Does a Backsplash Add Value?

A kitchen backsplash can significantly increase the value and appeal of your home. Here’s a detailed look at how a backsplash can improve your kitchen and boost your home’s resale value.

What is a Backsplash?

A backsplash is a decorative wall treatment installed on the wall behind a countertop, most commonly behind sinks, stoves, and kitchen counters. Backsplashes are typically made of tile, metal, glass, or stone. They serve both aesthetic and functional purposes in the kitchen.

Benefits of Adding a Backsplash

  • Protects the walls from water damage, grease splatters, and stains
  • Creates a focal point and upgrades the look of the kitchen
  • Allows you to add color, texture, and personality to the kitchen
  • Easier to clean and maintain than an unprotected wall
  • Reflects light and can make a small kitchen appear larger

Does a Backsplash Increase Home Value?

Installing a backsplash is an affordable renovation that can significantly boost your home’s value. Here are some of the main ways a backsplash adds value for home sellers:

Enhances Buyer Appeal

A stylish, updated backsplash makes the entire kitchen look new and desirable. Tile, glass, and stone backsplashes appeal to buyers looking for move-in ready homes with little need for renovations.

Shows Pride of Ownership

A professionally installed backsplash signals to potential buyers that you’ve invested in maintaining and improving the home. Well-cared for kitchens suggest the rest of the house has also been maintained.

Increases Resale Value

Studies show kitchen and bath renovations offer the highest return on investment (ROI) for homeowners. On average, a backsplash installation recoups over 70% of the project cost in increased resale value.

Quickly Modernizes an Outdated Kitchen

A backsplash can transform the look of an older, dated kitchen by covering up worn walls and adding eye-catching colors and materials. Even a simple white subway tile backsplash can give a fresh, contemporary look.

Provides Decorating Flexibility

Backsplashes come in an endless array of materials, textures, colors, and designs. Homeowners can choose a style that matches their personal taste and the kitchen’s overall decor.

Backsplash Materials and Costs

Backsplashes can range dramatically in price depending on the material:

  • Ceramic tile: $5-$25 per sq. ft. An affordable, classic option available in endless colors/designs.
  • Glass tile: $15-$30 per sq. ft. Adds a shiny, sleek contemporary look.
  • Stone tile: $40-$100 per sq. ft. Natural stone options like marble, granite, or slate.
  • Stainless steel: $30-$60 per sq. ft. A modern, industrial look for contemporary kitchens. Easy to clean.
  • Mosaic tile: $15-$35 per sq. ft. Small tiles arranged in decorative patterns. Provides visual interest.
  • Metal tile: $15-$50 per sq. ft. Often made from recycled materials like copper or zinc.

In addition to material costs, homeowners need to factor in labor expenses for installation. Total backsplash installation costs average $800-$1,500 depending on the size of the space.

Does a Backsplash Add Value for All Kitchens?

Certain types of kitchens will gain more monetary value from adding a backsplash than others:

Kitchens that will benefit most:

  • Older homes with dated kitchens
  • Neutral cabinets/countertops needing color
  • Low-end laminate or aging tile countertops
  • Visible areas of damaged walls behind the stove or sink

Kitchens that will benefit least:

  • Recently remodeled high-end kitchens
  • Kitchens with unfinished walls (drywall, plywood, etc)
  • Rental properties or “fixer upper” homes

How to Add Value with a Backsplash

Follow these tips to ensure your backsplash adds maximum resale value:

  • Choose durable, low-maintenance materials like ceramic, stainless steel, or stone.
  • Neutral colors have the widest appeal. Avoid bold prints or unusual textures.
  • Full backsplashes add more value than a small focal point one.
  • Mimic backsplash styles popular in your area that buyers are accustomed to.
  • Work within your kitchen’s existing style. Avoid clashing designs or materials.
  • Hire a professional installer for proper waterproofing and to prevent cracking/chipping.

Backsplash Design Ideas

Here are some of the most popular backsplash styles for today’s buyers:

Subway Tile

Classic rectangular white tiles laid in a brick pattern. Provides a clean, timeless look.

Marble & Stone

Elegant and luxurious. Adds natural texture and tons of depth.

Patterned & Geometric

Intricate motifs and shapes for a contemporary or eclectic vibe.

Glass & Metal

Sleek and eye-catching. Allows you to add pops of color.

Rustic & Textured

Natural stone varieties with visible cracks, pits, and grout lines. Warm and rustic.

Mix & Match

Combining different tiles, colors, or materials for a one-of-a-kind look.


The bottom line is that installing a backsplash can be a smart investment when preparing your home to sell. Not only will a backsplash make your kitchen more visually appealing, it provides quantifiable added value. A professionally installed backsplash averages over 70% return on investment. Carefully evaluate your existing kitchen, research popular local styles, and select materials that balance form and function. With strategic design choices, your new backsplash can help maximize your home’s resale value.