Does Lowes Install Tile Backsplash?

Installing a tile backsplash can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. It not only serves as a stylish focal point but also protects your walls from splashes, spills, and stains. While tiling your backsplash may seem intimidating, it is an achievable DIY project, especially if you have the help of a home improvement store like Lowes. So, does Lowes install tile backsplash?

Overview of Lowes Tile Installation Services

Lowes offers professional installation services for a variety of home improvement projects, including tile backsplash installation. Their team of installers can handle the entire process – from tile selection and preparation to proper installation and cleanup.

Some key things to know about Lowes tile installation services:

  • In-store consultations – Lowes provides free design consultations to help you select the right tile for your space and budget. You can bring in measurements and photos to visualize options.
  • Material estimates – The store can calculate the exact tile and grout amounts needed based on the size of your backsplash area. This prevents overbuying or running short.
  • Pro scheduled install – You can book a Lowes pro for a scheduled tile installation service. The Lowes installer will handle the complete backsplash project.
  • Nationwide service – Lowes provides installation through their network of background-checked professionals across the country. Service is not limited to specific regions.

So in summary, yes, Lowes does offer full-service tile backsplash installation through their Pro Network. This can make tiling your backsplash a smooth, stress-free process.

How Much Does Lowes Tile Installation Cost?

The cost of Lowes tile backsplash installation depends on several factors:

  • Tile selection – The tile material you choose (ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone) impacts the installation price. More expensive tile equals higher project costs.
  • Backsplash size – The total square footage of your backsplash area determines materials needed and time required. Larger backsplashes cost more.
  • Tile pattern complexity – Simple grid patterns are cheaper than intricate designs requiring shaped tiles and precision.
  • Grout and accessories – Grout, trim, sealants, and other items add to the project costs.
  • Local labor rates – Installation rates vary across the country based on contractor supply and demand.

With these factors in mind, for the average 30 sq ft kitchen backsplash, Lowes installation costs range from:

  • Ceramic tile – $400 – $700
  • Porcelain tile – $500 – $1000
  • Glass mosaic tile – $700 – $1200
  • Natural stone tile – $800 – $1500

Many Lowes locations offer free in-home estimates, so you can get an accurate quote tailored to your specific backsplash tile and installation needs.

Does Lowes Provide Tile Backsplash Installation Services?

Lowes has an extensive network of skilled professionals that can handle full-service tile backsplash installation. When you book Lowes for your project, here is what their tile installers can provide:

Planning and Design

A Lowes associate can help you select the most suitable tile for your kitchen based on the tile usage, patterns, colors, finishes and backsplash layout you want to achieve. They can advise you on design, prep work, and installation considerations.

Material and Tool Provision

Lowes will calculate the exact tile sheets, sq. ft of grout, thinset, trowels, spacers and all other materials required. This material kit along with any specialty tile cutting tools are provided for the installation work.

Surface Prep

The installers will properly clean the backsplash area, make any needed drywall repairs, and prime the surface to ready it for tiling. This step ensures proper tile adhesion.

Precision Cutting and Layout

Lowes tile pros have the skills to precisely measure, mark, cut, and arrange the tile pieces to fit your backsplash area and pattern design. The tile layout creates a guideline for the installation.

Professional Installation

The Lowes team will expertly install the tile pieces, carefully applying thinset mortar and ensuring even spacing/alignment. They will also cleanly apply the grout between tiles and seal the surfaces when needed.

Cleanup and Finishing

After the tile has fully set, the installers will sponge and polish the tiles, clean the work area, and haul away debris, leaving you with a freshly tiled backsplash to enjoy.

So in short – yes, Lowes handles the A-Z of tile backsplash installation for customers.

How to Schedule Lowes for Tile Backsplash Installation

Follow these steps to book Lowes for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash tile installation:

1. Visit Your Local Store

Head to your nearby Lowes location and speak with an associate about your tiling needs. Provide them backsplash measurements and photos so they can assess the project.

2. Choose Your Materials

Browse the tile selection and make final decisions on colors, textures, sizes, accent tiles, grout, etc. Lowes can help estimate quantities needed based on the area.

3. Request a Quote

Ask the store to generate a total quote for materials, labor costs, and any specialty tools for the install. Compare this against your budget allowance.

4. Schedule the Installation

When ready, book your installation date and time with the store. Provide any special instructions. You may need to allow 2-3 weeks for planning.

5. Prepare for Install Day

Clear appliances/furniture from the backsplash area. Purchase any supplemental tiles, tools, or supplies. Make final payments.

Once these steps are completed, simply wait for your scheduled professional Lowes tile installation! Enjoy your stunning, brand new backsplash.

The Benefits of Hiring Lowes for Tile Backsplash Installation

Choosing Lowes for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash tile installation offers the following advantages:


Lowes provides a start-to-finish service. Consultation, designing, material purchasing, scheduled installs and clean up can all be handled for you with one contractor.


