Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware Add Glam with Gold Details

Black kitchen cabinets paired with brass hardware can create a bold, glamorous look in your home. The contrast of rich black cabinetry against the warm, shiny brass pulls and handles makes for an eye-catching combination. Incorporating gold accents and details takes this look over the top, adding even more glitz and drama. There are many ways to incorporate gold with black cabinets and brass hardware to really make them pop.

Selecting Black Cabinets and Brass Hardware

Choosing the right black cabinets and brass hardware is the first step in creating this glamorous look.

Black Cabinet Options

There are a few options when selecting black cabinets:

  • Painted black – You can paint existing or new cabinets in a deep black shade. This allows you to get the exact black tone you want. Be sure to use a high-quality cabinet paint in a matte or eggshell finish.
  • Stained black – Stain provides a rich black color that allows the wood grain to show through. This can provide extra depth and dimension. Use an espresso or ebony stain for the deepest black stain.
  • Black wood species – Woods like walnut and wenge have naturally blackheartwood. This provides a striking solid black color.
  • Thermofoil – Thermofoil cabinets have a black vinyl film over a wood substrate. They provide a uniform, durable black finish.

Brass Hardware Styles

For the brass hardware, opt for a classic style like bin or cup pulls, straight bar pulls, or knobs. Stay away from modern brushed brass or oil-rubbed bronze. Polished or satin brass will contrast best against the black.

Some top brass hardware options include:

  • Bin pulls
  • Cup pulls
  • Straight bar pulls
  • Decorative knobs
  • Drop pulls
  • Ring pulls

Go for hardware with some weight and substantial feel. Solid brass will look and feel more luxurious than cheaply made hardware.

Incorporating Gold Details

Once you have your black cabinets and brass hardware selected, the fun part begins! There are so many ways to incorporate gold details for extra glam. Consider adding:

Gold Fixtures

Swap out standard chrome fixtures for gold ones instead. Gold faucets, sinks, and lighting fixtures will dazzle. Some ideas:

  • Gold faucets – Either a polished gold or black and gold faucet will pop against the black countertops.
  • Gold sinks – A hammered gold, gold copper, or gold stainless sink makes a statement.
  • Gold lights – Look for pendant lights, chandeliers, or sconces with gold finishes. Black and gold combinations work well.
  • Gold mirrors – Frame out a mirror above a gold sink in a coordinating soft gold finish.

Gold Accessories

Accessorize with gold accents throughout the kitchen for glitz. Some ways to incorporate gold:

  • Gold barware – Store wine glasses and champagne flutes in a beautiful gold barware rack.
  • Gold vases and containers – Keep flowers and kitchen tools in gold vases or crocks for an instant touch of glam.
  • Gold cutlery – Use gold utensil holders and gold handled flatware.
  • Gold rugs – An ornate gold area rug can anchor a glam black and gold kitchen.
  • Gold wall decor – Hang gold-framed art, ornate gold mirrors, or foil prints.

Gold Appliances

Bring in appliances with gold finishes to really amplify the luxuriousness. Some gold appliance options include:

  • Gold range – Look for ranges or stoves with gold trim and accents. Black and gold works perfectly.
  • Gold refrigerator – A sleek black refrigerator with gold handles makes a statement.
  • Gold dishwasher – You can find black dishwashers with gold control panels for a coordinating look.

Black and Gold Textiles

Use black and gold textiles to tie everything together. Ideas include:

  • Black and gold patterned window treatments – Hang drapes or roman shades in black and gold patterns.
  • Black and gold patterned area rugs – Anchor seating areas with ornate black and gold rugs.
  • Black and gold cushions – Add pops of gold with black and gold pillows.
  • Gold upholstered stools – Use gold seats to brighten up the black cabinetry.

Design Ideas and Inspiration

Need some inspiration for designing a kitchen with black cabinets, brass hardware and glam gold accents? Here are some gorgeous ways to put this bold look together:

Modern Glam

Create a sleek modern kitchen with subtle gold details by:

  • Choosing contemporary flat panel black cabinets with minimalist brass bar pulls
  • Adding a black and gold geometric print padded banquette
  • Installing a wall of sleek black and gold patterned tiles as a backsplash
  • Using gold pendants over a black marble-topped island

This creates a modern kitchen with a touch of glitz.

Vintage Glam

For a more vintage feel with extra drama, go for:

  • Distressed shaker-style black cabinets with ornate brass pulls
  • A hammered gold farmhouse sink and gooseneck faucet
  • An oversized gold and crystal chandelier as a statement piece
  • Black counters with a large gold mirror hung above

The worn black finish and traditional brass hardware paired with opulent gold fixtures gives this vintage kitchen major glam factor.

Traditional Glam

For a traditional kitchen with timeless glam elements, try:

  • Custom inset black cabinets with antique brass bin pulls
  • Marble herringbone backsplash in black and gold
  • A gold kitchen island topped with black marble
  • Roman shades in black and gold brocade

The custom cabinetry paired with classic gold marble and textiles makes this kitchen glamorous yet timeless.

Dramatic Glam

Go super dramatic with:

  • High-gloss black lacquer cabinets with oversized brass knobs
  • A black quartz countertop with large gold veining throughout
  • An ornate black and gold chandelier as the central focal point
  • Bold gold modern barstools lining the counter

The mix of super sleek and ornate elements creates maximum kitchen drama.

FAQs About Black, Brass and Gold Kitchens

Some frequently asked questions about creating a black, brass, and gold kitchen design:

What color should the walls be?

With such bold cabinetry, you have lots of options for wall colors. Deep shades like navy, emerald, or eggplant look striking. For a lighter feel, soft gold, warm white, or neutral greige work well.

What types of countertops work best?

Counters in black marble, quartz or granite look seamless. Butcher block or wood countertops also add warmth. Gold-veined marble or quartz counters make a bold statement.

What flooring options compliment this look?

For flooring, stick with black and white patterns or warm metallics. Honed black marble tile, graphic black and white tiles, black hardwoods, or an ornate gold area rug work beautifully.

Should the ceiling be black too?

Matching the cabinetry, a black stained or painted ceiling can look cohesive. For a lighter, airier feel, stick with white or soft gold ceilings and just bring in black through textiles.

What about the lighting – gold or black?

Mixing lighting finishes looks best. Use black pendants over gold island lighting, or black overhead lights with gold accent lighting. The mix makes things extra glamorous.

Achieving Next-Level Glam with Black, Brass and Gold

Black cabinets, brass hardware, and glam gold accents are the perfect recipe for creating a gorgeous, bold kitchen. Choosing luxurious black cabinetry, timeless brass pulls and knobs, and glitzy gold finishes throughout the space results in a kitchen that is dramatic, elegant, and totally unique.

With so many ways to incorporate gold – in the lighting, plumbing fixtures, appliances, textiles, accessories, and more – you can dial the glam factor up as much as you desire. Keep finishes sleek for a refined modern elegance, or go all-out ornate for decadent vintage glam. Either way, black, brass and gold used together is sure to deliver a showstopping kitchen space you’ll adore.

Be inspired by the amazing ways designers have combined these elements to create absolutely breathtaking black and gold kitchens. With the right selections and finishes, your kitchen can have that ultra-glam vibe you’ve been dreaming of. Embrace the dark side – and the golden side – to concoct a kitchen that truly dazzles.






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