Does Floor and Decor Install Backsplash? Your Complete Guide

Installing a beautiful backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom can completely transform the look and feel of the space. But installing tile can be a tricky, tedious task – so should you hire Floor and Decor to do it for you?

At Floor and Decor, we offer professional full-service installation for all products purchased in our stores. This includes backsplashes made of tile, natural stone, mosaic, metal, and glass. Our experienced installers can handle all your backsplash needs, from simple subway tile to intricate patterned or mosaic designs.

Benefits of Having Floor and Decor Install Your Backsplash

Getting backsplash installation from Floor and Decor offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: No need to find, hire and schedule a separate tile installation company. We handle it all for you.
  • Professional Quality: Our installers are highly trained and experienced specifically with our products. You can trust it will be done right.
  • Coordination: Installation is seamlessly coordinated with your product purchase. There’s no gap between buying tiles and getting them installed.
  • Warranty: Installation includes a standard workmanship warranty for peace of mind.
  • One-Stop Shop: Purchase your tiles and get installation in one easy process.

What Does Floor and Decor Backsplash Installation Include?

Our full-service tile installation covers all the elements you need for a finished backsplash:

  • Tile handling and preparation
  • Surface inspection and prep
  • Layout planning
  • Setting tiles including cutting, spacing and alignment
  • Grouting application
  • Sealing and finishing
  • Clean up and debris removal

We provide the high-quality setting and grouting materials as part of the installation.

The installers will inspect your surface and ensure proper prep work is done before installation begins. This may involve tasks like:

  • Cleaning and clearing the area
  • Removing existing backsplash tile or other materials
  • Sanding and smoothing the surface
  • Filling holes, cracks or uneven spots
  • Applying primers, sealers or waterproofing as needed

Proper prep is crucial for achieving the best end results with your new backsplash. Our installers know how to correctly ready the surface.

Pricing for Floor and Decor Backsplash Installation

The cost of installation through Floor and Decor depends on the specifics of your project including:

  • Tile size – Smaller mosaics take longer than larger tiles
  • Tile material – Natural stone costs more than ceramic
  • Layout complexity – Intricate patterns are pricier than basic grid
  • Accessibility – Ease of access affects time and effort

As a general guideline for standard tile installation, prices roughly range from:

  • Ceramic tile: $3-$5 per sq. ft.
  • Porcelain tile: $5-$8 per sq. ft.
  • Natural stone: $8-$12 per sq. ft.
  • Mosaic tile: $5-$10 per sq. ft.

Keep in mind specialty tiles like hand-painted, metal or glass mosaics often cost more for installation.

We provide free in-home estimates, so you’ll know exactly what to expect cost-wise for your specific backsplash prior to starting.

What’s Included in Basic Backsplash Installation?

Our basic backsplash installation service includes all the key elements for a complete job:

  • Tile preparation – inspection, cleaning, cutting
  • Surface prep – cleaning, repairing any defects
  • Layout planning
  • Setting tiles – spacing, aligning, leveling
  • Applying grout between tiles
  • Cleaning and sealing tiles
  • Clean up and debris removal

This covers the full process from start to finish, so your backsplash is ready to enjoy once the job is complete.

Anything beyond the basic install would incur additional fees. This includes:

  • Demolition – removing existing backsplash or countertops
  • Electrical – installing backsplash lighting
  • Plumbing – rerouting pipes or drains
  • Drywall work – refinishing surrounding walls
  • Painting – priming or painting areas around the backsplash
  • Cabinet modifications – adjusting cabinets for fit

We can provide pricing and handle any additional services needed beyond the standard installation.

Can I Install a Backsplash Myself?

While DIY backsplash installation is certainly possible, it presents some challenges:

  • Learning Curve: Installing tile correctly involves specific skills and techniques. There is a learning curve if you’ve never done it before. Mistakes can get costly.
  • Time Investment: Laying tile is painstaking, tedious work. Be prepared to spend hours/days on the project if going the DIY route.
  • Special Tools: Tile saws, levels, spacers and other supplies are needed to do it right. Renting or buying the tools adds to the investment.
  • Material Handling: Transporting and cutting heavy, fragile tiles has risks. Cracked tiles can’t be used.
  • Preparation Work: Proper prep is extremely important and often overlooked by DIYers. This can compromise results.
  • Setting Materials: Quality thinset mortar and grout is critical. Using cheap products leads to failure down the road.
  • No Warranty: DIY means no recourse if something goes wrong. Hiring a pro provides peace of mind with a workmanship warranty.

While DIY is possible for basic backsplash projects, the learning curve, time requirements and risks mean it’s often better left to the professionals.

