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Honey oak cabinets are a popular cabinet style that add warmth and elegance to any kitchen. Choosing the right backsplash to pair with honey oak cabinets can accentuate their beautiful honey tones. The backsplash makes up a significant portion of the kitchen wall space, so this design choice deserves careful consideration.

In this article, we will discuss how to select the most flattering backsplash for honey oak kitchen cabinets. We will recommend the best backsplash tile materials, styles, colors and patterns to complement the look of honey oak cabinetry. With the right backsplash, you can create a cohesive and stylish honey oak kitchen design.

Factors to Consider for Honey Oak Cabinet Backsplashes

When selecting a backsplash for honey oak cabinets, there are a few important factors to consider:


You’ll want to opt for backsplash tiles or materials that coordinate with and enhance the different wood tones in the cabinets. Warm neutral hues like beige, cream, tan, brown and honey are ideal choices. You’ll want to avoid colors that clash too harshly with the cabinets. Cool-toned materials like stark white, gray or black could create too much contrast.

Texture & Pattern

Consider combining glossy and matte textures in your backsplash. Honey oak cabinets have a smooth, glossy finish, so pairing them with some matte, textured tiles can create appealing visual interest. Subway tiles, marble mosaics, stone and travertine are all great textured options. Patterns and decorative accents can also complement the wood grain patterns.


Ceramic or porcelain tile, stone, and glass tile are all suitable backsplash materials for pairing with honey oak. Pick materials that align with your budget and desired maintenance level. Ceramic tile offers an affordable option, while natural stone makes a high-end statement.


Both contemporary and classic styles work well with honey oak cabinets. Sleek metallics, mosaics and stone all have a modern vibe. Subway tile, ceramic patterns and Mediterranean styles create a more traditional look. Ultimately, match the backsplash style to your overall kitchen design vision.

By thoughtfully combining colors, textures, materials and styles, you can design a backsplash that truly complements and brings out the best in your honey oak cabinets.

Best Backsplash Tile Materials for Honey Oak Cabinets

Now let’s explore some of the most flattering backsplash tile materials to combine with honey oak cabinetry:

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles make an excellent backsplash choice for honey oak cabinets. The glossy finish and vibrant colors pair wonderfully with the warm wood tones. There are so many colorful and patterned ceramic tile options to choose from too.

Popular styles like subway tile, moroccan tile, and decorative medallions can create contemporary to old-world aesthetic. Ceramic tiles also clean up nicely and are typically an affordable option. Their colors and sheen nicely pick up the light, adding dimension and brightness to the honey oak cabinets.

Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes shimmer and shine, perfectly matching the subtle glow of honey oak cabinets. Using a combination of glass tiles in multiple colors, like amber, bronze and neutral tones, can really make the oak cabinets gleam.

Glass tile comes in so many dazzling colors, shapes and patterns. Using different glass tile shapes together creates artistic appeal. The tiles refract light for a glittering effect that bounces nicely off the cabinet wood grains. Glass is easy to wipe clean too.

Metal Tile

Metallic backsplashes are a bold, modern choice that pair surprisingly well with honey oak cabinets. The natural wood tones are the perfect contrast to sleek metals like copper, stainless steel, bronze and tin.

Playing with metallic finishes like hammered, aged, crackled and brushed can add appealing dimension against the wood cabinetry. Geometric metal tile patterns in inviting earth tone metallic shades look especially striking.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles like marble, travertine, granite and slate lend an undeniable elegance that flatters honey oak’s sophisticated style. Stone backsplashes nicely pick up on the wood grains with their naturally varied texture.

Warm neutral tones like sandstone, beige marble and tanned travertine have an earthiness that feels innately cozy and inviting with honey oak cabinetry. The organic veining and colors found in stone add delightful depth and interest.

Mosaic Tile

Tiny mosaic tiles construct a gorgeous unified image when used as a backsplash. Mosaics often incorporate multiple tile materials, shapes, colors and textures together for visual allure that honey oak cabinets can only elevate further.

Mosaics with warm metallic, earth tone stone/ceramic and multi-colored glass tiles has a vibrancy and depth behind honey oak cabinetry. Mixing glossy and matte tiles in a mosaic design makes for even more stunning effects.

