Eclectic Kitchen Backsplash Serve Characteristic Look with Eclectic Style

An eclectic kitchen backsplash can add a fun, unique touch to your kitchen design. Embracing the eclectic style means drawing inspiration from various eras and aesthetics to create a look that is creative, personalized, and a bit unexpected. The backsplash is an ideal spot to showcase the eclectic kitchen motif. With so many different materials, colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from, the backsplash offers almost endless possibilities for putting together an artful, eccentric look.

What is an Eclectic Style?

The eclectic design style is all about blending various aesthetics, influences, and time periods together in the same space. It is a maximalist approach, meaning eclectic spaces usually feature abundant colors, patterns, textures, and decorative accents. There is an artistic, curated feel to the eclectic look. It brings together pieces with character for a unique, creative, and slightly quirky aesthetic.

Some common characteristics of eclectic style include:

  • Combining multiple aesthetic influences – vintage, modern, traditional, industrial, mid-century modern, Bohemian, etc.
  • Mixing patterns and prints such as florals, geometrics, paisley, stripes, plaids, etc.
  • Unexpected color combinations – brights, neutrals, contrasting hues
  • Diverse textures like stone, tile, metal, wood, glass, etc.
  • Layering rugs, pillows, art, and accessories to add visual interest
  • Displaying collections – books, photos, artwork, found objects
  • Using repurposed antiques and flea market finds
  • Handcrafted, custom, or one-of-a-kind pieces
  • A relaxed, not overly coordinated look – embraces imperfections

The eclectic kitchen fully embraces this creative mix-and-match style. Items are chosen for their artistry, craftsmanship, interesting history, or unique qualities rather than perfectly matching an existing decor motif. The result is a personalized space with lots of style and personality.

Why Choose an Eclectic Backsplash?

The backsplash is prime territory for creating a focal point in the eclectic kitchen. Tiles, materials, shapes, colors, and designs can be combined in an endless array of eye-catching ways. The backsplash offers the chance to:

  • Introduce pops of color, pattern, and texture
  • Display collections or meaningful found objects
  • Incorporate heirloom antiques or architectural salvage
  • Showcase handicrafts and custom artwork
  • Combine materials like metal, glass, and stone
  • Mix retro and vintage designs with modern shapes
  • Accent the wall with an unexpected material like pennies or wine corks
  • Add a bold, artistic tile mural
  • Contrast polished surfaces with distressed finishes
  • Include special handmade or imported tiles
  • Mix dimensional tiles like subway, mosaic, and marble
  • Highlight favorite eras or influences from Mid-Century to Bohemian

The backsplash is like a collage canvas where tile choices, special accents, and artistic touches come together to epitomize the homeowner’s unique eclectic flair. This space provides the opportunity to blend favorite finds, family keepsakes, one-of-a-kind art pieces, and stunning tiles into a stylistic composition that tells a story and shows off the kitchen’s eccentric spirit.

Eclectic Style Tile Materials

There is no limit on suitable materials for the eclectic backsplash. Part of the appeal is combining different textures, shapes, and visual styles. Patterned, handmade, or imported tiles offer loads of eclectic options.

Handmade Tile

Tiles produced by artisans provide beautiful imperfections that suit the eclectic aesthetic. Handcrafted tiles may display color variations, crackling, uneven textures, or dimensionality that gives each piece character. Consider tiles like:

  • Hand-painted Moroccan zellige
  • Colorful handmade Mexican talavera
  • Crackled and glazed artisan ceramic or glass tile
  • Dimensional hand-formed tile
  • Mosaics made from hand-cut tile, glass, mirror, or stone

Handmade tiles introduce artisanal craftsmanship and exotic world culture influences into the eclectic backsplash.

Cement Tile

Cement floor tiles are available in bold graphic prints and patterns that deliver loads of retro flavor. These tiles were commonly used in early 20th-century homes. Reclaiming them is a nice way to include vintage appeal in the eclectic kitchen.