FAQ about Floor and Decor Backsplash Installation

Get your key questions answered about having Floor and Decor install your backsplash:

  • Q: What does the cost of installation include? A: Our standard installation fee covers tile prep, surface prep, setting materials, tile layout, tile setting, grouting, clean-up & a warranty. Any extras would be additional.
  • Q: Can you install backsplashes on surfaces other than drywall? A: Yes, our installers can handle a variety of surfaces – tile backerboard, plywood, concrete, plaster and more. Proper prep will be customized to your existing surface.
  • Q: How long does it take to install a backsplash? A: For a typical 10-15 sq. ft. backsplash, installation may take 1-2 days from start to finish depending on tile complexity. We’ll provide a timeframe estimate for your specific job.
  • Q: Do I need to purchase tiles before scheduling installation? A: Yes, you’ll need to purchase backsplash tiles from Floor & Decor prior to booking installation. This ensures we have the right tiles on hand for your project.
  • Q: Can I provide my own tile instead of buying from you? A: For best results, we prefer to install tile purchased directly from our stores. This allows us to guarantee the tile quality and availability.
  • Q: Is installation available for backsplashes purchased online? A: At this time installation services are only available for products purchased in our retail stores. Online purchases do not qualify.
  • Q: What if I need wall repair, plumbing work or electrical done too? A: We can provide pricing and coordinate any additional services needed beyond the basic backsplash installation. Just let us know during your estimate.
  • Q: Is grout included or do I need to purchase it separately? A: Quality grout used for installation is included in our installation price. You do not have to purchase grout separately.

Getting your backsplash professionally installed by Floor & Decor takes the hassle out of the job. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on your exciting new backsplash project!

How to Choose Backsplash Tile with Floor and Decor

Selecting the perfect backsplash tile can be overwhelming with so many great options to choose from these days. Follow these tips from the design experts at Floor and Decor when picking out beautiful, durable backsplash tiles for your next kitchen or bath project:

Consider the Look You Want

Narrow down your style before looking at specific tiles. Do you want modern, vintage, rustic or minimalist? Sleek and glossy or textured and natural? The overall look you’re aiming for steers the tile choice.

Bring photos, fabric swatches, countertop samples, etc to get tiles complementing your vision. Our designers can help translate your desired aesthetic into tile.

Match the Tile Shape to the Space

The tile size should suit the proportions of the backsplash area. For example:

  • Long, uninterrupted backsplashes can handle longer planks.
  • Compact areas look best with smaller mosaics or 4×4 tiles.
  • Medium-sized spaces do well with popular 4×12 subway tiles.

Make sure the grout lines, corners and edges all align properly within the area when arranging your tile shape.

Consider Maintenance and Durability Needs

Factor how the backsplash will be used day-to-day. For example:

  • Kitchen backsplashes need sturdy, non-porous tiles that withstand heat, stains and moisture.
  • Low-traffic bathroom backsplashes can use more decorative or intricate tiles.
  • Heavy-duty areas like behind stoves may call for wipe-clean metallics or easy-clean glass.

Match tile material and finish to your backsplash’s functional needs.

Inspect Tile Samples in Person

Photos alone can be deceiving when selecting tile. Always inspect the actual tile sample boards in person.

Check for color consistency, gloss levels, true texture and weight. Also look at full tile sheets, not just singles, to envision the overall pattern.

Consider Grout Color Options

Browse grout colors alongside tile samples. Contrasting or matching grout can make a big difference in the overall look.

Neutral grout works with most tiles, but specialized grout like metallic or glitter grout adds punch.

Envision Total Installation

It helps to mock up or visualize how the tile will look installed. Floor & Decor associates can provide drawing concepts of the layout.

Consider factors like cut tiles on edges, grout line spacing, transition points and final proportions.

Accessorize with Decoratives

Decorative accents take backsplashes to the next level. We offer:

  • Chair rail tiles, borders and insets for framing
  • Geometric, Moroccan-inspired tile trims
  • Shell, marble, ceramic and glass tile mosaics
  • Brick, wave and penny-round inserts

Mixing materials like wood, metal or glass with ceramic or porcelain tile also adds interest.

With an endless array of options, backsplash tile is all about finding the right fit. Use these tips to transform your backsplash into an inspiring showpiece full of style, function and visual appeal. The knowledgeable designers at Floor and Decor are ready to help make your backsplash dreams a reality!

How Much Does Floor and Decor Charge for Backsplash Installation?

Installing a tile backsplash can give your kitchen or bathroom a stylish, pulled-together look. But it also requires careful tile-setting labor most homeowners don’t have the skill for. That’s why hiring Floor and Decor for professional backsplash installation is a smart investment.

Average Cost of Backsplash Installation at Floor and Decor

On average, you can expect to pay the following for full backsplash installation from Floor and Decor:

  • Ceramic tile = $3 to $5 per square foot
  • Porcelain tile = $5 to $8 per square foot
  • Natural stone tile = $8 to $12 per square foot
  • Mosaic tile = $5 to $10 per square foot

These prices encompass everything involved with a typical backsplash install:

  • Tile preparation (inspection, cleaning, cutting)
  • Surface preparation (cleaning, repairs)
  • Layout planning
  • Setting tiles (spacing, alignment, leveling)
  • Applying grout
  • Sealing tiles
  • Cleanup

Keep in mind more complex layouts, specialty tiles or difficult access may increase the price. We offer free in-home estimates to provide accurate pricing on your specific backsplash project.

What Impact Backsplash Installation Cost?

Several factors determine the installation cost for a backsplash, including:

Tile Type – Handcrafted or delicate tiles cost more to install than basic ceramic.