Ideal Backsplash Colors for Honey Oak Cabinets

Choosing a backsplash in colors that blend nicely with honey oak cabinets ensures your kitchen design feels cohesive. Here are some of the best backsplash color options:


A beige backsplash has a soft, welcoming quality that feels right at home with honey oak cabinets. Different shades of beige paired together, from cream to taupe, add warm dimension. Natural stone, ceramic or glass tiles in beige tones make for an excellent match.


Rich brown backsplash tiles pick up the subtle brown undertones of honey oak beautifully. Darker chocolate hues work as an accent, while lighter caramel browns can dominate as the main color. Try a combination brown stone mosaic tile backsplash for lots of depth.


Shimmery gold or brass backsplash tiles give off an amber-honey glow that feels bright and luxurious with honey oak cabinetry. Use genuine metallic gold tiles or faux painted tiles to get this striking look. Gold pairs perfectly with cream, beige and brown backsplash tiles too.


Natural sand colored tiles evoke a soothing, relaxed feeling alongside honey oak cabinets. Pale sand colors include hues like almond, tan, buff and biscuit. Ceramic, porcelain, travertine, limestone and marble tiles in sandy neutrals complement the cabinets.


Terracotta is that warm reddish-orange-brown earth tone that feels quintessentially inviting and artisanal. A terracotta backsplash made of stone or ceramic tiles picks up the subtle orange undertones in honey oak cabinets in the most charming way.


A pale pastel yellow backsplash can make honey oak cabinets really glow. Soft sunny tones and buttery yellows work best. Use yellow glass, ceramic or porcelain tiles to get this cheerful, livening effect. Accent with cream and gold tiles.

By selecting backsplash tile colors that share an undertone harmony with honey oak cabinets, you ensure your kitchen design feels cohesively welcoming.

Best Backsplash Tile Patterns, Styles & Ideas for Honey Oak Cabinets

Now let’s explore some of the most popular and striking backsplash tile patterns, styles and ideas to try with honey oak cabinets:

Subway Tile

Classic white or cream subway tiles arranged in a brickwork layout make a timeless backsplash choice for honey oak cabinets. Subway tiles have a crisp, clean look that contrasts nicely with the woodsy warmth of the cabinetry.

Use beveled edge subway tiles or combine sizes for more dimension. Try laying subway tiles diagonally or in a herringbone pattern for a modern update.

Marble & Stone

Backsplashes made of natural stone like marble, travertine or slate in tan, sand and brown hues introduce an organic elegance and subtle pattern that pairs perfectly with honey oak.

Mini stone mosaic tiles are a great accent option. For a casual Tuscan style, try framing a rough stone slate backsplash with cream subway tile edging.

Mediterranean Tile

Mediterranean style backsplash tiles like Moroccan, Spanish and Talavera introduce ornate decorative pattern options to complement honey oak’s handsome style. These intricate tile patterns and colors interplay beautifully with the wood cabinet tones.

Try a cream tile with navy Moroccan print triangle accents or handpainted, colorful Talavera tiles framed in beige subway tiles. The possibilities are endless!


For a modern backsplash option, try bold geometric prints and angular shapes using glossy ceramic or porcelain tiles. Honeycombs, chevrons, crisscross and 3D cube tile patterns make the cabinets shine.

Use the geometric tiles as an entire backsplash or incorporate just as an accent row or border for dynamism. The contrast works perfectly behind the honey oak cabinetry.

Brick & Fish Scale

Intricately overlapping patterns like classic brickwork, fish scale and cobblestones lend vintage charm and visual texture that enhances honey oak’s warmth. Use ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles in neutral tones to get these looks.

Install the tiles in a full backsplash or just use for a focal accent. Try combining these patterns together or framing with subway tiles.

Textured Tiles

Tiles with heavily textured surfaces like hand-painted ceramic, crackled glaze, pebbled and mosaic create depth and dimension that makes honey oak cabinets stand out beautifully.

Try a textured field tile for the bulk of the backsplash and frame with smoother tiles. You can also do a full textured tile backsplash for lots of rustic appeal.

Ideal Grout Colors with Honey Oak Cabinets

Choosing the right grout color when installing backsplash tiles behind honey oak cabinets is key for creating a cohesive finished look. Here are the best grout color options:


A light beige grout blends in subtly with both warm honey oak cabinets and beige backsplash tiles. The beige grout lines softly fade into the background.


