Different Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Best Backsplash Designs

Kitchen backsplashes not only protect your walls from spills and splatters, they are a key decorative element that can enhance the style of your kitchen. With so many backsplash design options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to settle on the right one for your space. In this article, we will explore some of the best kitchen backsplash ideas to inspire you to create a gorgeous and functional backsplash design.

Classic Subway Tile

Subway tile gets its name from the look of tiles used to line New York City subway stations. The rectangular shape and slim grout lines produce a pattern that is both classic and contemporary.

Subway tiles are an affordable and easy-to-install option perfect for both modern and vintage kitchen designs. They come in endless color variations, from white, cream, gray, black, and beige to more vibrant hues like bold blues, greens, and reds. Subway tile backsplashes create a clean, streamlined look.

Consider alternating between tiles of different colors or sizes to add visual interest. Laying the tiles in a fun herringbone pattern also adds flair. Subway tiles work beautifully paired with marble or quartz countertops. Their simple style allows more ornate countertops and other decorative features to shine.

Boldly Colored Subway Tiles

While classic white subway tiles are a popular backsplash choice, don’t be afraid to get creative with bolder colors and patterns. Blues, greens, reds, and yellows can inject excitement into a kitchen. Mix and match colored tiles in a mosaic design for a lively Moroccan-inspired backsplash.

Arrange the tiles in an offset brick pattern, or alternate between two colored tiles. A pop of color draws the eye while still keeping a relatively simple tile design. Bold subway tiles look best against light cabinetry and countertops to prevent visual clutter.

Stacked Stone Tile

Replicating the rustic charm of natural stone, stacked stone tile backsplashes bring texture and depth to kitchens. From slate and travertine to marble and quartzite, stones come in a diverse range of styles. Stacked stone tiles arrange small rounded or rectangular ‘strips’ in rows, delivering a rugged stacked stone wall effect.

Stacked stone tiles come in an array of earthy neutral tones, perfect for achieving a cozy farmhouse aesthetic. Cream, beige, gray, brown, and taupe stacked stone tiles pair nicely with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. For a bolder style, opt for a stacked stone backsplash in a dark charcoal or black stone finish.

Split Stack Stone Tiles

Split stack stone tiles have a hand-cut, rough split stone appearance, emphasizing the natural texture and shape variations of real stones. These tiles replicate the look of gathered and stacked stones of different sizes and shapes.

The irregular edges create an interesting mosaic effect. Split stack stone tiles work especially well behind a stove or kitchen island. Opt for natural earth tones like sand, gray, taupe, and rustic red. The multi-toned look enhances the authenticity. Backsplashes with split stacked stones have an organic and rustic beauty.

Marble Tile

Few materials convey luxury and timeless elegance like marble. Available in a spectrum of colors with distinctive veining, marble tile backsplashes introduce natural pattern and texture. Luxurious gold, beige, white, gray, and black marble backsplashes elevate the aesthetic of any kitchen.

For a visually striking statement, use large format marble tiles on the backsplash. The veining in the marble makes each tile unique. Lay the tiles in a basic brick pattern, or get creative with interesting mosaic designs. Keep the rest of the kitchen simple to allow the marble backsplash to command attention.

Carrara Marble

Cherished for its subtle elegance, Carrara marble tiles have a white or grayish-white base with thin graceful gray veining. This classic marble variety pairs beautifully with white cabinetry and stainless steel.

For a modern look, choose polished Carrara marble tiles with little to no veining. Or go for a more antiqued appearance with pronounced delicate veining. Carrara marble backsplashes work with kitchens of any style, adding a touch of splendor. Keep surrounding decor simple to let the marble stand out.

Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes offer the ideal blend of elegance, versatility, and easy maintenance. Made from recycled glass, the tiles have an illuminative quality. Glass tile backsplashes come in a broad scope of colors, finishes, shapes, and degrees of opacity.

Mix and match glass tiles with different textures for added dimension. Pair opaque, transparent, and translucent glass tiles together in an eclectic combination. Metallic glass tiles in bronze, silver, and gold add glitz and glam. Opt for smaller mosaic glass tiles or larger subway-shaped rectangles.

