How Long Does it Take to Replace Countertops and Backsplash?

Replacing your countertops and backsplash can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. However, it’s not a quick project and does require some time and planning. Here’s an overview of how long the countertop and backsplash replacement process typically takes from start to finish.

Planning and Preparation

Before you begin demolition and installation, there are some key steps to take to prepare for the project:

  • Consult with professionals: Meet with an installer or designer to discuss your goals, obtain recommendations on materials, and get accurate measurements. This will ensure your new countertops and backsplash will fit properly and suit your needs.
  • Select materials: Choose the surfaces that fit your budget and style. Natural stone, quartz, laminate, and tile are popular options. Ordering can take 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Purchase supplies: Buy any additional supplies like backsplash tile, grout, adhesive, caulk, and sealant. Coordinate deliveries.
  • Clear the space: Remove everything from the countertops and clear room for the installer to work. Declutter cabinets and drawers.
  • Protect floors: Cover floors with rosin paper or a tarp to prevent damage from fallen debris during demolition.

Altogether, planning and prep work can take 1-3 weeks.

Demolition of Old Surfaces

Once you’re ready to start the installation, the old countertops and backsplash need to be removed. This includes:

  • Taking out old countertop surface materials
  • Detaching the sink and hardware
  • Knocking down existing backsplash tile
  • Disconnecting plumbing and electrical as needed
  • Prepping the underlayment surface

Demolition is dusty and noisy. The debris needs to be swept up and properly disposed of. Allow 1-2 days for removal of old surfaces.

Installation of New Surfaces

Installing the new surfaces involves careful measurement, cutting, and installation:

  • Countertops: The slab or countertop pieces are transported from the fabricator fully finished. The installer will make any final trims and cuts, glue slabs in place, and complete seams.
  • Sink: The sink will be installed, reconnected to plumbing, caulked, and sealed to the countertop.
  • Backsplash: Backsplash tile is cut to fit the space, applied to the wall with adhesive, grouted, and sealed.

Installation typically takes 2-3 days depending on the size of the job. The materials need time to set and cure properly before use.

Finishing Touches

Once installed, there are finishing touches to complete:

  • Run water through plumbing fixtures to check for leaks.
  • Seal around edges and seams.
  • Reinstall cabinets, drawers, and appliances.
  • Let grout and caulk fully cure.
  • Thoroughly clean the new surfaces.

Leave 1-2 days for finishing work after installation.

Total Time

In total, for planning, demolition, installation, and finishes, you should expect the entire countertop and backsplash replacement process to take between 1-3 weeks.

Much depends on the scope of the job, size of the kitchen, and material selection. Careful planning and coordination of every step will allow the project to move along efficiently.

Key Factors That Impact Timeframe

Several variables can influence the overall timeframe:

  • Material chosen: Natural stone takes longer to fabricate and install than manmade quartz. Tile backsplash is quicker than stone slab backsplashes.
  • Custom work: Any cut-outs needed for a sink or stove, carved edges, or specialized tile patterns will add time.
  • Size of kitchen: Large gourmet kitchens have more surface area and details than a small galley kitchen.
  • Appliance replacements: If appliances like the sink, stove or dishwasher will be replaced, this adds to the coordination and time needed.
  • Contractor’s schedule: Availability of the contractor and other jobs can impact the timeline. Communicate expectations clearly.


How long before I can use my new countertops?

Allow 24-48 hours for adhesives and grout to fully cure before using the surfaces. Avoid sitting or placing heavy objects during this time.

Should I hire one contractor for the whole job?

Yes, it’s best to have one company or individual handle the entire project start to finish. This improves coordination and accountability.

What if I have an unusual countertop material like granite or concrete?

More specialized or custom countertop materials typically add 1-2 weeks of additional fabrication and installation time. Consult your contractor.

How much time should I take off work for this?

If the contractor requires full access to the kitchen, plan to take off 2-3 days at minimum while demolition and installation are underway.

Can I keep using my kitchen during the renovation?

It’s best to fully clear the space and not try to cook or use the kitchen while work is happening. The debris and risk of damage make this inadvisable. Plan ahead.


Replacing countertops and backsplashes enhances your home’s beauty and value significantly. By understanding the entire process takes 1-3 weeks, you can set proper expectations, coordinate contractors, take time off work, and end up with stunning new kitchen surfaces you’ll enjoy for years to come. With careful planning and skilled contractors, the process can go smoothly. Just remember that fine touches take time. The results will transform your kitchen and provide daily enjoyment.