Backsplash for Black Countertops Complete the Sophisticated Blacks

Choosing the perfect backsplash to complement black countertops can complete the sophisticated look you’re after for your kitchen or bathroom. The right backsplash brings the whole design together and makes a bold statement. Here are some tips for selecting a backsplash that will beautifully match black countertops.

Match the Undertones

Black countertops can have undertones of blue, brown, red, green or gray. Look closely at your countertop material to determine what shade the black has. Select a backsplash color that has similar subtle undertones. For example, for a black countertop with blue undertones, try a slate or blue-gray subway tile. With greenish undertones, consider a backsplash with aqua or teal accents. Matching the undertones will ensure your backsplash and countertops coordinate.

Go for Contrast

While matching undertones is one option, choosing a backsplash color that contrasts strongly with black countertops can also look very sophisticated. Bright white, beige, light gray and even soft metallics like pewter can make the countertops really stand out. Crisp, clean colors help the black pop. Just be sure that the contrast isn’t so stark that it looks mismatched.

Natural Stone Accents

Natural materials like marble, travertine, onyx or quartzite can add organic texture that balances the severity of bold black countertops. Using these stones as full backsplashes or as accents can soften the look. Stones with gray, white, brown or taupe tones work especially well with black. Distressed finishes and imperfect patterns give the space visual interest.

Go Monochromatic

All black everything can create a sleek, dramatic effect. Using black subway tile, ceramic mosaic or porcelain slab backsplash with black grout and black countertops provides a streamlined, monochromatic vibe that looks polished and sophisticated. Consider glossy finishes with this approach to amp up the richness.

Metallic Pizzazz

For serious glam and allure, metallics steal the show. A glimmering backsplash in hammered copper, stainless steel, bronze, pewter or silver behind dark countertops elicits a moodiness with an elegant edge. Metallic mosaics, 3D tile, tin ceiling panels or even metallic wallpaper make fabulous complementary backsplashes. Just be sure your decor doesn’t veer too far into the industrial or rustic realm. Keep finishes like brushed metals soft for refinement.

Wood Element

The natural warmth of wood provides an easygoing accent that enhances the sophistication level. Richly stained or whitewashed planks, weathered barnwood or even wood-look porcelain in charcoal or ebony tones blend beautifully with black countertops. Use wood paneling or shiplap on the wall or as a sheet backsplash. Floating shelves are another way to incorporate a wood element.

Bold Geometrics

Angular patterns like herringbone, chevron, hexagon and triangle mosaic tile make a statement, especially when the tile itself features a bold color or pattern. Pair geometrics with dark grout for graphic punch. Play up the drama with glossy tile. Geometric patterns feel contemporary and edgy.

Mix and Match Materials

Don’t be afraid to get creative by mixing and matching materials and colors for your backsplash. Combining some of the options discussed above, like natural stone accent tiles with white subway tiles or metallic inserts with black mosaic, can add further interest and dimension to your design. The contrast of textures and colors brings excitement.

FAQs About Backsplashes for Black Countertops

What color backsplash goes best with black countertops?

Some top backsplash color choices for black countertops are white, gray, silver/metallic, natural stone or wood tones, and matching black. Contrasting light colors help the countertops pop while similar dark shades create a sophisticated monochromatic look.

Do you need a backsplash with black countertops?

A backsplash is not essential but is highly recommended with black countertops. The backsplash completes the kitchen’s style, protects the walls from splashes and stains, and keeps the countertops from looking unfinished and gaping.

What kind of backsplash is best for kitchens?

Kitchen backsplashes should be durable, moisture-resistant, easily cleaned and sanitized. Ceramic and porcelain tile, stainless steel, glass tile, and engineered quartz are excellent backsplash materials for kitchens.

Can you use wallpaper as a backsplash?

Yes, wallpaper makes a fun, unique backsplash option. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper or install regular wallpaper directly onto the wall and cover with a sealant. Be sure to use wallpaper designed for kitchens that is scrubbable, stain-resistant and moisture-resistant.

Should backsplash match countertops?

The backsplash does not need to exactly match the countertops. Complementary colors and tones tend to look best, rather than matching exactly. Contrast can look very striking as well. The goal is an overall cohesive, pulled-together look.

How do you decorate around black countertops?

Good ways to decorate with black countertops include using metal and wood accents, pendant and accent lighting over counters, colorful or patterned backsplashes, and greenery. Avoid too many heavy, dark colors. Bright accessories provide nice contrast.


The sophisticated beauty of black countertops comes alive when paired with the perfect backsplash. From matching shades to eye-catching contrasts, natural materials to geometric designs, there are countless options. Choosing a backsplash that complements the countertops while showing off your personal style will complete the refined, decorator look you crave. With creativity and these tips in mind, you can confidently pick a backsplash for black countertops that completes your cool, elegant space.






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