Mosaic Tile

Tiny mosaic tiles lend visual texture and a wealth of creative possibilities. Mosaics may be made from glass, ceramic, or stone. Consider mosaic backsplash ideas like:

  • Vintage patterns like sunbursts or geometrics
  • Metallic mosaics for sheen and sparkle
  • Mosaics featuring eclectic found objects like jewelry or watch parts
  • Custom mosaics depicting cherished travel locales or hobbies

Mosaics provide opportunities for DIY installations and artistic backsplash collages.

Subway Tile

The rectangular shape of classic subway tiles allows for endless pattern variations. Stack colors and patterns to concoct an eclectic backsplash design. Try:

  • Contrasting grout colors to add emphasis
  • Graphic patterns like chevron, herringbone, basketweave
  • Combining glossy and matte tiles
  • Blending metallic, patterned, and solid tiles
  • Vintage styles like penny rounds or octagons

Subway tiles keep the backsplash look tailored while still introducing eclectic personality.

Stone and Metal

Natural stone and metal tiles merge organic, raw textures into the backsplash. Options like:

  • Dimensional stone mosaics
  • Rustic forged metal tiles
  • Weathered tin tiles
  • Travertine or marble bricks
  • Pebbled stone sheets
  • Salvaged stone pavers

Stone and metal generate an earthy, antiqued vibe and interesting aged patina that suits the eclectic kitchen backsplash.

Making an Eclectic Backsplash Statement

There are endless options for putting together a unique eclectic backsplash design. Have fun brainstorming ways to blend favorite finds and artistic touches into your customized look.

Collections Display

Make a display piece out of a prized collection using the backsplash as your canvas. Some inspirations:

  • Oyster shells, sea glass, or beach pebbles from favorite locales
  • Frames showcasing treasured family photos or children’s artwork
  • Antique keys, silverware, or other found objects
  • Colorful bottles, jars, or glassware
  • Old postage stamps, postcards, or maps

Meaningful Memorabilia

Incorporate special mementos that hold nostalgic meaning into your eclectic backsplash. Display:

  • Childhood keepsakes
  • Souvenirs from milestone events or vacations
  • Ticket stubs, concert wristbands, or backstage passes
  • Vintage household or kitchen tools
  • Old monogrammed dishware or silver pieces
  • Sentimental jewelry pieces

Creative Materials

Get creative with unexpected materials like:

  • Old watch parts, gears, or hardware
  • Scrabble tiles spelling out words or names
  • Wine corks from favorite bottles
  • Colorful marbles, beads, or pebbles
  • Antique buttons, clasps, or trim
  • Salvaged barn wood
  • Interesting hardware like drawer pulls or gate latches

Keep an eye out for unique items that can be worked into your eclectic design. Repurposed finds make great backsplash accents.

Handcrafted Additions

Include special handcrafted elements like:

  • Painted ceramic birds, flowers, or designs
  • Mosaic mirror accents
  • Stained glass sun-catchers
  • Sculptures or wall hangings
  • Custom wood carvings
  • Painted tiles or ceramic knobs
  • Painted clay pots housing succulents

One-of-a-kind pieces designed or created by you, a loved one, or a local artisan highlight personal style.

Mixing Eclectic Backsplash Tiles

There are endless possibilities for combining tile materials, colors, shapes, and designs to generate an eclectic statement. Have fun blending favorites together.

  • Pair natural stone with glass, ceramic, or metal
  • Contrast matte and high-shine tiles
  • Mix large and small scale tiles
  • Blend geometric with scalloped, curved, or arched tiles
  • Combine subway bricks with ornate decorative tiles
  • Mix solid tiles with bold patterns and prints
  • Incorporate dimensional tiles like handmade zellige
  • Include a strip of mosaic “trim” around solid tiles
  • Use different size mosaics together like mini and micro
  • Blend different stone types like travertine and marble
  • Mix modern rectangular tiles with vintage penny rounds
  • Incorporate salvaged antique tiles into new materials

Embrace contrast and celebrate the uniqueness of each tile. Varied combinations make for lively backsplashes with loads of personality.