Iridescent Glass Tiles

Shimmering iridescent glass tiles in shades of blue, green, gold, and mother of pearl inject captivating luminosity. As lighting conditions shift throughout the day, the tiles seem to magically change color with an ethereal opalescent glow.

Iridescent glass tiles instantly enliven plain white or neutral backsplashes. They provide a glittering focal point behind the stove or sink. Alternate iridescent tiles with clear glass tiles in fun geometric patterns. Iridescent glass tile backsplashes capture the eye and sparkle.

Travertine Tile

For a backsplash with natural rustic beauty, travertine tile is an excellent choice. Travertine is a type of limestone formed in hot mineral spring deposits, marked by pitted holes and rough texture. These characteristics bring organic elegance and movement.

Travertine tiles come in beige, ivory, gold, rust, salt-and-pepper, and grey color variations. Whether going for a light and airy aesthetic or rich earth tones, travertine offers options. The naturally textured stone makes a stunning statement in large-format tiles. Smaller mosaic travertine tiles also have ample presence.

Tumbled Travertine Tiles

Tumbled travertine backsplash tiles undergo a finishing process that enhances the pitting and aged character of the stone. The tiles develop rounded edges and smooth surfaces with more cavities and character.

Tumbled travertine tiles in soft neutral hues work wonderfully in both modern and traditional kitchens. Lay them in a basic brick pattern or get creative with pieced-together mosaic designs. Tumbled travertine backsplashes infuse warmth and relaxed elegance wherever applied.

Patterned & Geometric Tiles

Make a bold decorative statement by using patterned and geometric tiles. From Moroccan motifs to artsy geometrics, patterned tiles lend visual interest and vibrancy. Hand-painted and handmade art tile options allow for stunning custom backsplash designs.

Geometric patterns like chevrons, diamonds, triangles, and hexagons also make for artistic backsplash tile designs. Tiles featuring these shapes come in a variety of colors and finishes. Pair geometric tiles with solid tiles or introduce multiple patterns for a lively patchwork effect.

Fish Scale & Octagon Tiles

Fish scale tiles form a repetitive overlapping scale pattern, mimicking the shimmery texture of fish scales. The intricate design immediately captures attention. Available in colors like navy, turquoise, silver, copper, and mother of pearl, fish scale tiles create dazzling backsplashes.

Octagon tiles have eight equal sides, allowing for unique geometric mosaic designs. Mix octagon tiles with other shaped tiles for eclectic patterns. Octagons work well in stark black and white color schemes or two alternating bright colors. Octagon and fish scale tiles require creativity and planning to execute the intricate repeating patterns.

Handpainted & Ceramic Tiles

Looking for backsplash tile ideas that feel special and artistic? Consider handpainted or handmade ceramic tile. Vibrant handpainted tiles depict scenic landscapes, floral designs, and abstract paintings. Talented artists craft custom tile collections perfect for making a personal design statement.

Handcrafted ceramic tiles also introduce remarkable texture and color to backsplashes. Rustic terra-cotta styles in oranges, browns, yellows, turquoises, and reds add old-world character to kitchens. Crackled tiles and uneven glazed surfaces further highlight the handmade artistry.

Metallic & Iridescent Ceramic Tiles

Metallic and iridescent ceramic tiles electrify backsplashes with reflective radiance. Opaque ceramic tiles get hand-painted with metallic paints or fired with glazes containing metal oxides to produce a luminous finish.

Iridescent ceramic tiles change color tone depending on the viewing angle and lighting. Examples include mother of pearl, mermaid-green, and oil slick-black tiles with shifting multicolored shimmers. These mesmerizing iridescent and metallic ceramic tiles make even simple tile layouts magical.

Natural Stone Slate Tile

Build a backsplash with natural stone slate tile to establish an earthy yet sophisticated aesthetic. Slate tiles have a slightly uneven surface and rich color striations that develop naturally over centuries of geological shifts and exposure. These characteristics lend authenticity and charm.

