How High Should Mirror Be Above Vanity Backsplash?

Installing a mirror above a vanity backsplash can enhance the look and function of your bathroom. However, determining the ideal height to mount the mirror can be tricky. Here are some tips on how high your mirror should be placed above the vanity backsplash.

Factors to Consider

When deciding on mirror height, keep these key factors in mind:

Your Height

The mirror should be mounted so it suits your height and allows you to see your full reflection. Most standard mirrors should be 60-66 inches from the floor. For a more customized fit, measure the distance from the floor to around your chin or mouth level.


Account for any light fixtures or medicine cabinets that may overlap the mirror space. Measure the height of these items and adjust your mirror height accordingly.


Think about who will be using the mirror most often. If it’s used by people of varying heights, an adjustable or tilting mirror may work best.


The style of your mirror and backsplash can also impact ideal placement. A simple guideline is to keep the mirror partially overlapping the backsplash while still allowing the backsplash design to show.

Recommended Heights

Most design experts recommend the bottom edge of the mirror be 56-60 inches above the finished floor. This fits bathrooms with standard 8-foot ceilings and accounts for most adults’ heights.

Some other common height recommendations:

  • At least 2 inches above the vanity – Allows seeing the mirror over the vanity top and fixtures.
  • 2/3 up from the vanity – For a mirror that extends well above the vanity, place the bottom 2/3 up the backsplash.
  • 1-2 inches overlapping backsplash – Keep a slim overlap between mirror frame and backsplash.
  • Just below light fixtures – Position below any wall-mounted light fixtures.

Tips for Getting the Height Right

  • Measure from the floor to your chin level for a customized height.
  • Use removable adhesive strips to test the placement before permanently mounting.
  • Mount the mirror on tilting brackets to adjust as needed.
  • Install sconces or other lighting above or beside, not behind the mirror.
  • Recruit someone to mark the spot while you test out the view.
  • Consider adjustable extendable mirrors that can be raised or lowered.
  • For kids’ use, place mirrors starting at 36-44 inches above the floor.

The Ideal Mirror Height

When installing your bathroom mirror, the perfect height range is typically 56 to 66 inches above the finished floor. This allows the average adult to see their full reflection while accounting for standard vanity sizes. Adjust within this range based on your height, backsplash style, and lighting fixtures. Always test out the mirror spot before permanent mounting to ensure you have the ideal positioning and utility. With some careful planning, you can place your mirror at the optimal height above your vanity backsplash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard height for a bathroom mirror?

The standard height for a bathroom mirror is 60-66 inches from the floor to the bottom of the mirror. This allows most adults to see their full reflection.

Should a mirror be centered above a vanity?

It’s common to center a mirror above the vanity, but it’s not essential. You can adjust the mirror to the left or right if needed to accommodate wall fixtures or maximize visibility.

How far above the backsplash should a mirror be?

Most experts recommend overlapping the mirror 1-2 inches above the backsplash. This creates harmony while still allowing the backsplash design to show.

Should I install my mirror before picking the backsplash?

It’s smart to have your mirror placed before selecting a backsplash. This allows you to choose a backsplash height and style that complements the mirror positioning.

What if my vanity is too short for the standard mirror height?

For a shorter vanity, it’s fine to place the mirror a bit lower than the standard height. Just be sure it’s at least 2 inches above the vanity top.

Should I have my mirror professionally installed?

Larger mirrors or those in heavy materials like stone should be professionally installed for safety. For standard mirrors, use secure fasteners and get help positioning.

How do I determine mirror height for kids?

For children, the mirror should be low enough for them to see themselves. Place mirrors for kids starting at about 36-44 inches high.

How can I adjust mirror height after installing?

Use adjustable tilting mirrors, mirrors with telescopic extensions, or install mirrors on sliding brackets to change the height as needed after initial placement.

Where should I install bathroom lighting around a mirror?

Install lighting like sconces outside the mirror area. Avoid placing lights where they will shine directly into the mirror and cast glare.


Determining the optimal mirror height above your vanity backsplash comes down to a blend of style and function. Focus first on choosing a height that suits your needs and space. Measure based on your stature, account for kids’ use, and test positions with temporary adhesive strips before permanent installation. Overlapping the mirror 1-2 inches above the backsplash generally provides an integrated, polished look. With these tips in mind, you can position your mirror at the perfect height to bring light and openness to your bathroom.