Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens Complete the Coastal Vibe

A blue and white kitchen evokes images of breezy beach cottages and fresh, crisp seaside style. The classic color combination is a perennial favorite for creating a coastal vibe in the heart of your home. Choosing the perfect backsplash is key to completing the look. The right backdrop ties the whole room together and adds that final nautical touch.

From traditional tile designs to unique materials, there are endless possibilities for blue and white backsplashes. Consider materials like subway tile, marble, glass, and even wood to complement your cabinets and counters. Varying shades of blue, from light sky tones to deeper navy hues, pair beautifully with crisp whites and natural neutrals. Don’t be afraid to add subtle hints of color with sea glass greens or sandy tans.

Keep reading for plenty of stylish and serene blue and white backsplash ideas to complete your coastal kitchen!

Classic Blue and White Subway Tile

Nothing evokes old-world coastal charm quite like classic 3×6 subway tile in soft blue and white. The rectangular tiles laid in a bricklike pattern are a timeless and versatile choice. Subway tiles create a clean, streamlined look and are easy to install in a do-it-yourself weekend project.

For a coastal vibe, look for subway tiles in lighter shades of blue, from the barest hint of robin’s egg blue to calming sky blue tones. Pair with bright white grout for crisp definition. Mix glossy and matte finishes for added dimension. Stack the tiles in a straightforward brick pattern or get creative with patterns like herringbone.

The simplicity of subway tile allows your coastal blue and white palette to shine through. Accent with stainless steel hardware, rope trim, and driftwood details. Delicate subway tile backsplash completes the breezy, beach-chic style.

Blue and white subway tile backsplash

Bold Navy and White Geometric Tiles

For a more modern take on coastal style, try bolder navy blue and white geometric tile. Triangles, diamonds, hexagons, and concave shapes catch the eye. Mixing glossy and matte finishes adds further visual interest.

Geometric shapes allow you to create neat patterns or intriguing mosaics. Use large format tiles in glossy navy blue and offset with matte white in smaller sizes. Integrate pops of lighter blue for accent. Try overlapping the shapes to form stars or zigzags.

Pair navy and white geometric tiles with sleek modern cabinets and stainless steel fixtures for contemporary contrast. Finish the look with driftwood shelves, woven baskets, and a touch of greenery. The deep blue palette and angular tiles create energy and sophistication.

Navy blue and white geometric tile backsplash

Moroccan Tile Style

For a worldly coastal vibe, Moroccan-inspired tiles charm with intricate patterns and vivid color. Traditional Moroccan tiles, called zellige, combine small geometric and starburst shapes in vivid hues of blue, green and terra cotta. Replicating this ornate style is easy with readily available encaustic cement tiles.

In a blue and white scheme, opt for field tiles in a lighter Moroccan-inspired pattern. Accent with navy diamonds or starbursts. Crisp white grout prevents the pattern from feeling busy. Allow some pops of sea glass green or salmon pink for a pop of color.

Moroccan-style backsplashes intermingle old-world charm with breezy sophistication. Contrast against modern Shaker-style cabinets for contemporary flavor. Complete the look with woven hanging lights and brass hardware bringing warmth to the coastal palette.

Moroccan style blue and white tile

White Shiplap Planks

For simplicity with texture, try shiplap planks in crisp white. Shiplap consists of wide planks with grooved edges that slot together, creating subtle shadow lines. The wood grain texture adds natural contrast to sleek cabinets and countertops.

Crisp white painted shiplap evokes beach cottage charm. Look for wider planks around six inches for clean lines with a nod to nautical styling. For added interest, hang the planks vertically or diagonally rather than strictly horizontal.

Pair white shiplap with powder blue cabinets for a relaxed coastal pairing. Contrasting blue and white patterns on dishes and textiles pop against the simple white backdrop. Add accent hues like coral or sage green with fresh flowers and dish towels. Crisp white shiplap keeps the coastal look light and casual.

White shiplap backsplash planks

Weathered Wood Planks

For more rustic texture, weathered wood planks impart seaside cottage charm. Unfinished reclaimed barnwood offers natural variation in tone, grain, and surface. Wavy, distressed wood conjures images of beachside dwellings weathered by the salty sea air.