Slate tile backsplash colors include gorgeous earth tones of brown, rust, olive, sage, blue, gray, mauve, and black. Arrange rectangular slate tiles in a traditional grid or irregular stacks for a more dynamic look. Slate tiles coordinate effortlessly with a wide range of cabinetry, countertops, floors, and decor.

Multicolor Slate Tile

Achieve an eclectic backsplash by combining slate tiles of different colors. Multicolored slate backsplashes have an organic, collected-over-time appearance. Complementary hues like sage green, rust orange, navy blue, and brown slate tiles work well together.

Create mosaic patterns or mix random colored tiles. Contrasting grout color, such as white or cream, highlights the diversity of tones. Furnish the space with natural wood and earth tone accents to harmonize with the slate backsplash colors.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile backsplashes offer versatility and durability. Made from refined natural clay, porcelain tile is fired at high temperatures to create a robust glass-like product that resists scratches, stains, and water. These qualities make it wonderfully suited for kitchen backsplashes.

Porcelain tile comes in a vast selection of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. Subway tile, marble look, stone look, wood look, and mosaic porcelain tiles provide endless creative design options. Porcelain backsplash tiles are affordable, low maintenance, and easy to clean.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

Wood look porcelain tiles realistically simulate the visual texture and grain of natural wood. When used for backsplashes, wood look porcelain tiles have the beauty of real wood without the maintenance.

Wood look porcelain backsplash tiles imitate oak, walnut, cedar, pine, teak, and other lumber. Opt for warm brown and cream wood-inspired hues or gray weathered wood visuals. Lay the realistic tiles in fun herringbone, chevron, brick, and other patterns. Wood look porcelain tiles replicate the rustic ambiance of natural wood backsplashes.

Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

Peel-and-stick backsplash tiles offer a simple affordable DIY-friendly backsplash solution. These smart self-adhesive tiles come in materials like plastic, metal, real ceramic, faux stone, and vinyl. Browse a plethora of color, pattern, and finish options.

Peel off the adhesive backing and press the tiles directly onto a clean flat surface. Shapeable mesh-backed tiles like Art3d and Renovision allow you to cut and form the tiles around outlets and other obstacles.

An easy upgrade for renters, peel-and-stick backsplash tiles provide tons of style with no hassle. Remove or switch them out effortlessly whenever you like. They provide a low commitment way to test out different backsplash designs.

Temporary Peel and Stick Tiles

Some peel-and-stick backsplash tiles are designed to be temporary so you can change your mind. These reusable self-adhesive tiles typically have a smooth plastic or vinyl surface.

Temporary peel-and-stick backsplash tiles come in trendy designs, vivid colors, and faux stone finishes. Enjoy the look of a brand new backsplash without any messy installation. Easily remove, rearrange, or replace the tiles any time.

Experiment with different tile layouts using temporary peel-and-stick tiles. When you find a look you love, either keep the temporary tiles or install permanent ones in the same pattern.

Natural Stone Wall Tiles

For an organically inspired backsplash, look to natural stone wall tiles. Products like Eldorado Stone capture the allure of stacked ledgestone. These thin hand-crafted tiles made with natural stone veneers recreate the varying shapes, textures, and depths of real stacked stones.

Other options like Mstone replicate the look of natural stone slabs. These tiles have an irregular shape with both polished and raw stone faces. Available in sedimentary tones, natural stone wall tiles bring a sense of authenticity and raw beauty to kitchen backsplashes.

Ledgestone Veneer Tiles

Eldorado Stone leads the way in creating convincingly real faux ledgestone tiles. Using molds from natural ledges, they produce cement tiles with all the cracks, crevices, and irregularities of quarried stone.

The ledgestone veneer tiles come as individual slim bricks that you stack to form a seamless ledge backsplash effect. With color choices like weathered brown, gray, white, and rustic red, the tiles have a cohesive natural look that creates a stunning stone backdrop.

Metal & Copper Tiles

The sleek, reflective properties of metal tiles lend an ultra-modern vibe to kitchen backsplashes. Stainless steel, aluminum, and tin backsplash tiles make a contemporary metallic statement. Copper and brass tiles offer a warmer, more burnished look.