Eclectic Backsplash Ideas and Accents

Start dreaming up ways to put your eclectic stamp on the backsplash. Have fun getting creative with these design inspirations:

Geometric Motifs

Bold geometric prints like zigzags, diamonds, triangles, and chevron patterns encapsulate retro mid-century style. Pair with glossy and matte tiles in contrasting colors for psychedelic mod style.


Fashion-loving? Try large-scale graphic florals, swirling art deco patterns, or bold stripes and plaids reminiscent of vintage runway looks.

Worldly Style

Channel exotic global destinations like Marrakech, Paris, or Madrid using colorful tiles, intricate patterns, or vibrant fruit and vegetable motifs.

Artsy Accents

Make a personalized art piece out of your backsplash. Highlight special collections or mementos, include handmade ceramic birds or flowers, display antique silverware or trim, or design a memory collage using cherished photos.

Rustic Charm

Introduce reclaimed wood boards, weathered tin squares, oxidized metal tiles, cracked glass, or peeling paint for timeworn rustic appeal.

Retro Revival

Use 50s-style Atomic Age patterns, 60s psychedelic prints, 70s earthy hues, or 80s neon colors and geometry patterns for a tubular time warp. Groovy!

Statement Lighting

Install eye-catching lighting like colorful stained glass pendants, handcrafted wrought iron fixtures, or an articulated metal lamp to cast artsy shadows on an eclectic backsplash.

Vintage Finds

Incorporate salvaged materials like antique brick, old tin ceiling panels, or artful hand-painted tiles found at architectural salvage warehouses or flea markets.

Eclectic Backsplash Color Inspiration

Color provides huge creative license for making an eclectic style statement. Embrace vivid brights, striking contrasts, moody hues, or a completely colorful cacophony!

Bright and Bold

Make a brazen chromatic statement by blending several vibrant saturated jewel tones together like ruby red, citron yellow, cobalt blue, and emerald green. Punch things up with glossy finish.

Dark and Dramatic

Create a mysterious, moody effect with deep saturated hues like black, charcoal, navy, plum, or eggplant purple. Accent with metallics for sheen.

Retro Pastels

Channel 50s and 60s retro charm with sweet toothpaste-inspired tints like mint green, coral pink, buttery yellow, robin’s egg blue, and lavender. Pair with clean modern white for a mod vibe.

Tonal Neutrals

Take a more subtle approach with a neutral palette of layered earthy hues like sand, stone, tan, taupe, cream, and gray. Add in glossy and matte finishes.

Color Clash

Make a rebellious anti-matchy statement by intentionally clashing colors like tomato red and emerald, cyan and marigold, violet and chartreuse. High-impact mismatched colors are like sartorial exclamation points!

Metallic Mix

Shimmery metals like copper, brass, silver and gold add glam sparkle. Blend with colorful glass or patterned tiles for gleaming accents.

Sophisticated Black and White

A contrasting black and white scheme creates crisp graphic impact. Add visual texture with glossy and matte finishes, dimensional tiles, or veining and patterns.

Colorful Compliments

Stick with a color family like all blues or all greens and use varied shades, tones, and hues for nuanced effect. Add pops of white or metallics.

Stylistic Inspiration for the Eclectic Backsplash

There are so many diverse aesthetics to pull from when designing an eclectic backsplash. Consider stylish influences from different eras and cultures and find ways to artfully blend them together in your kitchen.