Dark chocolate brown grout provides lovely contrast against light beige or cream backsplash tiles, while still complementing the depths of the oak cabinetry.


Cream or off-white grout pairs well with nearly any light or neutral backsplash tile, from white subway to tan travertine. It also matches seamlessly with the oak.


Natural gray or tan unglazed grout has an understated, earthy look that doesn’t detract from stone backsplash tile colors or honey oak cabinetry.


Soft sand colored grout complements backsplash materials like marble, limestone and ceramic without competing with the rich honey oak tones.

Keep the grout color in the same color family as the backsplash tiles and cabinets for the most natural, seamless look.

Accentuate Honey Oak Cabinets With the Right Backsplash Lighting

Proper lighting can make a stunning backsplash tile feature positively glow behind honey oak cabinets. Here are some lighting tips:

  • Install under-cabinet lighting or puck lights to illuminate the backsplash from underneath the upper cabinets for brilliant visual effects.
  • Use recessed ceiling can lights or track lighting to shine directly down on the backsplash area and highlight the colors and details.
  • Incorporate accent lighting like mini-pendants, sconces or picture lights on the backsplash itself or the walls around it to create a bold focal point.
  • Layer different lighting sources, like under-cabinet and recessed lights, to illuminate the backsplash tiles from multiple angles.
  • Install dimmers so you can control the ambience and adjust the backsplash lighting effects.

Proper backsplash lighting paired with the ideal tile choices will make your honey oak kitchen positively radiate beauty and elegance.

Honey Oak Backsplash Ideas (Gallery)

For additional inspiration, here is a gallery of stunning kitchens featuring a wide variety of beautiful backsplash tile designs paired with warm, welcoming honey oak cabinets:

Honey Oak Cabinets With White Subway Tile Backsplash

Honey oak cabinets complemented by a clean white subway tile backsplash. Source

Honey Oak Cabinets With Brown Granite Tile Backsplash

Rich brown granite tile backsplash bringing out the depth in the honey oak finish. Source

Honey Oak Cabinets With Sandstone Tile Backsplash

Neutral sandstone tile and cream grout complementing the cabinets nicely. Source

Honey Oak Cabinets With Travertine Backsplash

Travertine stone mosaic backsplash with sandy beige and brown earth tones. Source

Honey Oak Cabinets With Textured Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Handpainted ceramic tile backsplash complementing oak with distressed texture. Source

Honey Oak Cabinets With Glass & Stone Mosaic Backsplash

Mixed glass and stone mosaic tiles create brilliant dimension against the oak. Source

Honey Oak Cabinets With Subway Tile Pattern Backsplash

Crisp white beveled subway tile laid in geometric herringbone pattern. Source

Frequently Asked Questions About Honey Oak Backsplashes

What color backsplash goes best with honey oak cabinets?

The best backsplash colors for pairing with honey oak cabinets are warm, neutral hues like cream, beige, sand, brown, tan and terracotta.

What is the most popular backsplash for honey oak cabinets?

White subway tile is likely the most popular choice for honey oak cabinets, thanks to its clean, classic look. But materials like natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal tile are also common backsplash options.

What color grout looks best with honey oak cabinets?

Stick with soft neutral grout colors in the beige to brown color family so as not to clash with the honey oak cabinets. Cream, tan, light brown and unglazed grout all complement the cabinetry well.

What backsplash goes with Tuscan honey oak cabinets?

Handmade ceramic tile, stone mosaic, or rough stone slate backsplashes in earth tones help create a Tuscan style that looks wonderful with honey oak cabinets.

Can you put a dark backsplash with honey oak cabinets?

While stark contrasts like black could potentially overwhelm honey oak, you can use darker brown, bronze, gold or metallic backsplash tiles as accents. Keep them framed with plenty of lighter cream, beige or white tiles.


The ideal backsplash design can make all the difference in highlighting the warm, welcoming beauty of honey oak kitchen cabinets. Carefully choosing tiles in coordinated textures, patterns, materials and colors creates a pulled-together, harmonious look.

Be sure to illuminate your honey oak backsplash properly with strategic lighting placement. With the recommendations provided in this guide, you’ll feel confident selecting the perfect backsplash to complement your cabinets beautifully. The alluring tones and grains of honey oak cabinetry will truly come alive against your stunning new backsplash.






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