Backsplash for Granite Countertops Complete the Elegance of the Granite

A backsplash is an integral design element that can take your kitchen’s style from drab to fab. Choosing the right backsplash to pair with your granite countertops can transform the look and feel of your kitchen, adding visual interest, texture, and charm. The perfect backsplash completes the elegant look of granite countertops, tying the whole space together seamlessly. There are many factors to consider when selecting a granite backsplash, from material and color to pattern and installation. Read on for an in-depth look at how to choose the ideal backsplash for your granite countertops.

Why Add a Backsplash?

A backsplash serves both form and function in the kitchen. Not only does a backsplash protect your walls from moisture, splatters, and stains, but it also provides an opportunity to infuse personality, color, and style. Backsplashes instantly draw the eye, defining the kitchen’s aesthetic. Pairing a backsplash with granite countertops enhances the countertops’ inherent elegance. The right backsplash can:

  • Protect your walls from water, oil, grease, food splatter, and potential stains
  • Prevent damage to your walls from knife nicks and scratches
  • Add visual appeal with color, texture, shape and material
  • Complement your granite countertops and tie the whole kitchen together
  • Showcase your personal style and design aesthetic
  • Increase resale value by improving the look and functionality of the kitchen

Choosing a backsplash is critical in completing your kitchen and accentuating your granite countertops.

Which Materials Pair Best with Granite?

Granite’s luxurious elegance and natural pattern offer endless design possibilities when pairing with backsplash materials. Consider the color, pattern, and overall look of your granite countertops when selecting a backsplash. You want the two elements to complement each other seamlessly. Some of the most popular backsplash materials for granite countertops include:


Tile backsplashes provide timeless beauty and versatility that pairs flawlessly with granite. Options like ceramic, porcelain, glass, mosaic, and natural stone tiles allow you to add subtle colors, exciting patterns, and various textures alongside your granite. Subway tile, a rectangular classic, offers clean lines that accent granite’s organic pattern beautifully. Or make a statement with eye-catching mosaic or metallic tiles.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel backsplash gives an ultra-modern, industrial chic look. The sleek, shiny surface acts as a neutral backdrop that allows dramatic granite veining and colors to take center stage. Durable stainless steel also protects the walls thoroughly.


Glass backsplashes make a gorgeous modern statement, with dramatic colors, patterns, and lighting effects. Pairing vibrant glass with handsome granite creates captivating contrast. The smooth, glossy surface of glass backsplashes beautifully reflects light to complement granite’s sparkling flecks.


Natural stone backsplashes like marble, travertine, and slate pair elegantly with granite’s inherent organic beauty. Match granite and backsplash stone colors and patterns to create a seamless, impactful look. Combining stones provides depth and sophisticated elegance.


Using metal like copper, brass, or zinc as a backsplash material lends an Old World, vintage vibe that pops against granite’s natural pattern. Metallic finishes from hammered to distressed add durability and dimension, ranging from rugged to refined.


Wood backsplashes infuse warmth and texture when paired with granite countertops. Materials like reclaimed barn wood, bamboo, and other eco-friendly woods make a unique, modern statement. Match the wood tones with the natural hues in your granite for a cohesive look.

Consider the color scheme and style you want when choosing a backsplash material for your granite. The options are endless for creating the perfect elegant pairing.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Granite Backsplash

Choosing the ideal backsplash requires careful consideration of several factors:


Select a backsplash color that complements or contrasts the tones within your granite. Look for colors that are reflected in the granite’s natural veining and patterns. Contrasting hues can make the colors in the granite pop.


Pair solid backsplash materials with heavily patterned granite or choose a bold backsplash pattern like subway tiles or mosaics to match dramatic granite veining. Balance highly patterned granite with a simple, clean backsplash.

Finish and Texture

Consider how the backsplash finish impacts the granite’s texture. For example, polished glass has more shine than leathered granite. Match the textures or create intentional contrast with matte and glossy pairings.


Keep your kitchen’s overall style in mind, from modern to farmhouse. Choose a backsplash that works seamlessly with the granite to create your desired aesthetic.


Backsplash materials range dramatically in price and installation cost. Measure your space and set a backsplash budget that works with the total kitchen remodel costs.

Easy Maintenance

Look for durable, low-maintenance backsplash materials that will resist moisture, grease, dirt, and grime. This prevents damage and keeps the backsplash and granite looking pristine.


Ambient lighting impacts the look of backsplash and granite colors and patterns. Check out the options under different lighting for the most desirable visual effects.

Analyze all the elements together to create a cohesive backsplash and granite design that completes your elegant kitchen.

Ideas for Pairing Granite Countertops with Backsplash Designs

Granite’s adaptable elegance pairs beautifully with endless backsplash designs. Consider these stunning combinations:

Subway Tile

The rectangular shape and clean lines of classic white subway tile backsplash complements the organic patterns of dramatic granite. Offset the subway tiles in a herringbone layout for added visual flair.

Stainless Steel

Sleek, shiny stainless steel backsplashes allow the mesmerizing colors and veining in granite to take center stage. The neutral durability of stainless steel accentuates the granite.