In a blue and white scheme, look for weathered grey barnwood planks with hints of sky blue. Varying widths and lengths piece together in an imperfect puzzle pattern. Allow gaps between some planks for added dimension. The neutral weathered wood allows bright white and coastal blue accents to stand out.

Pair reclaimed wood with beaded board cabinets and antique hardware for timeworn style. Accent with starfish, coral, and vintage-inspired ceramic pieces. Weathered wood backsplashes keep the coastal look relaxed and lived-in.

Weathered wood plank backsplash

Ocean-Inspired Glass Tile

Make a splash with ocean-inspired glass tile backsplashes! Shimmering glass in shades of aqua, seafoam and pale sand conjure visions of cresting waves and sea glass treasures. Mini mosaic tiles catch and reflect the light, creating a luminous backdrop.

Try a field of pale blue-green glass tile or opt for undulating waves of varying blue hues. Metallic glass tiles in silver, bronze and sea glass further enhance the glimmering effect. Clear glass tile accented with frosted sea turtle and starfish designs contribute whimsical coastal flair.

Pair shimmering sea glass tile with driftwood shelves and weathered linen cabinets for textural contrast. Accent with porthole mirrors, rope trim, wicker baskets and ceramic starfish. Let the glassy backsplash make a brilliant blue statement.

Sea glass tile backsplash

Ombre Blue Glass Subway Tile

For a look that’s sleek and serene, try ombre-shaded subway glass tile. Ombre refers to a gradient effect moving from light to dark. With glass subway tile, this means a soothing fade from pale sky blue to deeper ocean blue tones.

The rectangular subway shape keeps the look tidy even as the color shifts. Lay the tile in offset rows so the gradient flows both horizontally and vertically. Pair with white grout to allow the ombre blue color to shine. Accent with clear glass mosaic tiles for a splash of wave-like texture.

An ombre blue glass subway tile backsplash pairs beautifully with crisp white cabinets and stainless steel. Keep accessories light and neutral to let the calming color fade take center stage. The watercolor-like palette brings a hushed coastal elegance.

Ombre blue and white subway tile

Blue Crackled Glass Tile

Crackled glass tile lends an antiqued effect with weathered character. These tiles emulate aged porcelain with fine crackled lines traversing their glossy surface. The crackled texture casts a visual spell reminiscent of sun-faded beach glass.

For coastal style, look for crackled glass tile in shades of blue from soft sky to deep sea. Lay a field of one saturated blue or create a patchwork with alternating pale and dark tiles. Accent with unfaded glossy white tiles to heighten the aged effect.

Blue crackled glass tile backsplashes feel simultaneously timeworn and elegant. Pair with neutral counters and butcher block accents to let the crackled glass shine. A touch of beachy charm meets chic sophistication with this unique aged tile choice.

Crackled glass tile backsplash

Classic White Marble

Elegant white marble backsplashes offer a polished, luxe touch for coastal kitchens. Classic white marble like Carrara or Calacatta has delicate grey veining that adds refinement. The stone’s luminous sheen and natural pattern imbue timeless sophistication.

Use large-scale marble tiles or intricate mosaic patterns to suit your style. Opt for a marble insert bordered with simple white tile, or allow marble to span the entire backsplash space. For extra visual interest, make a marble focal feature behind the stove.

White marble sets a glamorous stage to layer coastal blue and white accents. Try bold navy cabinetry or bring in blue with barstools, tiles or accessories. White marble backsplashes keep the look pristine yet welcoming.

White marble backsplash

Soft Green Hues

Infuse a sense of the tranquil sea into your coastal kitchen with soft green backsplash hues. Sea glass greens, misty jade and soothing aqua capture the essence of ocean shallows. These restful shades blend beautifully within blue and white schemes.

Consider glossy sea glass tile, handmade encaustic tiles in pale greens, or crackled green ceramic subway tiles. Try companion shades of blue tile in a mosaic pattern or standalone sea glass accents. Green veined white marble also brings in soft coastal color.

Pair soothing green backsplash tiles with weathered wood cabinets or easy white shaker style. Accent with nautical rope trim, wicker baskets and ceramic starfish for serene seaside style. A touch of green completes the coastal vibe.

Green subway tile backsplash

Airy Seaside Murals

Transport your coastal kitchen to peaceful shorelines and seascapes with a scenic backsplash mural. Custom-designed murals allow you to recreate a favorite coastal vista or scene. Murals come printed on glass, metal, acrylic or high-quality vinyl for easy application.

