Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Stylish & Functional Vanity Designs

Choosing a new bathroom vanity can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. With so many options for styles, sizes, materials and storage, it can be overwhelming trying to select the perfect vanity. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the key factors to consider when shopping for a new bathroom vanity. We’ll also showcase some of the most stylish and functional vanity designs to inspire your remodel.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

Selecting the right vanity is one of the most important decisions when remodeling your bathroom. The vanity sets the tone for the whole space, so you’ll want one that fits the size of your bathroom and matches your personal style. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal vanity:

Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

  • Measure the width and depth of the bathroom to determine what size vanity will fit. Allow for doors to fully open and drawers to pull out without obstruction.
  • Small bathrooms do best with a narrow 24-30 inch vanity while larger bathrooms can accommodate up to 60 inches.
  • Corner vanities maximize space in a small bathroom. Look for corner vanities with angled fronts or pie cut shapes.

Decide on Vanity Height

  • Standard vanity height is 31-34 inches tall. This works well for most adults.
  • For a more customized fit, measure the height you need for comfortable use. Taller vanities around 36 inches are better for taller users.
  • Evaluate counter height if you prefer a standing height vanity. These are usually 36-42 inches tall.

Choose Vanity Depth

  • Standard vanity depths are 21-24 inches deep from front to back. This allows comfortable use of the sink basin.
  • Shallow depth vanities 15-18 inches deep are great for small bathrooms. Just ensure there’s enough knee space when seated.
  • Extra deep vanities up to 30 inches provide ample countertop space for toiletries and decor.

Pick the Right Sink Basin

  • Smaller bathrooms do well with a petite rectangular or oval sink basin. Larger bathrooms can accommodate wide rectangular or square sinks.
  • Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter and come in a range of stylish materials like glass, stone or porcelain.
  • Undermount sinks fit seamlessly into the vanity countertop for a sleek contemporary look.

Decide on Integrated or Separate Sink & Countertop

  • Integrated countertops with a pre-cut sink are affordable and easy to install. The countertop and sink material are all one piece.
  • Custom countertops allow you to pair any sink with your preferred countertop material like quartz or granite. Most budgets will need a separate sink & counter.

Choose Cabinet & Drawer Storage

  • Opt for maximum cabinets and drawers to keep bathroom supplies organized and out of sight.
  • Full height cabinets provide abundant storage while drawer stacks offer easy access to toiletries and makeup.
  • Look for soft-close hardware on doors and drawers for a luxury feel.

Select Material: Wood, Metal or Composite

  • Wood vanities provide a classic, natural look in finishes like oak, maple and walnut. Cherry or mahogany offer a luxe traditional style.
  • Metal vanities like brass, nickel or stainless steel give a sleek, contemporary edge. Some have cool vintage inspired designs.
  • Composite wood materials like MDF and plywood allow for affordable, water-resistant options. Thermofoil and laminate stands up to moisture.

Decide on Vanity Style

  • Single vanity with just one sink basin for smaller bathrooms. Opt for his/hers double vanities in larger bathrooms allowing two users at once.
  • Classic styles like shaker, mission and farmhouse never go out of style. Look for vintage inspired vanities for a throwback aesthetic.
  • Contemporary vanities with clean lines lend a modern, trendy look. Add interest with unique legs or metal accents.

Now that you know what to look for in a new vanity, check out some of our favorite bathroom vanity design ideas. We’ll showcase styles and storage setups perfect for both small and large bathrooms. Discover just the right vanity to create your dream bathroom oasis!

Stylish Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can still enjoy beautiful, functional vanities that maximize every inch. Here are some of our favorite compact vanity styles perfect for tiny powder rooms and tight spaces:

1. Floating Style Vanity

Floating vanities detached from the floor and wall give the illusion of more space in cramped bathrooms. Look for floating vanities around 24-30 inches wide and 20-22 inches deep. DIY floating vanities using wall anchors give you more height options. Pair with undermount sinks and sconce lighting.

2. Wall Mounted Vanity

Similar to floating vanities, wall mounted cabinets increase perceived spaciousness by getting the vanity off the floor. Shop ready-made wall mount vanities or custom designs. Opt for open bottom cabinets or add cabinet doors for fully concealed storage.

3. Pedestal Sink Vanity

A pedestal sink vanity has a simple base that supports a wall mounted sink basin. The minimal footprint is perfect for tight spaces. Look for petite rectangular sinks or splashy ceramic vessel sinks atop pedestals. Add wall cabinets for medicine and linen storage.

4. Corner Style Vanity

Make the most of unused space by tucking a narrow vanity into the corner. Choose from corner vanities with angled fronts or “pie cut” shapes tailored for corners. Many have just one sink basin to conserve space. The unused corner can store a trash bin or laundry basket.

5. Rounded Front Vanity

Oval or round front vanities shave off inches with a space-saving curved shape. The rounded front lets bathroom doors fully swing open without hitting the vanity. Opt for dainty oval sinks to match the vanity silhouette.

6. Narrow Depth Vanity

Standard vanity depths around 22 inches deep prevent full use of floor space in tiny bathrooms. Solve this issue with a narrow depth vanity 15-18 inches deep. Look for wall hung vanities or stands with removable legs to lower the overall footprint.