Marble Accents

Add slim strips of marble, like Carrara or Calacatta, between sections of subway tile. This creates attractive contrast showcasing the marble’s delicate veining against the granite.

Mosaic Tile

Tiny mosaic tiles, like a mosaic flower and leaf design, make a bold, artistic statement contrasting with granite’s natural beauty. Use mosaic tiles sparingly for optimal impact.


Warm, shiny metals like antiqued copper provide an artisanal contrast to granite’s cool tones. Hammered metal backsplashes have intriguing dimension against granite.

Glass Tile

Combining colorful or mirrored glass tile with granite creates a glamorous pairing. The tile’s glossy smoothness plays beautifully off the granite’s mottled texture.

Multi-Colored Stone

Groupings of small stone tiles in an array of compatible colors, textures, and shapes generates visual charm. Try combining slate, travertine, and marble tiles with your granite.

Get creative – the backsplash design options with granite are endless! Play with shape, color, pattern, and texture to complete your kitchen with the perfect backsplash.

How to Select a Backsplash Color for Granite Countertops

Choosing a backsplash color to match or complement your granite countertops is key to achieving a unified, luxurious look. Consider the following tips when selecting a backsplash color:

Enhance dominant granite colors – If your granite is mainly beige, choose a backsplash that has beige tones like travertine or cream subway tile to provide continuity.

Echo secondary hues – Note any flecks of color in your granite like blue, green, gold. Incorporate one of those colors subtly into the backsplash.

Contrast with bold hues – Pair vivid green glass tile or teal mosaics with reddish granite for an eye-catching pop of color.

Go neutral – Let the granite be the star with an understated stainless steel or white subway tile backsplash.

Sample colors – Bring home tile samples, wood pieces, metal swatches, etc. to view options next to your granite.

Consider finish – Glossy backsplash finishes like glass contrast beautifully with granite’s matte texture.

Mind the grout – White grout enhances light granite while dark grout adds definition on black granite.

Think big picture – Keep in mind surrounding cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, and other kitchen elements when selecting a backsplash color.

By thoughtfully analyzing your granite and kitchen design, you can confidently choose a backsplash color that completes the elegant look you desire.

Best Ways to Make a Granite Backsplash Stand Out

Since granite countertops are often the visual focal point of the kitchen, the backsplash needs to complement the granite while still making its own unique statement. Here are go-to techniques for making a granite backsplash stand out:

Contrast colors – If your granite is dark, choose a light creamy backsplash. With white granite, opt for a bold navy or black backsplash.

Use accent tiles – Frame subway tile with marble mosaic strips or border glass tile with metal or wood.

Vary materials – Mixing natural stone, metal, glass, and ceramic tiles creates captivating texture.

Play with patterns – Pair busy granite with clean-lined rectangular backsplash tiles or contrast simple granite with an intricate Moroccan-style backsplash.

Incorporate pops of color – Bold single tiles in a contrasting color instantly grab attention against granite.

Highlight with lighting – Use LED lighting to illuminate and accentuate select areas of an eye-catching backsplash.

Install decoratively – Unique herringbone, chevron, or stacked layouts make for an eye-catching backsplash.

Carve out sections – Frame sections of glass or marble mosaic backsplash with wood or metal for a custom inset look.

An artful backsplash balances beautifully with granite countertops while still providing that wow factor in your kitchen design.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pairing a Backsplash with Granite

Granite countertops offer so many possibilities that it’s easy to make mistakes when pairing with a backsplash. Avoid these common pitfalls:

Choosing the wrong color – Make sure backsplash hues flatter the granite rather than clashing. Overly matching or contrasting colors both cause disharmony.

Ignoring the granite pattern – Failing to account for a busy granite pattern and choosing an equally bold backsplash pattern leads to visual chaos.

Selecting a fragile material – Delicate glass or handmade tile backsplashes can crack under pressure or high heat. Opt for durable materials.

Forgetting the grout – Grout that matches the granite but not the backsplash tiles themselves looks odd. Always preview grout color options.

Not planning adequate lighting – Poorly lit spaces hide or distort backsplash design details. Ensure proper lighting is installed.

Ignoring the design style – Contemporary stainless steel looks awkward paired with Tuscan granite. Keep the overall style consistent.

Picking impractical materials – Porous stone backsplashes require sealing. High-maintenance materials quickly lose their appeal.

Overlooking function – Ensure the backsplash works ergonomically with the countertop height and layout.

Not inspecting quality – Low-grade installation and poor tile quality damages the elegance. Vet materials, tradespeople, and inspect progress.

Pay close attention to color, pattern, durability, style, lighting, and quality when matching granite countertops with a backsplash to create a cohesive and functional kitchen space.

Expert Tips for Installing a Backsplash with Granite Countertops

Proper installation is crucial for a backsplash and granite pairing with clean lines and a seamless look. Follow these expert tips:

Select the right tools – Use tile spacers, levels, cutters, grinder for polishing, trowels for spreading adhesive mortar, grout floats, and sponges.

Prepare the surface – Granite and wall area must be clean and dry. Remove old backsplash. Fill any wall holes or imperfections.