Opt for defining features like a historic lighthouse, lifeguard stand or beachside pier against a vivid sky backdrop. Include shoreline elements like crashing waves, seashells, starfish or seabirds. For a simpler approach, try abstract ocean shapes in shades of blue and green.

Murals lend a playful personality and vivid coastal edge. Contrast against cool white cabinets or weathered wood walls. Incorporate complementary coastal accents such as driftwood shelves, woven baskets and ceramic fish. Vivid backsplash murals personalize your beachside dream kitchen!

Coastal beach mural backsplash

Rustic Stone and Wood

For casual coastal ambiance, try combining natural stone and wood elements. Mix natural materials like pebble stone, driftwood beams, cedar planks and reclaimed wood. This textural blend echoes the interplay of water, sand and sun-weathered wood seen along shorelines.

Incorporate pebble mosaic sheets, sliced agate slabs or thin ledgestone for pops of grey and blue. Integrate vertical cedar planks, reclaimed barnwood bands or salvaged wood shelves. Uniting the materials in harmonious rows results in rustic charm.

The multi-element backsplash pairs perfectly with classic coastal cabinets done in beadboard or reclaimed barnwood. Include woven accents, antique oars and ceramic starfish to accentuate the beach house vibe. Anchored by stone and wood, you’re set to sail the coastal design seas!

Mixed wood and stone backsplash

Creative Touches

Don’t be afraid to get creative and add unexpected elements for seaside panache. Here are some fun ways to customize your coastal blue and white backsplash:

  • Incorporate reclaimed boat wood, oars, anchors or lobster traps for nautical flair.
  • Add handpainted tiles featuring shells, fish, waves, sea turtles or lighthouses.
  • Frame sea-inspired artwork, starfish specimens or driftwood in simple white frames.
  • Affix three-dimensional objects like nets, buoys, coral and shells to the backsplash surface.
  • Attach a large porthole window to create a statement focal point.
  • Use rope or jute trim along the edges for textural contrast.
  • Incorporate sand dollar motifs in tile, hardware or decorative accents.

Your backsplash is the perfect chance to display coastal treasures and decor. Let your creativity run wild – fun backsplashes reflect personality and joyful summer style.


What kind of tiles work best for coastal blue and white backsplash designs?

Subway tiles, glass tiles, and porcelain tiles are great options for blue and white backsplashes. Subway tiles offer classic simplicity. Shimmering glass tiles evoke the sea and sand. Porcelain tiles come in fun coastal patterns and stand up well to moisture.

What grout color should I choose for a blue and white backsplash?

White and light grey grout suit blue and white backsplashes best. White grout provides clean contrast against blue tiles. Light grey casts a beachy, weathered appearance. Avoid dark grout colors which can make the design feel busy and crowded.

How do I decorate around a coastal-inspired backsplash?

Coastal blue and white backsplashes shine when paired with light cabinetry and neutral countertops. Add beach-inspired accents like woven baskets, driftwood shelves, ceramic fish or starfish motifs. Incorporate reclaimed wood, rope trim, seaglass colors, and charming vintage touches.

What type of layout or pattern works well for coastal backsplash tile designs?

Straightforward grid, zigzag, offset, and mosaic layouts keep coastal backsplashes looking tidy. Neutral field tiles with fun accent patterns also work nicely. Horizontal and diagonal plank arrangements and ombre gradients evoke the sea. Get creative blending patterns!

How do I clean and care for a blue and white glass tile backsplash?

Use mild cleaners and avoid abrasives on delicate glass tiles. Wipe spills promptly to prevent staining grout. Reseal grout annually. Limit direct sunlight exposure to prevent fading. Apply grout sealant initially for easier maintenance. Handle fragile decorative tiles gently.


A thoughtfully designed backsplash ties your coastal blue and white kitchen together, completing the breezy, beach-inspired style. Whether you prefer traditional patterns like subway tile or unique materials such as crackled glass and reclaimed wood, the options delight. Keep colors light and casual for relaxed charm. Don’t forget special touches like sea life motifs and tasteful nautical elements. Your kitchen is a blank canvas waiting for splashes of coastal color – let your backsplash waves shine!






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