Mid-Century Modern

Atomic age patterns, kidney bean shapes, zigzags, groovy retro color combos and vinyl or porcelain prints

Industrial Chic

Salvaged warehouse items like metal grates, pulleys, and pipes plus exposed brick, reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, and enamelware

Boho Whimsy

Global patterns like ikat, suzanis, floral and paisley prints, fringe and tassel accents, stained and cracked finishes, woven textures

Farmhouse Rustic

Weathered wood boards, galvanized tin, wire baskets, stone and brick, chalkboard accents, homespun Americana motifs

Baroque Opulence

Ornate decorative tiles, carved details, gold leaf accents, marble and stone, mirrored glass, antique brass

Travel Souvenirs

Photographs, found objects, and architectural details from favorite global destinations displayed in frames, collages or installations

Art Deco Decadence

Bold geometrics, lacquer and metallic finishes, sleek black and white palette, glossy or iridescent glass tiles

The eclectic kitchen backsplash offers an artistic canvas to blend these influences and more together in your customized creation. Use your imagination and design an expression of personal style.

Displaying Collections in an Eclectic Backsplash

An eclectic backsplash offers the perfect opportunity to showcase cherished collections through creative displays. Here are some inspiring ideas:

Vintage Tins

Make a collage using the colorful graphics of vintage tins collected from travels, antique shops, flea markets, grandma’s basement. Try using magnets to hold them in place.

Beach Treasures

Arrange an ocean-inspired tableau using shells, sea glass, driftwood, sand dollars, and starfish discovered on coastal vacations. Blue and green glass tiles evoke the feeling of waves and seafoam.

global Spice Drawers

Mount a series of small sliding stacked spice racks filled with vivid turmeric, saffron, paprika and cinnamon from market trips to India and Morocco. Label spice names in the native language for an exotic feel.

Old skeleton Keys

Create an antiqued accent wall arranging a symmetrical pattern of skeleton keys found at estate sales. Distress them with wire brushes and sprays of rust patina for aged appeal.

Garden Relics

Make a collage from old garden tools like rakes, shears, and watering cans collected from grandpa’s barn. Intersperse with mosaic stepping stones crafted from hand-cut colorful shard tile pieces.

Monogrammed Silver

Securely adhere old monogrammed silver spoons, forks, knife handles, and platters from antique silverware sets to the backsplash. Polish them to a bright shine.

Globe Trotter Souvenirs

Mount an eclectic assortment of souvenirs like plates, bottles, masks, baskets, or musical instruments gathered from your most memorable vacations around the world.

Display your prized collections proudly and get creative with how you incorporate them into the eclectic backsplash design. They make personalized focal points.

Incorporating Meaningful Memorabilia

Sentimental keepsakes hold precious memories that are nice to highlight in your eclectic backsplash. Here are some ideas:

Childhood Artwork

Frame your kids’ best artwork, school papers, and craft projects in simple frames. Arrange in an asymmetrical cluster for a sentimental family art installation.

Love Letters

Create a romantic focal point by mounting old love letters, wedding invitations, poems, song lyrics or greeting cards written by a spouse onto distressed wood boards or inside of framed glass tiles.

Travel Photos

Place cherished photographs from milestone trips and vacations inside of glass clear glass tiles, bottles, jars, or porthole frames.

Concert Memorabilia

Adhere ticket stubs, backstage passes, wristbands, and guitar picks from favorite concerts onto bold graphic wallpaper or blackboards to relive musical memories.

Heirloom Jewelry

Transform your grandmother’s antique jewelry and brooches into one-of-a-kind accents. Wire wrap them around tile pieces or embed them into clear resin tiles cast in bold jewelry-box worthy hues.

Monogram Tiles

Commission custom hand-painted or carved tiles prominently featuring your family name initials and establishment date for heritage pride. Cluster them together.

Hidden Secrets

Place cherished secrets, wishes, predictions and time capsule mementos into hollowed out books, boxes, bottles, or jars concealed into the backsplash design.

Make your backsplash shine by decorating it with nostalgic mementos and keepsakes that have stood the test of time.

Unexpected Materials for an Eclectic Backsplash

Don’t limit yourself to just traditional tiles when dreaming up an eclectic backsplash. Get creative with unexpected materials that add character and personalized spirit.

Wine Corks

Make a DIY mosaic from wine corks collected from memorable evenings. Glue them onto a board in






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