With some creative styles and space-saving designs, you can enjoy a gorgeous vanity even in the smallest powder room. Focus on proportions and allow for comfortable leg room at the vanity stool with these petite styles.

Functional Vanity & Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Beyond selecting a compact vanity, also look for smart storage solutions to keep a small bathroom organized. Useful vanity designs and creative extras can hold toiletries that won’t fit in the vanity cabinet.

1. Drawer Organizer Trays

Designate drawers for specific items like makeup or toiletries. Use organizer trays to neatly corral everything into the right sections. Labeled clear acrylic trays keep your system visible.

2. Spice Rack Storage

Take advantage of the unused space on the inside of cabinet doors by installing hanging spice racks. These metal racks with adjustable shelves are perfect for narrow bottles and tubes. Mount vertically or horizontally.

3. Cabinet Lazy Susans

Lazy susan turntables bring items stored at the back of vanity cabinets to your fingertips with a quick spin. Great for organizing curling irons, hair dryers and bathroom cleaners.

4. Slim Rolling Cart

Supplement vanity storage with a slim rolling cart tucked beside or behind it. Opt for a stainless steel cart with 2-3 tiers and enough clearance to roll over bathroom rugs. Use for overflow toiletries and backup supplies.

5. Undersink Drawer Unit

Many modern sinks have an open space underneath. Take advantage of this prime real estate by installing an undersink drawer unit. Choose between plastics units or roll out metal drawers. Use for extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

With a few handy extras like drawer organizers, spice racks and rolling carts, even the most compact vanity can hold all your bathroom essentials. Look for solutions that use vertical space and convenient mobile storage.

Double Vanity Ideas for Large Bathrooms

For those blessed with spacious bathrooms, a double vanity opens up seating for two people at once. His and hers sinks mean no more fighting for mirror time or storage. Here are some of our favorite double vanity setups:

1. Split Double Vanity

A split double vanity has two separate vanities and sinks divided by a gap in the middle. The gap allows for traffic flow or freestanding decor like plants or artwork. Split vanities work especially well flanking a central bathtub.

2. Continuous Double Vanity

Prefer uninterrupted counter space? A continuous double vanity has two sinks positioned side by side spanning one long countertop. Look for styles a continuous front for a seamless look. Opt for his/hers sinks with one wide rectangular basin and one oval or round.

3. Mirrored Double Vanity

For a symmetrical look, choose two identical vanities separated by a narrow gap or spacer. Matching vanities with the same cabinet fronts and sink basins look especially pleasing when positioned across from each other.

4. Offset Double Vanity

Offset vanities have sinks positioned at different depths, allowing the counts and sinks to overlap. his creates more intimate his/hers zones while maximizing bathroom floor space with a smaller footprint.

5. Combine Different Styles

Get creative and combine two completely different vanity styles for his/hers customization. Pair a traditional cabinet vanity with a sleek contemporary wall mounted vanity or mix wood and metal finishes.

6. Create Built-In Look

Choose two matching vanities and have them installed flanking the bathtub without gaps. This creates the look of an upscale custom built-in wall-to-wall vanity. Add crown molding up top for even more high-end style.

With the right well-designed pair of vanities, both bathroom occupants can spread out and enjoy their own personalized space. Remember to include a central makeup area or buffer zone between his/her sinks.

Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Now for the fun part! Here we’ll showcase some of the most stylish, creative vanity designs out there. You’re sure to find inspiration for your own dream bathroom remodel among these vanity styles:

1. Rustic Wood Vanity

Rustic vanities with natural wood finishes bring warmth and texture. Distressed wood in grey, brown and charcoal work well in contemporary rustic bathrooms. Opt for vintage details like arched doors, exposed hinges and metal accents.

2. Midcentury Modern Vanity

The retro charm of 50s and 60s style makes a comeback in midcentury vanities with tapered legs, funky retro knobs and earth tone laminates. Pair with decorative tile or vinyl floors and sconce lights.

3. Industrial Style Vanity

Industrial bathrooms embrace the utilitarian look of factories and workshops with galvanized metals, exposed pipes and reclaimed wood. Stainless steel or metal vanities with an open unfinished look work perfectly.

4. Traditional Shaker Vanity

You can’t go wrong with classic shaker cabinetry in a light wood finish like maple or oak. Opt for details like overlay doors, vintage hardware and beaded panel fronts for a timeless appeal.

5. Modern Farmhouse Vanity

The popular farmhouse style gets a fresh update with creamy painted shaker cabinets, round apron sinks and modern matte black hardware. Add chicken wire door inserts as a cute cottage accent.

6. Contemporary Vanity

For sleek and stylish, choose a contemporary vanity in glossy solid colors or matte laminates. Blocky square pulls and streamlined silhouettes create a minimalist vibe. Add visual interest with metal legs or asymmetrical shapes.

7. Transitional Vanity

Walk the line between classic and contemporary with a transitional vanity. Look for a simple shaker shape accented by modern elements like metallic hardware, vessel sinks and ledger stone backsplashes.

