Backsplash Tile Shapes Most Popular and Unique Backsplash Tile Designs

A backsplash serves both practical and aesthetic purposes in a kitchen. Not only does it protect the walls from splashes and stains, but it also adds visual interest and brings out the style of the space. With so many backsplash tile shapes and designs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the right option for your kitchen. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and unique backsplash tile shapes to consider.

Rectangular Tile

The most common and versatile backsplash tile shape is the basic rectangle. Rectangular tiles come in all sizes, colors, textures, and materials. They can be easily mixed and matched for a customized look.

Benefits of Rectangular Backsplash Tiles

  • Available in endless options at various price points
  • Can be oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Create clean lines and a contemporary vibe
  • Easy to cut and install in any layout
  • Coordinate with countertops and other finishes

Rectangular subway tiles are a backsplash staple, often using glossy white ceramics in a classic brick pattern. For a modern twist, bold colors, metallics, or elongated sizes make a statement. Stacked or staggered layouts add visual interest to simple rectangular tiles.

Unique Ways to Use Rectangular Tiles

  • Contrasting grout colors
  • Varying tile sizes and orientations
  • Patterned or textured tiles
  • Accent strips and borders
  • Decorative listello, trims, and mosaics

With the right combination of tiles and layout, rectangular backsplashes can achieve any style – traditional, transitional, contemporary, rustic, and more.

Hexagon Tile

Hexagon tiles create a honeycomb effect, packing the geometric shape tightly together. The interlocking six-sided tiles have a vintage feel but also work in contemporary spaces. Hexagon backsplashes come in ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and stone.

Benefits of Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

  • Timeless, elegant style
  • Naturally draw the eye to the focal point
  • Opportunity for creativity in patterns and colors
  • Available in wide range of materials
  • Provides dimension and visual interest

While white hexagon tiles are popular for a cottage or farmhouse aesthetic, bold colors and varied materials modernize the hexagon shape. Mixing matte and glossy finishes adds depth. Offset bricks and unique color combinations make for an eyecatching backsplash. Hexagons can also be paired with other tile shapes.

Unique Ways to Use Hexagon Tiles

  • Offset brick layout in contrasting colors
  • Paired with rectangular subway tiles
  • Ombre or gradient color schemes
  • Metallic or iridescent glass tiles
  • Large scale hexagons for drama

Hexagon backsplashes work especially well behind cooktops and range hoods where the shape draws the eye. Embrace the versatility of the hexagon in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Penny Round Tile

Just as the name implies, penny round tiles are small, circular tiles resembling copper pennies. Typically 1 inch or smaller, the tiles have a vintage vibe reminiscent of the early 1900s. But they also create modern impact when installed in fun patterns.

Benefits of Penny Round Backsplash Tiles

  • Small scale good for palettes and accents
  • Intricate, eye-catching patterns
  • Looks handcrafted and artisanal
  • Provides texture and dimension
  • Works in many color schemes and styles

While penny rounds often come in glossy white, black, or blue ceramics, they also make a statement in bold colors and metallics. Use diamond, herringbone, or basketweave layouts to transform the small circles into mesmerizing designs. Line up rows in contrasting colors for a checkerboard effect.

Unique Ways to Use Penny Rounds

  • Statement backsplash behind stove
  • Contrasting grout for visual pop
  • Metallic tiles for glam or industrial style
  • Combine with rectangles and hexagons
  • Install in herringbone or diamond patterns

Don’t overlook the power of small pennies. Though tiny in size, when installed creatively, penny round backsplashes steal the show, especially surrounding focal areas like rangetops.

Fish Scale Tile

As the name suggests, fish scale tiles are arranged to resemble the scales of a fish in overlapping rows. The curved, circular shape of the individual tiles create a unique look and texture within the backsplash.

Benefits of Fish Scale Backsplash Tiles

  • Mimics natural pattern of fish scales
  • Overlapping design is highly decorative
  • Adds elegant texture and visual interest
  • Works in varied color palettes
  • Matches modern, transitional, or cottage styles

While fish scale tiles traditionally feature blue, green, and white hues inspired by the ocean, modern colors like metallic coppers, bold jewel tones, and glossy blacks heighten the drama. Stagger rows in contrasting colors for bold definition.