Their network of tile professionals have the skills and experience needed to install backsplashes properly. They know all the tricks and techniques.


With coordinated tile cuts, layouts, rows and grout lines, a pro installer can complete the project faster than a DIY approach.

Correct Tools

Lowes pros have the right mix of tools like wet saws, notched trowels, spacers and grout floats to ensure quality application.


Lowes provides satisfaction guarantees and warranties on installer labor should issues arise with the workmanship or final product.

Hiring Lowes to install your tile backsplash eliminates the hassles and risks of DIY. Their turnkey services and tile expertise makes it the smart, stress-free choice for many homeowners.

DIY vs Professional Lowes Installation

Installing a tile backsplash yourself can save on labor fees, but has some downsides compared to using Lowes’ pros:

DIY Backsplash Tile Installation

  • Lower cost, but materials must be purchased
  • Does not require scheduling
  • Outcome depends heavily on skill level
  • High chance of mistakes/imperfections
  • Tool acquisition can be challenging
  • Tile cuts likely less precise
  • Grout lines often uneven

Lowes Professional Installation

  • Higher cost, but end-to-end service provided
  • Install dates must be booked in advance
  • Consistently professional results
  • Low margin for error
  • Proper tools used for best results
  • Precisely cut and arranged tiles
  • Straight, clean grout lines

For many homeowners, the cost and quality benefits of using Lowes tile installation outweigh the downsides. But for those with tiling experience doing it yourself can be rewarding.

Tips for a Successful DIY Tile Backsplash Install

If you decide to tackle tiling your backsplash on your own, here are some tips:

  • Watch online tutorial videos to learn proper techniques
  • Invest in necessary tools like wetsaw, notched trowel, grout float, etc.
  • Accurately measure and mark the backsplash area
  • Plan tile pattern and do a dry layout before installing
  • Carefully mix and apply thinset mortar before laying tiles
  • Use tile spacers between pieces for consistent spacing
  • Make precise tile cuts using straight edges and wet saw
  • Let thinset fully cure before grouting (24-48 hours)
  • Grout using even, diagonal motions across tiles
  • Immediately clean off grout residue and haze

While DIY backsplash installs take effort and patience, they can be rewarding. Go slowly, use proper materials, and don’t be afraid to ask the pros at Lowes for advice.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Tile Backsplash Installation

These common pitfalls should be avoided for a successful backsplash tiling project:

  • Not adequately preparing the surface – Don’t tile over damaged drywall or unprimed surfaces. This causes poor adhesion.
  • Imprecise tile cutting – Carefully measure and mark cuts to avoid obvious uneven edges and gaps. Use a wet saw.
  • Incorrect thinset application – Apply mortar evenly in sections to avoid drying. Use proper notch trowel size.
  • Neglecting the grout – letting grout cure fully and cleaning thoroughly prevents haze and loss of color.
  • Sloppy grout lines – Use spacers for clean lines. Tool grout carefully for consistent widths and smooth finish.
  • No sealant or caulk – Seal grout and caulk edges/joints to prevent staining and separation over time.
  • Poor planning – Mark layouts and tile patterns, get precise measurements, buy extra tiles, etc. to avoid issues.

With careful prep, patience, and proper materials and tools, even first-time DIYers can avoid these common mistakes on their backsplash project.

FAQs About Lowes Tile Backsplash Installation

Does Lowes provide free design consultations for backsplashes?

Yes, Lowes offers free in-store design consultations. Bring in backsplash dimensions and ideas for recommendations on tile options, patterns, colors, and installation advice tailored to your kitchen.

What does Lowes include in their tile installation quote?

The project quote from Lowes will include the tile, setting materials like thinset and grout, any specialty tools, installation labor, and dump fees. It covers everything needed start to finish.

How soon can Lowes schedule a tile backsplash installation?

In most cases, Lowes can have a tile installer scheduled out 2-3 weeks in advance. Weekend installs fill up fastest. For a specific timeframe, check with your local store.

Can I supply my own tile if I hire Lowes for install?

Yes, you can supply specially-sourced tile pieces. However, Lowes will still need to provide setting compounds, tools, laborers, and estimate the quantities needed.

Should I grout my own backsplash if Lowes installs the tile?

No – for best results, have the Lowes pro handle the complete job including grouting. DIY grouting risks staining or damage to professionally installed tiles.


Installing a kitchen or bathroom backsplash tile project requires proper materials, tools, expertise, and time. While a DIY approach is possible for some, hiring Lowes professional installers handles the hard work for you and provides peace of mind through warranties.

Lowes offers end-to-end installation services – from design and tile selection through prep, precise install, and cleanup. Their network of skilled tile contractors can beautifully transform your backsplash surface, freeing you to enjoy the finished results.

Convenience, quality, speed, and warranties make a Lowes-installed backsplash a great choice for many homeowners. Visit your local store for a customized quote and to schedule hassle-free tile installation services.