Keep metal backsplash tiles looking brilliant by sealing them and performing routine cleaning. Combining metal and copper tiles with glass tiles in a mosaic pattern heightens the glamour and provides textural contrast. Unleash your creativity arranging eye-catching geometric, grid, or zig-zag tile layouts.

Textured & Hammered Metal Tiles

While polished smooth metal backsplash tiles have strong visual impact, textured metal tiles add appealing dimensionality. Options like hammered copper, brushed stainless steel, and embossed tin tiles scatter light attractively.

Textured metal tiles mostly retain the bold reflective surface of smooth metal but with more character. The texture also helps conceal fingerprints and water spots to an extent. Mixing textured and smooth metal or copper backsplash tiles generates stylish depth and interest.

Exposed Brick Backsplashes

Seeking an edgy urban look in your kitchen? Exposed brick backsplashes bring raw industrial appeal. The attractively weathered and imperfect red brick has a timeworn warehouse aesthetic. Keep surrounding kitchen elements sleek and modern to highlight the vintage brickwork.

Paint your exposed brick tiles white or light gray for a more modern loft-like style. Let sections of original red brickwork peek through for accent coloring. Exposed brick backsplashes feel wonderfully unique, blending urban charm with cozy warmth.

Faux Brick Panels

While installing genuine reclaimed brick has a special allure, faux brick panels offer a faster and more affordable option. These lightweight panels use real brick fragments in resin to emulate the multidimensional look of brick walls.

Faux brick backsplash panels like Wayfair’s Smart Tiles replicate the uneven pits, cracks, and natural variations that develop in brick over time. Available in red, white, brown, and gray, they realistically simulate an exposed brick wall, minus the hassle and mess of remodeling with salvaged brick.

Unique Materials for Backsplash Tiles

If you want a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen backsplash, get creative with unique tile materials. Upcycle by using old Scrabble tiles, broken china pieces, guitar picks, playing cards, pennies, wine corks, and other sentimental items.

Unusual materials like alabaster stone, mirrored acrylic, and tempered glass crystal lend unique glamour. Or showcase treasured seashells, pebbles, and colored glass fragments collected from travels in mosaic designs. Let your backsplash reflect your personality.

Pennies, Marbles, and Recycled Materials

Covering a backsplash in pennies, marbles, stamps, or Scrabble tiles makes a fun crafty statement and provides a good use for sentimental objects. Using bottle caps, broken china, mirrors, and glass to form mosaic designs results in dazzling one-of-a-kind art.

Recycled and sustainable backsplash materials like cork, coconut shell, and recycled glass tiles allow you to make an eco-friendly design statement. Upcycling cherished items into kitchen backsplash tiles creates personal artistic flair and a great conversation piece.

Bold Painted Backsplash

A painted backsplash offers effortless affordability. With limitless color choices, a painted backsplash introduces eye-catching style. Use high-quality acrylic latex paint in semi-gloss or satin sheen for kitchen-worthy durability and easy wipe-cleaning.

Painting the backsplash to match your cabinets produces a cohesive built-in look. For contrast, opt for a lighter neutral shade like soft gray if your cabinets are dark. Let your imagination run wild with fun colors like navy, emerald, yellow, and brick red.

Two-Tone Painted Backsplashes

Amp up the visual interest of a painted backsplash by using two colors. Some options include painting the bottom portion of the backsplash a darker or brighter color than the upper portion. Or alternate between two colors to create a checkerboard pattern.

Painting the backsplash tiles in contrasting colors or using painter’s tape to create sharp diagonal stripes also livens up the look. Two-tone color-blocked or patterned painted backsplashes deliver punchy style without overwhelming the space.

Creative Materials for Backsplash Tiles

Take backsplashes to the next level with wonderfully imaginative tile materials that make a bold design statement. A few examples include brightly colored dichroic glass that shifts color, holographic tiles, mirrored tiles, glow in the dark tiles, and interactive tiles.

New technologies like removable wallpapers with stunning visuals offer temporarily transformable backspl






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