Unique Ways to Use Fish Scale Tiles

  • Overlapping rows in alternating colors
  • Contrasting grout color adds depth
  • Metallic scales for glamorous style
  • Combine with glass mosaic tiles
  • Install as an accent border or focal point

Make a statement with the beautiful contours and overlapped arrangement of fish scale tiles. Their fluid shape softens hard lines and adds motion to backsplashes.

Chevron Tile

Angled in an inverted V shape, chevron tiles have movement and direction to lead the eye. The zigzag point draws attention, often pointing towards the stove, sink, or other focal feature. While chevrons traditionally feature two colors, modern variations include a single color and material for subtle texture.

Benefits of Chevron Backsplash Tiles

  • Leads the eye and creates movement
  • Angled shape is inherently decorative
  • Works in traditional or contemporary kitchens
  • Can be simple two-tone or multi-colored
  • Makes a statement behind cooktops

To highlight the angled shape, pair glossy and matte finishes. Metallic chevrons in copper, gold, or silver glam up the look. For a bold statement, opt for daring colors like emerald green or sapphire blue. Adding glass, stone, or marble tiles amplifies the drama.

Unique Ways to Use Chevron Tiles

  • Lead the eye to focal points and architecture
  • Use with rectangle and square tiles
  • Go for bold colors like red, purple, or teal
  • Alternate matte and glossy finishes
  • Choose a striking material like handmade glass

Chevron backsplashes work with everything from modern farmhouse to industrial loft styles. Tip the chevron shape to create strong direction in the kitchen.

Octagon Tile

For an uncommon shape with vintage appeal, octagon backsplash tiles deliver eye-catching results. The eight-sided shape features clean lines punctuated by header and stretcher tiles that create an interlocking pattern. Octagons range from ceramic and porcelain to hand-cut stone and glass.

Benefits of Octagon Backsplash Tiles

  • Unique shape for one-of-a-kind backsplash
  • Interlocking layout with built-in pattern
  • Classic, geometric style works anywhere
  • Handmade and antique options available
  • Pairs beautifully with rectangle tiles

While white octagon tiles evoke old-world charm, going bold with ruby red or sapphire blue makes a smashing modern statement. Complement the shape with square and rectangular tiles in contrasting finishes. Mix in accent pennies, hexagons or listellos for extra flair.

Unique Ways to Use Octagon Tiles

  • Colorful octagons as an accent wall
  • Blue and white traditional style
  • Black and white modern farmhouse
  • Go metallic like gold, rose gold, or copper
  • Float octagons randomly as artistic accents

Let octagon tiles contrast with countertops and cabinets to make them pop. Their eight angles and built-in patterning create captivating texture within backsplashes.

Ombre Tile

Ombre refers to a graduation or fade between colors, usually moving from light to dark. Ombre tiles take this concept and apply it to backsplashes for a striking two-tone or multi-color effect. The ombre look can be achieved within a tile or by blendingcomplementary hues.

Benefits of Ombre Backsplash Tiles

  • Gradient color effect adds visual interest
  • Blending of colors is highly decorative
  • Works with any color combination
  • Has a painterly, artistic aesthetic
  • Pairs beautifully with stainless steel

Ombre glass subway tiles transition from frosted white to blue for a soothing coastal vibe. Or go bold with vibrant yellow that fades to rich orange. Ombre works particularly well with metallics like copper to gold or silver to black. Choose colors that complement your cabinetry and countertops.

Unique Ways to Use Ombre Tiles

  • Fade light to dark, matt to glossy
  • Include an accent row of centered tiles
  • Pair with cut glass, marble slab, or stone
  • Create your own custom ombre blend
  • Use multiple ombre hues for a sunset effect

Make a statement with the gorgeous blending of ombre tiles. Their inherent gradient draws the eye across the backsplash and makes colors pop.