8. Antique Inspired Vanity

Who wouldn’t love an antique vanity bargain find from a flea market or estate sale? The next best thing is a new vanity crafted with all the vintage charm of a family heirloom piece. Look for details like arched doors, carved legs, apron draws and porcelain knobs. Distressed paint finishes complete the timeworn look.

9. Modern Farmhouse Vanity

Give a traditional farmhouse vanity a fresh, contemporary twist with matte black hardware, metal accents and sleek white composite cabinets. Square vessel sinks and modern geometric tile backsplashes keep the look up-to-date.

10. Statement Mirror Vanity

An ornate mirror situated behind an elegant vanity creates a visually striking focal point. Look for beveled mirrors with carved frames or opt for modern geometric mirrors with clean lines. Illuminate with sconces for beautiful reflections day or night.

Use these inspired vanity designs as a jumping off point to create your own custom bathroom style. Choose a look that fits your decor, then make it your own with creative touches and accent details. With the right vanity choice, you’re guaranteed to love your new bathroom oasis!

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Once you’ve explored design ideas, follow this vanity shopping guide as you search for your dream vanity:

  • Set a Budget: Vanities come in a huge price range. Set a realistic budget upfront so you can quickly narrow the options. Expect to spend $300-$1000 for a quality discount or budget friendly vanity. Mid-range prices go up to $1500-$2000. For top of the line, handcrafted furniture quality vanities, expect to spend between $2000-$5000.
  • Choose Retailer: Home improvement big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer affordable options. Order online from specialty retailers like Wayfair, Overstock or Pottery Barn for more variety. Check local bath showrooms for an expert design consultation.
  • Select Materials: Balance your budget with material options. Wood veneer over plywood or composite boards offer real wood looks for less. Laminates and thermafoil stand up to moisture at lower price points. Solid hardwoods like oak and maple are more premium.
  • Measure Carefully: Use a tape measure to carefully measure your existing space or planned bathroom layout. Size the vanity to fit properly, allowing for doors and drawers to open without hitting walls, tub or toilet.
  • Read Reviews: Hands-on reviews from other buyers can reveal drawbacks and help you avoid low quality vanity disappointments. Look for brands and models with at least a 4 star rating.
  • Expect Delays: Supply chain issues mean vanities could take weeks or months to arrive. Order early so your cabinet is ready in time for installation day. Some sellers let you pay upfront to reserve stock coming soon. Bathroom Vanity Installation Guide

Once you finally have your dream vanity unpacked, it’s time to install it. Here are some tips for smoothly installing your new bathroom vanity:

Prepare the Space

  • Clear out the old vanity and plumbing
  • Add or relocate electrical and plumbing as needed
  • Remove base moldings if replacing flooring
  • Fill holes in drywall from old plumbing or fixtures

Assemble Vanity Cabinet

  • Review instructions and parts/hardware
  • Attach cabinet frames adding corner blocks, braces and rails if needed
  • Add cabinet doors, shelves, drawers and handles
  • Screw on top securely using clamps to hold in place

Install Countertop

  • Set cabinet in place, level and attach to wall studs
  • Dry set countertop to check fit before final placement
  • Apply adhesive or screws to install countertop
  • Seal around edges with caulk

Connect Plumbing

  • Attach sink and faucet according to instructions
  • Connect drain pipes, supply lines and p-trap with slip joints
  • Seal connections with pipe tape and adjustable wrenches
  • Test for leaks and proper water flow

Complete the Look

  • Apply any backsplash tile, cutting holes for plumbing
  • Caulk along wall, countertop and floor edges
  • Reinstall baseboards or quarter round trim
  • Remove cabinet doors during painting to avoid drips

Alternative Installation Options

If tackling a vanity install seems daunting, consider these alternate installation options:

  • Hire a Carpenter: Experienced carpenters can expertly handle the cabinetry build and countertop fabrication. You save on potential cabinet damage or countertop cracking.
  • Try DIY Kits: Some home improvement stores sell complete vanity packages with pre-assembled cabinet, pre-cut countertop and all hardware included. These kits make installation much simpler for DIYers.
  • Use a Handyman Service: An experienced handyman service brings all the necessary tools and expertise. Handymen have the skills to properly install any vanity style.

With a few savvy tips and cautions about measurements and plumbing, you can install your new bathroom vanity like a pro. Take your time and don’t be afraid to call in a professional if certain steps seem too advanced.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Vanities

Still have some lingering questions about selecting the ideal vanity? Here we answer some of the most common FAQs about bathroom vanities:

What is the most popular vanity size?

The most common vanity size is about 30 inches wide and 22 inches deep. This fits one sink basin comfortably and works in most average bathrooms. For tight spaces, size down to 24-27 inches wide. Upsize to 36-48 inches wide for spacious bathrooms.

Which is better for a bathroom vanity – solid wood or plywood?

Solid hardwoods like oak and maple make durable and beautiful vanities, but the costs are much higher. As an affordable alternative, plywood veneer provides the same wood look at lower price points. Opt for plywood with a water-resistant finish.

Should I get a vanity with one sink or two sinks?

It depends on your bathroom size and whether






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