How Much Does Glass Backsplash Cost?

Installing a glass backsplash can instantly transform the look and feel of your kitchen. With sleek, modern aesthetics and easy maintenance, glass backsplashes are a popular choice for contemporary kitchen designs. But before deciding on a glass backsplash, it’s important to understand how much it will cost. Here’s a detailed overview of the factors that influence the cost of a glass backsplash installation.

What is a Glass Backsplash?

A backsplash is a protective surface installed on the wall behind sinks, stoves, and countertops. Backsplashes prevent water damage, make clean-up easier, and can also serve as a decorative focal point in the kitchen.

Glass backsplashes provide all the functional benefits of a traditional backsplash tile, but with a cleaner, more modern look. Glass backsplashes are available in a range of styles, including solid sheets of glass, mixed glass tiles, and glass mosaic tiles. The glass can be clear, colored, frosted, or even etched withpatterns.

Cost Factors for a Glass Backsplash

Several key factors determine the overall cost of a glass backsplash installation:

Type of Glass

  • Clear float glass – The most affordable and commonly used glass for backsplashes. It has a clean, transparent look.
  • Textured glass – More expensive than float glass and comes in frosted, pebbled, or hammered finishes. Provides visual interest.
  • Tinted glass – Float or textured glass with colored tints like grey, blue, or green. The color tint adds a decorative accent.
  • Mirror glass – A reflective glass material that creates a stylish, mirrored backsplash. One of the more expensive glass options.

Size of the Backsplash

The size of the backsplash in square feet is a major cost factor. The more surface area that needs to be covered, the higher the total materials and labor costs.

Custom vs. Modular

  • Custom glass – Glass panels are specially sized and cut for your backsplash area. Completely customized for your space but more expensive.
  • Modular panels – Pre-cut glass tiles or mosaic sheets designed for simpler do-it-yourself installation. More budget-friendly option.

Installation Method

  • Pro installation – Hiring a professional installer will increase the project cost but ensure proper installation.
  • DIY installation – You can save on labor costs by installing a modular glass backsplash yourself. Best for smaller, uncomplicated layouts.


  • Any additional trim pieces, adhesives, or sealants needed for installation will add incremental costs.

Cost Range

Taking all these factors into account, a typical installed price for a glass backsplash ranges from $40 to $70 per square foot.

On the lower end, a DIY installation with budget-friendly clear float glass tiles may cost around $40 per square foot.

For a customized backsplash with pro installation using higher-end glass, expect to pay $70 or more per square foot.

The total project cost is also influenced by the size of your backsplash area. For example:

  • Small backsplash, 10 sq ft = $400 to $700
  • Medium backsplash, 25 sq ft = $1000 to $1750
  • Large backsplash, 40+ sq ft = $1600 to $2800+

These price ranges demonstrate how your specific backsplash design choices can shift the overall budget up or down.

Ways to Reduce Costs

If your budget is tight, here are some tips to install an attractive glass backsplash at a lower price point:

  • Choose smaller sized mosaic tiles rather than large glass panels
  • Use square tiles instead of intricate or irregular shapes
  • Opt for clear float or frosted glass instead of pricier options like colored or textured glass
  • Install a smaller backsplash area – only behind the cooktop rather than floor-to-ceiling
  • Purchase a pre-packaged modular glass backsplash system for DIY installation
  • Shop for discounted or leftover glass tile
  • Install the backsplash yourself if you have the DIY skills

Factors That Increase Cost

Some backsplash designs and options will raise the price:

  • Larger backsplash area in terms of square footage
  • Custom-cut glass panels rather than standard tiles
  • Irregular shapes like hexagons or penny rounds
  • Etched, colored, or patterned glass
  • Stone, metal, or other accent tiles used along with glass
  • Backsplashes that extend up the wall or across multiple surfaces
  • Professional installation by a contractor

Is a Glass Backsplash Worth the Cost?

The cost of a glass backsplash is comparable to higher-end tile or natural stone. While not cheap, a glass backsplash is an investment that can greatly improve the look of your kitchen and add to your home’s resale value.

The sleek aesthetics and durability of glass create a backsplash that maintains its beauty for years. Glass is very low maintenance compared to grout lines that discolor and need scrubbing. And if you ever want to change your look, glass backsplashes are relatively simple to remove and replace.

If the style suits your kitchen design, a glass backsplash can be well worth the price. But always keep your budget and expectations in mind, and know there are ways to reduce costs if needed. With some smart planning, you can enjoy the benefits of glass within your budget.

Glass Backsplash Cost Considerations

Here are some final tips when budgeting and planning for your glass backsplash installation:

  • Get multiple quotes to compare prices between glass suppliers and contractors.
  • Measure your backsplash area accurately so you purchase the right amount of glass.
  • Ask about any required permits or fees that could add expenses.
  • Inquire about warranties and guarantees provided.
  • Have a contingency fund for any extra costs that can pop up with renovation projects.
  • View glass samples in person before making a final selection.
  • Research and follow the best installation methods for your specific glass.

Investing in a glass backsplash is a big project that can transform your whole kitchen. Keeping costs down without sacrificing quality comes down to smart planning, savvy shopping, and working with experienced suppliers and installers. With the right prep work and design choices, you can install an eye-catching glass backsplash that enhances your kitchen within a reasonable budget.