Moroccan Tile

Inspired by the vivid tiles of Morocco, these backsplashes feature colorful geometric shapes and patterns. Often hand-painted or artisanal in nature, Moroccan tiles enliven a space with their fearless use of jewel tones, intricate motifs, and bold patterns.

Benefits of Moroccan Backsplash Tiles

  • Vibrant colors like teal, violet, gold
  • Intricate patterns are visually striking
  • Artsy, handcrafted look
  • Lends an exotic, worldly flair
  • Works great in eclectic, bohemian spaces

While Moroccan backsplashes traditionally use blue, green, yellow, and terracotta hues, modern versions embrace fuchsia, seafoam green, and other colors. Metallic golds and copper update the look. Opt for authentic Moroccan tiles or domestically produced versions with similar patterns.

Unique Ways to Use Moroccan Tiles

  • As a bold focal area behind stove
  • Combine with rectangular tiles
  • Pair with rustic or modern elements
  • Use as an accent border or medallion
  • Intersperse with solid tiles for color pops

Moroccan backsplash tiles lend exotic flair whether installed as a statement wall or integrated with everyday subway tiles. Embrace the fearless patterns and colors.

Wood Look Tile

Wood-look backsplash tiles allow you to achieve the beauty of natural wood with the functionality of porcelain or ceramic tile. Replicating oak, maple, driftwood and other woods, these realistic tiles have variation and texture. Durability and moisture resistance make them perfect for kitchen backsplashes.

Benefits of Wood Look Backsplash Tiles

  • Provides warmth and natural texture
  • Realistic looks replicate popular woods
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Works with many cabinetry styles
  • Allows for bold wooden backsplash

Matte finishes and grain detailing take wood-look tiles to the next level. Pair with exposed beams, butcher block countertops and rustic or farmhouse decor for a cohesive look. While whitewashed and light woods are on trend, go bold with ebony or cherry styles.

Unique Ways to Use Wood Look Tiles

  • Mix wood grains for added interest
  • Use brick, herringbone and chevron patterns
  • Contrast vertical and horizontal planks
  • Pair with ceramic tiles like subway
  • Install wood-look 3D wall panels

Wood-look backsplash tiles lend a reclaimed quality while being easy to maintain. Take the backsplash to rustic new heights.

Stone Tile

Dimension and texture make stone backsplash tiles a stunning yet enduring choice. Tiles made from natural stone like marble, travertine, and slate as well as engineered quartzite provide variation and beauty. Stone tiles complement many design aesthetics.

Benefits of Stone Backsplash Tiles

  • Timeless, classic material and aesthetic
  • Natural texture adds depth and interest
  • Variation in stone colors and veining
  • Can be matte, shiny, or lightly textured
  • Extreme durability for years of beauty

While marble tile provides elegant veining in grey, white and black, travertine offers a rustic, chiseled look. Slate grey and quartzite bring moody, earthy tones. Use large format stone tiles or mosaic sheets for added impact.

Unique Ways to Use Stone Tiles

  • Statement marble slab behind cooktop
  • Extensive multicolored slate mosaic
  • Travertine subway tiles in brick pattern
  • Contrasting stone mosaic inlay
  • Linear stone strips alternating with solid tiles

Let the natural beauty of stone shine through. Whether used as an accent or full backsplash, stone tiles lend timeless sophistication. Choose matte, honed, or polished finishes.

Patterned Tile

Why stick with plain tiles when you can opt for pattern and texture? From Moroccan motifs to decorative pictorial tiles, patterned backsplashes enliven kitchens with colors, designs, and dimensional details.

Benefits of Patterned Backsplash Tiles

  • Injects color, whimsy, and personality
  • Pattern possibilities are endless
  • Encompasses pictorial, ceramic, porcelain
  • Can include decorative 3D details
  • Makes backsplash the focal point

Intriguing backsplash patterns like Mediterranean floors or artsy floral designs make kitchens pop. Spanish inspired tiles use intricate detailing in vivid hues. Handpainted tiles showcase quirky vegetables, fruits or utensils. Middle Eastern patterns enchant with geometric designs.