Tile Size – Small mosaics take more time and care to install versus large-format tiles.

Layout Complexity – Diagonal patterns or nonlinearity costs more than a basic grid.

Grout Type – Epoxy grout is pricier to install than standard cement grout.

Accessibility – Backsplashes in tight spaces require more effort.

Surface Prep – Extensive repairs or leveling ramps up the price.

Demolition – If you need existing backsplash removed, add demo costs.

Other Services – Extras like plumbing, electrical or drywall finish boost the price.

We consider all these factors during your in-home estimate to provide the most accurate installation quote possible.

What’s Included in the Installation Price?

Our backsplash installation fee covers the complete process:

  • Measuring your backsplash area
  • Reviewing tile selection
  • Moving materials and tools to the workspace
  • Cleaning and prepping the surface
  • Laying out tiles
  • Making necessary tile cuts
  • Setting tiles using quality thinset mortar
  • Applying grout between tiles
  • Caulking edges and transition points
  • Sealing and finishing tiles
  • Cleaning up installation debris

We use only high-grade setting and grouting materials so your backsplash installation lasts for years to come.

Ready for Your Dream Backsplash?

Leave the complicated tile work to Floor and Decor’s installation pros. With fair, upfront pricing and expert service, we make the process seamless from tile purchase to professional installation completion. Bring your backsplash vision to life with the help of Floor and Decor!

Floor & Decor Backsplash Design Tips

The backsplash makes a big visual impact in your kitchen or bathroom as a focal point. Follow these backsplash design tips from Floor & Decor to create a stylish, functional backsplash you’ll love:

Combine Tiles

Blending materials like ceramic, glass and metal tile adds eye-catching contrast. Mixing sizes, like subway and mosaic, builds interest too. Unify a combo backsplash with color.

Pick Practical Tile

Choose tiles suitable for the space. Bathroom backsplashes work well with decorative glass or mosaic tiles. Kitchen backsplashes need durable porcelain or ceramic able to take heat and moisture.

Install Decorative Borders

Frame your backsplash with borders or trim. Materials like metal, glass tile strips, pencil liners or chair rail tiles polish off the design.

Extend to the Ceiling

Continuing tile to the ceiling makes a dramatic statement and gives the illusion of height. Use this sparingly in rooms with low ceilings.

Set Patterns and Layouts

Simple grid layouts keep backsplashes classic. Or get creative with patterns like:

  • Stacked or offset brick
  • Diagonal angles
  • Moroccan fishscale
  • Geometric combinations
  • Picture designs

Plan tile layouts meticulously due to intricate cutting.

Contrast Grout Color

White grout highlights darker tiles. Dark grout accentuates lighter tiles. Match grout color to tiles for a monochromatic look. Mix sanded and non-sanded grout textures.

Consider Underlighting

Install LED lighting underneath glass or translucent tile to create a glowing effect. This works for floating shelves too. Ensure proper mounting and prep.

Complement Surrounding Finishes

Tie your backsplash to cabinetry, countertops, floors and paint with coordinating colors, materials or finishes. Consistent elements look cohesive.

Incorporate Shelves

Shelf tiles let you integrate pretty and practical storage space. Stagger floating shelves at varying heights for a dynamic look.

Prepare Properly

Proper prep prevents problems later. Ensure surfaces are cleaned, smoothed, primed and ready for quality installation.

Visit a Floor & Decor design expert for guidance realizing your dream backsplash – beautifully designed and built to last.

Professional Backsplash Installation FAQs

Upgrading your backsplash brings big style to your kitchen or bath. But installing tile requires specific skills. Check out these FAQs on having Floor and Decor professionally handle your backsplash installation:

Q: Does installation include tile prep and cleanup?

Yes, our standard backsplash installation includes tile handling, cuts, setting, grouting and thorough cleanup. We handle the messy work!

Q: What if my backsplash has an irregular shape?

No problem – we are accustomed to fitting tile in unusual footprints and around obstacles.

Q: Can you work around existing sockets, pipes or vents?

Definitely. Our installers are adept at cutting and aligning tile neatly around fixtures and utilities.

Q: Do I need to purchase tile before scheduling installation?

Yes, tile must be purchased upfront so it’s here when we’re ready to begin. This avoids project delays.

Q: Can I supply my own tile instead of buying from Floor & Decor?

We prefer supplying tile to control quality and availability. But discuss unique situations with an associate.

Q: How soon can installation be scheduled after purchasing tile?

Lead times vary. We’ll give you a target installation date when you purchase the tile.

Q: Can backsplash tile be installed over existing backsplash?

In most cases existing backsplash must be removed to ensure proper bonding to the wall.

Q: Is it possible to return extra tiles after my project is done?

Unopened surplus tile can be returned within 30 days as long as it was purchased from us.

Q: Where does installation start in cases with both backsplash and countertops?

We typically install countertops first, then follow with the backsplash.

Visit or call Floor & Decor to receive a free quote for professional backsplash installation. We make it simple!

The Anatomy of a Backsplash: Layers and Materials

Behind those beautiful backsplash tiles lies important layers and materials