Blue Kitchen Ideas Incorporate Serene & Relaxing Feel of Blue

A blue kitchen can create a beautiful, calming atmosphere in your home. The cool tones are reminiscent of water and sky and have a serene, relaxing feel. Blue is a versatile color that works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Here are some great ideas for incorporating blue hues into your kitchen design.

Selecting Blue Paint Colors and Tones

When selecting a blue paint color, consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Light blues like powder blue or sky blue create an airy, ethereal vibe. Mid-tones like duck egg blue are tranquil and soothing. Navy blue makes a dramatic, sophisticated statement.

Look at blue paint chips in both natural and artificial light to see how the tones change. Complementary colors like white or beige can soften and lighten up deeper blue tones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different blue hues on sample boards until you find the perfect shade.

Using Different Shades of Blue

Incorporate dimension and depth by using light and dark blue tones together. Paint upper cabinets a lighter blue and lower cabinets a deeper shade. Or opt for a navy blue island that contrasts with powder blue walls.

Add visual interest by pairing blue cabinets with a mosaic backsplash in shades of blue glass tile. Multi-colored blue stone or ceramic tile backsplashes also beautifully complement blue cabinetry.

Blue Kitchen Islands

A blue kitchen island is an eye-catching focal point. Opt for a standout navy blue colored island to contrast with white upper cabinets and quartz countertops. Or try a pastel blue island with antique brass fixtures for a charming cottage look.

Incorporate blue by selecting a naturally blue-hued material like a quartzite countertop in icy blue tones. This pairs nicely with white cabinetry for a crisp, refreshing look.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets blue is an easy DIY upgrade that can completely transform the space. A soft robin’s egg blue is timeless and elegant, while deep navy blue cabinets make a bold statement.

Look for blue cabinets that feature interesting details like glass front doors to showcase dinnerware. Contrasting brass knobs and handles add nice detailing.

Blue Kitchen Backsplashes

From vibrant Moroccan tile to soothing glass mosaics, a blue backsplash injects visual excitement. Metallic blue subway tiles in a herringbone pattern add shimmer and sparkle behind the stove and sink area.

Arabic-inspired tile patterns in shades of blue create an exotic global feel. Or go for rustic charm with a handmade ceramic blue tile backsplash running along the top of white Shaker-style cabinetry.

Blue Kitchen Countertops

While blue countertops may be less common than white or black, they can be absolutely stunning. Vibrant turquoise solid surface countertops paired with white cabinets create a preppy, beach-house look.

For a more natural aesthetic, choose a countertop made from blue quartzite, marble or granite. These will have subtle linear patterns and shifts in color that beautifully complement a blue color palette.

Blue Kitchen Walls

Don’t be afraid to paint your kitchen walls blue! A coat of sky blue or powder blue paint transforms the space into a bright, cheerful room. Keep window treatments and cabinetry light to prevent the space from feeling too heavy.

Deep navy blue walls create an intimate, sophisticated look. Offset the dramatic blue walls with plenty of bright white trim, cabinetry, countertops and light fixtures.

Blue Kitchen Flooring

From funky painted floors to gorgeous blue tiles, don’t overlook the design impact a blue floor can make. Stenciling a harlequin checkboard pattern in shades of blue paint is a whimsical retro option. Or lay rectangular ceramic tiles in varied shades of blue and white for timeless style.

For a cohesive monochromatic look, install sheet vinyl flooring or linoleum in a blue gray wash or vibrant blue hue. Seamless and sleek, this budget-friendly flooring makes a design statement.

Blue Kitchen Decor Ideas

Finish your blue kitchen with fun accents and decor in blue hues. Display cobalt blue glass bottles and vases filled with lemons and limes – the perfect pop of contrasting color.

Introduce navy blue with bar stools, a blue kitchen rug, or window valances. Finish with pretty powder blue cafe curtains, distressed wood shelves in a washed blue stain, and antique blue and white ceramic pieces.

FAQs About Blue Kitchen Design

What are some popular blue paint colors for kitchens?

Some of the most popular blue paint colors for kitchens include Aegean Teal, Coastal Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Bay Berry, Manor House Blue, and Rainwashed. Soft powder blues are also classic choices.

What color cabinets go well with a blue kitchen?

White cabinets pair beautifully with blue kitchen walls or blue tiles. Natural wood cabinetry also complements blue for a cozy cottage aesthetic. High-contrast black cabinets look striking alongside a vibrant blue backsplash.

What color hardware should I use in a blue kitchen?

Brass and other metallics pair wonderfully with blue, adding a touch of glamour. Oil-rubbed bronze or black metal hardware gives a more modern, sleek look. Chrome finishes keep things bright and fresh.

What can I use instead of blue paint?

Natural blue materials like quartzite countertops, ceramic tile, sea glass backsplashes, and blue-gray stained wood provide blue hues without needing paint. Or incorporate blue color with easily changeable elements like bar stools, rugs, curtains, and accent decor.

Should I paint my blue kitchen cabinets light or dark blue?

It depends on the look you want! Softer powder blue and robin’s egg blue cabinets evoke a timeless, vintage feel. Navy blue kitchen cabinets make a dramatic statement and anchor the space. Mix dark and light blue cabinets to incorporate both tones.

Is blue a good color for small kitchens?

Yes, blue is generally a great color even for compact kitchen spaces. Stick to soft powdery blues and pay attention to lighting to keep things airy and open rather than dark and cramped. Accent with white trim, cabinetry, countertops and decor.


A blue kitchen design can take shape in many directions – from beachy and coastal, to modern and vibrant, to cottage and charming. Whether you opt for blue cabinets, a colorful backsplash, an accent wall, or accessories and decor, blue is a wonderful choice to infuse your kitchen with a relaxing vibe. Be creative in mixing different blue tones and textures. The possibilities are endless for a kitchen that makes a stylish statement while remaining tranquil and serene.






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