an expert kitchen designer who can help select your perfect backsplash.

Pro Referral Network

Get connected with qualified local remodelers and contractors through Home Depot’s Pro Referral service for full project help.

Take advantage of these free design resources so you get the beautiful, high-quality backsplash you’re dreaming of within your budget.

Backsplash Installation: DIY vs Pro Assistance

While Home Depot’s installation service takes care of your entire backsplash project, you can also tackle parts of the installation yourself to potentially save on labor costs.

DIY Task Options

Here are backsplash steps an experienced DIYer may be able to handle:

  • Taking down old backsplash tile and disposing of properly
  • Cutting and mounting backerboard
  • Applying mortar adhesive
  • Grouting and sealing tiles

Pro Help Still Needed For:

Some installation aspects where you’ll probably want professional assistance include:

  • Demolishing and repairing drywall if present
  • Ensuring proper adhesive coverage depth and technique
  • Level tile setting, appropriate spacing and alignment
  • Cutting intricate edge pieces and outlet openings
  • Grout application without smearing or missing joints
  • Fine finishing touches for a seamless look

Talk with a Home Depot kitchen designer about your skill level to determine what combination of DIY and professional installation makes sense for your project.

Backsplash Maintenance Tips

Your new backsplash will maintain its eye-catching appearance for years to come with proper care and maintenance:

  • Seal grout and re-apply sealant annually to prevent staining or moisture damage.
  • Use gentle cleaners without acids or abrasives and avoid harsh scrubbing.
  • Immediately clean up spills, splatters or drips to prevent buildup of grease or soap scum.
  • Check for any loose or cracked grout and re-grout as needed to prevent damage.
  • Use caulk rather than grout at countertop and fixture edges for flexibility to prevent cracks.
  • Protect delicate natural stone backsplashes from heat damage by using trivets and lowering stove ventilation