Unique Ways to Use Patterned Tiles

  • Bold focal wall behind cooktop
  • Contrasting patterned inserts
  • Coordinating colors and textures
  • Mixing multiple coordinating patterns
  • Pairing with solid tiles for balance

Patterned backsplash tiles tell a story. They bring artistry and global inspiration to kitchen design. Make the backsplash the star with ornate Spanish tiles or everyday dishes and utensils handpainted into scenic masterpieces.

Glass Tile

Glass backsplash tiles capture light and reflect shine for an eye-catching look. Made from recycled glass, they offer iridescent, metallic and ombre designs. Used creatively, glass tiles create backsplashes with depth, artistry and brilliance.

Benefits of Glass Backsplash Tiles

  • Reflect and refract light beautifully
  • Distinctive iridescent and ombre effects
  • Available in range of textures and finishes
  • Can mimic natural materials like stone
  • Great for adding pops of color and shine

While clear glass tiles expose lights and create depth, colored glass absorbs and emits color. Combine glass with ceramic, porcelain or stone for contrast. Use accent strips, borders and medallions to spotlight glass tiles.

Unique Ways to Use Glass Tiles

  • Ombre or fused multicolor glass
  • Metallic glass tile mosaics
  • Clear glass tile backsplash with lights
  • Mix frosted and clear glass together
  • Accent with colored glass decorative tiles

From color to brilliance, glass backsplashes make a statement. Let them reflect light and creativity throughout the kitchen space. They prove elegance doesn’t need to be understated.

Handmade Tile

For artisan appeal, handmade backsplash tiles provide beautiful uniqueness. Clay, ceramic and glass are transformed into one-of-a-kind tiles. Expect slight variations in sizing, colors and finishes. Installation can also be customized to your space.

Benefits of Handmade Backsplash Tiles

  • Unique character from handcrafted charm
  • Small batches produce distinctive tiles
  • Colors, shapes and textures not mass produced
  • Opportunity to customize ordering
  • Creative techniques like carved clay or cracked glaze

Handmade tiles may use traditional methods like kiln-firing or mosaic making. Or they can embrace modern techniques like graffiti-style patterns. Terracotta, talavera, encaustic and moroccan tiles are often handcrafted.

Unique Ways to Use Handmade Tiles

  • Focal backsplash wall behind range
  • As artistic listello borders and accents
  • To create a backsplash mural or scene
  • Moroccan patterns highlighting kitchen details
  • Mixing an array of coordinating handmade tiles

Handmade backsplash tiles add artistry, nostalgia, and human qualities to kitchens. With custom design possibilities, create a backsplash as unique as your home.

Metal Tile

For industrial edge, the gleam and grit of metal backsplash tiles is bold and daring. Choices like stainless steel, tin, copper, brass, and nickel make metallic magic. From solid sheets to metallic mosaic, metal transforms backsplashes into shine statements.

Benefits of Metal Backsplash Tiles

  • High-shine and reflective qualities
  • Industrial vibe with exposed brick or concrete
  • Penny tile rounds in copper, nickel, or chrome
  • Varied finishes from matte to polished
  • Can mimic other materials like wood or stone

Pair metal backsplashes with exposed ductwork, stainless steel appliances, and factory pendant lighting. Contrast metal’s sleek lines with the softness of wood cabinets and furnishings. Hammered metal and rivet details crank up the industrial ambiance.

Unique Ways to Use Metal Tiles

  • Oversized stainless panels behind cooktop
  • Rivet and screwhead mosaic for texture
  • Weathered patina metals like rustic copper
  • Geometric or diamond-shaped penny tiles
  • Mixing metallic with glass and stone mosaic

Infuse your kitchen with machine-age marvel. Metal backsplashes reflect character, resilience, and tenacity. Let copper, brass or stainless steel shine boldly.

Statement Tile

For drama and impact, statement backsplash tiles command attention. Oversized patterned Moroccan tiles






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