Map it out – Dry lay the tiles on the countertop and mark where cuts are needed. Plan border edges and accent tiles.

Use adhesive mortar – Apply thinset mortar evenly to the wall area only, not the back of the tile.

Cut precisely – Use a wet saw to cut border and accent tiles for a perfect fit.

Mind the grout lines – Place tiles evenly with tile spacers for uniform grout line width.

Seal natural stone – Seal porous granite, travertine, marble, etc. afterwards to prevent staining.

Grout neatly – Wipe away excess grout thoroughly and polish for clean finished appearance.

With meticulous measurement, precision cuts, proper spacers, adhesive, and grout, your granite and backsplash installation will look professionally flawless.

Ideas for Updating Existing Granite Countertops with New Backsplash

Over time, tastes change and dated backsplash tile gets worn down. Upgrading your existing granite’s backsplash transforms the whole space with contemporary style. Consider these brilliant backsplash update ideas:

Glass sheet – Sleek glass sheet provides a shiny, smooth surface for a modern backsplash alternative. Illuminate with LED lighting.

Stainless steel – Timeless stainless steel backsplash uplifts a kitchen’s aesthetic as a neutral and durable option.

Subway tile – Classic white 3×6 subway tiles offer clean lines to contrast ornate granite in a traditional or contemporary kitchen.

Mosaic tile – For a pop of pattern and color, try a trendy mosaic backsplash. Use sparingly for focal impact.

Textured stone – Replace a worn backsplash with organic travertine or ledger stone tiles for natural contrast with granite.

Patterned tile – Update the look with Moroccan fish scale tiles, geometric designs, or hand-painted tiles for an artisanal flair.

Wood planks – Add a reclaimed wood plank backsplash for rustic warmth that complements the granite appeal.

Bold color paint – Paint a colorblock backsplash in a deep green, navy, or black to allow granite to shine.

A backsplash update alone makes a dramatic difference modernizing and personalizing your kitchen. Choose a fresh new backsplash look that highlights your existing granite perfectly.

Design Inspiration: 10 Gorgeous Examples of Backsplashes with Granite Countertops

Need inspiration for pairing your granite countertops with the perfect backsplash? Here are 10 stunning examples sure to spark ideas:

1. White subway tile – Clean white subway tiles generate an airy feel contrasting dark wood cabinets and leathered granite in this transitional kitchen.

2. Stainless steel – A sleek stainless steel backsplash acts as an industrial-chic neutral backdrop for dramatic blue granite countertops and white cabinets.

3. Glass mosaic – Vibrant blue and seafoam glass mosaic tiles in a soft wave pattern complement white granite countertops in this beachy kitchen.

4. Mixed natural stone – Rows of mixed stone mosaic tiles in sandstone, white marble, and travertine soften the look of rugged leathered granite countertops in this craftsman design.

5. Marble + brick – Brilliant white marble herringbone backsplash tiles pop next to weathered reclaimed brick tiles, contrasting nicely with the gray and taupe granite countertops.

6. Mirrored + marble – Slim strips of mirrored tile laid perpendicular reflect light beautifully off this dramatic white and gray swirled marble backsplash and crisp white granite counters.

7. Geometric Moroccan tile – Vintage aqua Moroccan fish scale ceramic tiles in geometric patterns energize the creamy granite countertops and provide global flair.

8. Rustic wood – Reclaimed barn wood planks with metal trim offer rustic warmth paired with the movement of this leathered granite island in a modern farmhouse kitchen.

9. Black color block – High-gloss black color block backsplash allows the movement and veining of the black granite countertops to take center stage in this contemporary kitchen.

10. Subway tile mural – An artistic floral subway tile mural adds soft femininity paired with the hard lines of white granite countertops in this cottage kitchen.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern, organic or geometric, neutral or colorful – the ideal granite and backsplash pairing is out there waiting to provide the perfect elegant finishing touch in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Backsplashes for Granite Countertops

What is the most popular backsplash for granite countertops?

Subway tile backsplashes provide a timeless and versatile pairing option that works beautifully with any granite selection. The classic rectangular shape and clean white color complements granite’s natural elegance.

What color backsplash goes best with dark granite?

Lighter backsplash colors often pair well with darker granites to create contrast. Try a white subway tile, cream stone mosaic, or stainless steel backsplash. Bold blue or green glass mosaics can also pop nicely against dark granite.

What is the most low maintenance backsplash?

Stainless steel, glass sheet, and ceramic or porcelain tile offer durable, low-maintenance backsplash options perfect for pairing with granite countertops. They resist moisture, food, grease, and grime while maintaining their shine over time with minimal cleaning required.

What backsplash will make my small kitchen look bigger?

Using reflective materials like glossy tile or stainless steel for the backsplash creates the illusion of a bigger space when paired with granite. Clean-lined simple subway tiles also keep the space looking open and airy.

Can you put tile directly on granite backsplash?

It is not recommended to apply tile directly onto existing granite backsplash. The differing textures and expansion rates mean tiles might crack or fall off over time. Remove old granite backsplash






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