Can You Cut Backsplash Tile Without Wet Saw?

Installing a beautiful backsplash can transform your kitchen or bathroom. However, cutting those tiles to size can be tricky without the right tools. Many DIYers wonder if it’s possible to cut backsplash tiles without using a wet saw. The short answer is yes, you can cut backsplash tile without a wet saw using manual tools. However, wet saws make the process much easier, faster, and more precise.

What is a Wet Saw?

A wet saw, also known as a tile saw, is a specialized power tool designed specifically for cutting tiles. It consists of a rotating diamond blade that sits over a reservoir of water. As the blade spins, it continually sprays water over the cutting area to cool the blade and keep tiles from overheating. The water also minimizes dust and debris.

Wet saws allow you to make smooth, even, straight cuts through ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass tiles. Models are available in different sizes depending on the maximum tile size they can accommodate. Many also allow you to adjust the blade to make angled miter cuts.

Benefits of Using a Wet Saw for Cutting Backsplash Tile

There are several advantages to using a wet saw compared to manual tile cutting tools:


Wet saws make extremely accurate cuts. The diamond blade combined with the water reservoir prevents chips, cracks, or uneven edges. You can cut your tiles exactly to the measurements needed.


A quality wet saw can cut through backsplash tiles quickly and efficiently with minimal effort. The process goes much faster compared to scoring and snapping tiles individually.

Clean Cuts

The water cools the blade and keeps dust contained, leaving you with smooth, clean tile edges. Without water, the friction of cutting can burn and blacken the tile.


Wet saws can make straight cuts, angled cuts, curves, notches, and more. You have the flexibility to create a variety of custom tile shapes as needed.

Less Breakage

Cutting tile manually has a higher margin of error. Wet saws minimize the risk of uneven pressure resulting in cracked tiles. The precision helps reduce tile waste.

Is It Possible to Cut Tile Without a Wet Saw?

While wet saws make backsplash installations much easier, it is possible to cut tile without one using basic manual tools:

Tile Cutter

A manual tile cutter uses a carbide scoring wheel to score a line where you want the cut. You then snap the tile along the scored line. This works best for straight cuts in soft tiles like ceramic.

Tile Nippers

Tile nippers are plier-like tools used to nibble away at tile to break off small pieces or shape curves and notches. They take practice to use correctly.


An angle grinder with a diamond tile blade can cut through hard backsplash tiles like porcelain or stone. This tends to create more dust and requires a very steady hand.

Glass Cutter

A specialized glass cutter is needed to score and break glass backsplash tiles cleanly.

Hammer and Chisel

With very careful tapping, a hammer and chisel can cut certain backsplash tiles. However, this has a high margin of error.

Manual Tile Cutting Techniques

If you don’t have a wet saw, here are some tips to cut tiles accurately using manual tools:

  • Mark your measurements carefully and use a straightedge as a guide.
  • Score the tiles evenly and deeply before attempting to snap.
  • Make several light passes with nippers rather than one hard bite.
  • Be extra cautious when pressure snapping brittle tile edges.
  • Cut curves and notches from the bottom corner side first when using nippers.
  • Use painter’s tape on the tile to prevent grinding wheels from wandering.
  • Work slowly and steadily when using a grinder to avoid cracking tile.
  • Expect to have miscuts and extra test cuts as part of the learning curve.

Can You Rent Wet Saws?

If budget is a concern, home improvement rental stores like Home Depot often rent wet saws out hourly for affordable rates. This allows you to have access to a wet saw for your project without having to invest in buying one.

Many tile stores will also allow you to bring in your tiles and use their wet saw on site for a small fee. This can be worthwhile if you only have a few tiles to cut.

Renting a wet saw provides an intermediate solution between buying your own or attempting risky manual cuts. Consider it an option if you only have a small backsplash installation.

Wet Saw Safety Tips

Safety should always be your top priority when using power tools:

  • Read and follow the user manual to understand proper operation.
  • Keep hands away from the blade and wear gloves to protect from sharp tile edges.
  • Wear eye protection to prevent water and debris from splashing into eyes.
  • Use a dust mask or respirator to avoid inhaling silica dust particles.
  • Never cut tiles when the reservoir water level is low.
  • Unplug the saw when adjusting the tile fence or changing blades.
  • Maintain control and don’t force the tile through too quickly.
  • Allow the blade to come to a complete stop before removing cut tile pieces.


Backsplash tile provides a stylish touch to any kitchen or bathroom. While it is possible to cut tile manually without a wet saw, the cutting process will be much slower, less accurate, and more likely to damage the tiles. Investing in a reliable wet saw or renting one for a project will lead to fast, smooth, precision cuts. Take your time, review proper technique, and always focus on safety with any tile cutting tools. With caution and care, you can create a beautiful DIY backsplash that transforms the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the disadvantages of cutting tile without a wet saw?

A: Cutting tile without a wet saw often leads to more uneven, chipped edges. It takes more time and tiles are more prone to cracking. Dust and debris can also be a problem.

Q: Can I use an angle grinder instead of a wet saw?

A: Angle grinders can cut tile but don’t cool the blade, so tiles are more likely to burn or crack. Grinders also tend to wander more than a quality tile saw.

Q: How deep should I score tiles before snapping?

A: Score at least 1/8 inch deep for ceramic or porcelain tiles. Pre-cut about 5-6 times lightly before applying firm pressure. Deeper scores reduce the risk of uneven breaks.

Q: What type of blade does a wet saw use to cut tile?

A: Wet saws use diamond-impregnated blades specifically designed for tile. Ensure the blade size matches the tile thickness for smooth cuts.

Q: Can I cut glass backsplash tile with a manual tile cutter?

A: No, you need a specialized glass cutter to score and snap glass tile cleanly. The carbide wheel of a standard tile cutter is more likely to chip glass.